GH Update Friday 8/15/03


General Hospital Update Friday 8/15/03

By Staci
Pictures by Juanita

Ned is waiting for Skye when Alexis sits down to discuss custody of Kristina. Desperate, Alexis tries to convince Ned to give her custody and settle for visitation. Ned refuses.

Emily and Zander remember their day at the park and plan for a trip to Mexico after she gets well. Unsure that she'll ever beat cancer, Emily sends Zander to the bookstore.

At home, Sonny questions Carly about her time as Alcazar's hostage as he tries to understand why he has become obsessed with her. In comes Faith, who tells Sonny that both the money and Jason are gone. She hands over the tracking device Jason left behind and tells Sonny that Alcazar was aware that the deal was a set-up.

In front of Stefan, Nikolas tells Lydia she must push Lucky away and concentrate on their marriage. When he leaves in comes an angry Lucky. Later, Nikolas explains he has to convince his uncle that he is on his side before all three can get solid evidence on his involvement in Summer's death.

Ned and Skye begin to develop feelings for each other and kiss. Meanwhile, Alexis goes to Sonny for help but is denied. She then goes back to Stefan and agrees to whatever plan he has cooked up for Ned. 

Alcazar's men pay the Coast Guard to leave Courtney. Back in her room, she overhears them say they are just one mile from shore. She decides to make a break for it and jumps overboard as Alcazar's men fire shots at her!!!

At General Hospital, Carly inspires Emily to fight for her life. Outside Emily's room she is met by Alcazar.

Nikolas softens to Lydia and the two kiss. 

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