GH Update Thursday 8/14/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 8/14/03

By Staci
Pictures by Juanita

In the Cassadine mansion, Lydia gets Stefan to talk about the threat Emily still posses to Nikolas as Lucky listens from behind a curtain. After he leaves, Lucky and Lydia agree they must tell Nikolas of Stefan's menacing attitude to the young cancer victim. At the hospital, Emily wants to go home but is convinced to stay put. 

In the hospital chapel, Ric tells Elizabeth of his near-death experience but she isn't buying it. Upset and angry, she informs he that he would have been better off dead and rejects any inkling that she still loves him. Ric doesn't buy it and lets her know that it was her love that brought him back, even if she denies it.

Sonny plans to use Faith to lure Alcazar out in order to find Courtney, who electrocutes herself while trying to get out her room aboard Alcazar's yacht. Meanwhile, Alcazar is spying on Carly and figuring out a way to kidnap her once again......His plan might go bust though after one of his men is caught by Sonny and admits to tracking Carly. At the docks, Alcazar takes the briefcase of money Faith offers him, unaware that it contains a tracking device. As Jason prepares to follow him he is knocked unconscious.

Courtney recovers from being electrocuted, only to discover that she's been abandoned. She tries to radio for help and soon is relieved to see the Coast Guard at her door.

Zander pleas with Emily to fight for her like while Lydia and Lucky tell Nikolas of Stefan's desire to see an Emily-free world. They also implicate him in Summer's death, explaining how it was supposed to be Emily who fell to her death. Stefan is seen hiring a hit-man but when he's confronted by Nikolas he is seen sporting a few bruises. He claims his life is in possible danger from several of their creditors.

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