GH Update Tuesday 8/19/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/19/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky and Lydia are at GH outside of Emily's room, arguing over why they are there. She accuses him of just wanting to use Emily against Stefan, but he says he's there to encourage Emily to fight for her life. They visit Emily but argue about Nikolas. Emily tells them that this thing is not about her or Nikolas, but about the two of them.

Elizabeth visits Emily; she talks about her feelings for Rick and how he's probably going to jail, and also about Nikolas. Dara visits and asks Elizabeth if she can testify on Rick's behalf, to show he was out of his mind. She refuses, saying she would only hurt their case.

Zander and Nikolas drunkenly fight each other, breaking up Jake's in the process. They end up on the floor, shoulder to shoulder, propped up against the bar. Nikolas orders more drinks. Coleman says he doesn't know whether to sue them or call the cops. Nikolas throws Coleman his credit card to pay for it and get more drinks. Zander and Nikolas argue about Emily but then toast to her eyes, her smile, etc. Lydia and Lucky come in, having been called by Coleman. He didn't want them driving home drunk. Lydia is annoyed that Nikolas was toasting Emily. Lucky is very amused. They take them out of the trashed bar. They all go to the hospital to see Emily. They try to pretend they're not drunk but she can tell. She is laughing at them. Lydia and Lucky lead them out. Lucky returns and says that he could tell by the way she looked at them both that she cares for Zander, but Nikolas is the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

As Ric tells Cameron about how he was crazy when he kidnapped Carly, Carly describes her kidnapping to Mac, while Sonny hears it and gets more and more angry. Their stories don't quite match. Ric claims he never intended to kill Carly; he hoped to manipulate her into silence. Carly swears he intended to kill her, but when Mac asks if Ric ever explicitly said he would kill her, she can't say yes. Carly tries to end the questioning because she can see how it's affecting Sonny, but both Mac and Sonny urge her to continue. Mac says that she may have to live with the memories of what Ric did to her, but they can make sure he pays. Later, Carly snuggles with Sonny and tells him that Mac was wrong. She doesn't have to live with these memories. She can just put them behind her and move on. Sonny later sees Carly napping on the couch; he vows that Ric will pay. Carly awakens to find Sonny gone.

Cameron tells Ric that he doesn't think he was temporarily insane, only that he is dangerous. He leaves, and Elizabeth visits. She tells Ric that the only thing she could possibly testify to is that Ric is a great liar.

Jason eavesdrops on Alcazar's plane; Lorenzo finds out that Courtney jumped overboard into the freezing water and they shot at her. Then he learns that she has turned up in a hospital. He tells one of his men to search the plan again for possible bugs as they prepare to land near the hospital. Jason has to move his hiding place.

Courtney is very upset when she learns they had to abort her baby in order to save her (similar to what happened to Carly when she fell through the ice). She is irrational at first and refuses to believe it, so they sedate her. Later, she is more rational but still upset. The doctor tells her that her fiance is on his way. Courtney isn't sure whether to believe that it's Jason or not. Then Alcazar arrives posing as her husband. She tries to tell the doctor that Alcazar isn't her husband, but he claims that Courtney is bipolar and not taking her medication. So after she yells and thrashes about, they sedate her again. Jason arrives so Alcazar takes a woman (the doctor?) and uses her as a shield. Alcazar gets away and Jason rescues Courtney, who is still sedated. She has another dream about Jason holding the baby but then he opens the blanket and says the baby is gone, that Courtney killed it. She awakens on an airplane with Jason; he tells her she's safe and they are headed home.

Sonny arrives at Ric's room with Max. Ric thinks he is there to sneak him out of the country, but Sonny intends to kill him. He has a cord around Ric's neck when Carly runs in, telling Sonny not to kill Ric. She doesn't mind Ric dying but she doesn't want to lose Sonny. After she pleads some more and Ric's eyes start bulging out of his head, Ric relaxes and stops. They leave the room. Outside, Sonny and Carly hug. Sonny has a dangerous look on his face.

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