GH Update Monday 8/18/03

General Hospital Update Monday 8/18/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny told Stan that he was going to the hospital to find Carly, to make sure she was safe. Carly was at the hospital when Alcazar showed up next to her. She demanded to know where Courtney was but he just kept talking to her. He offered to take her to see Courtney. Sonny and Jason showed up; Jason got Alcazar in a hammerlock and wanted to know where Courtney was. Sonny told Jason to stop and told Alcazar they still needed to deal. Alcazar saw that Ric was alive and wasn't happy about it. He gave Sonny the bug from his suitcase, showing that he knows Sonny and Faith were working together.

Faith visited Ric in the hospital, trying to convince him that she was his only salvation. He kept telling her to leave but she was slow to take the hint. Ric summoned Dara, using an assumed name, to ask her to be his attorney. He said he would do the paperwork if she did the trial work. He planned to say he was temporarily insane due to Elizabeth's losing the baby. Dara wasn't sure if she wanted to take a losing case but finally agreed. Alcazar went to kill him for what he did to Carly. Faith came up behind him with a gun, and then Sonny came in to do the same. He convinced Alcazar that he would be just
like Luis if he shot Ric, so Lorenzo left. Sonny told Ric that while Ric saved his life, he did not owe Ric. Later, Ric asked Cameron to visit so he could get therapy. Cameron was skeptical about Ric's

Nikolas and Lydia were kissing, leading up to having sex, when Lucky arrived to interrupt them. Nikolas and he had a discussion about why Lucky was there. Nikolas reminded him that they wanted to fool Stefan into thinking that Nikolas was going to be a real husband to Lydia now, so that Stefan wouldn't try to kill Emily. They agreed again. Nikolas wondered if Lucky didn't have feelings for Lydia himself. Lydia walked in when Lucky was saying to Nikolas that Lydia meant nothing to him, that she was just a means to an end, getting Luke out of trouble and helping Emily.

Zander visited with Emily, who was feeling worse. She was depressed because the medications and special doctor were not working. In other words, she's dying. Monica pretty much validated what Emily said. She asked Zander to phone Nikolas to tell him that Emily was getting worse. Ned visited Emily, bringing her a CD player and some CD's, which cheered her up some. He joked with her and told her that the family depends on her to be their heart. Later, Skye waited outside of Emily's room. She told Monica that she still felt very bad about when she gave Em and Zander the bus money to leave town (and Emily was in the accident). Monica thawed a bit but didn't really show any warmth. Skye wanted to visit Emily. Monica was reluctant to let her but Ned pleaded, too, so Monica agreed. Emily wondered why Skye wanted to see her, so Skye told her with much emotion about how guilty she felt. Emily thanked her but told her that she had forgiven her long ago. Emily asked her to help her look pretty for Nikolas just once before she died.

Courtney awakened at a hospital, very ill. She started to tell them that she was pregnant but she fell back unconscious. Later, the doctor told her that the baby was dead.

Zander went to Jake's to get drunk because of Emily's cancer. He has Nikolas' number in his hands. Coleman found the number and phoned Nikolas. Nikolas arrived and started getting drunk, too, but then Zander punched him. 

At the penthouse, Carly asked Jason not to go off again after Courtney, but she didn't tell him that Courtney was pregnant. She told him to go visit Emily because she may not be there when he gets back. Jason looked pained but had to leave to rescue Courtney. Mac dropped by to get Carly's statement. Carly tried to put it off when Sonny arrived home because she didn't want him to hear the details of her imprisonment by Ric, but Sonny and Mac insisted that she do it. Sonny looked upset and kept drinking, as she told the details.

Alcazar was on his plane, not knowing that Jason was hiding in a closet. Jason heard Alcazar talk to one of his men on the phone about Courtney jumping into the water.

Lucky and Lydia ran into each other at the hospital; both were there to visit Emily.

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