GH Update Wednesday 8/13/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/13/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Faith headed to Ric’s room at GH, bumping into Georgie. The candy stripper explained to Ms. Rosco that the room was off-limits, but Faith made herself an exception. “Oh it’s okay honey, I’m closer than family. I’ve been in bed with the guy.” Going in, Ms. Rosco discovered her greatest fear, Ric was not at all interested in her and was determined to get his wife back yet. He was willing to trust Jason and refused to allow Faith to sneak him out of the hospital. She pointed out sarcastically that it was fine, he was as good as dead anyway.

Monica took Em to GH to break the bad news. Before she had the chance, she had to hear Em tell her how good she’d been feeling lately and how much more she’d been living. Monica informed her the treatments were too harsh and the results weren’t good. Em told herself that her mother’s cancer hadn’t gotten better and it may just be her time to go.

Zander headed to Kelly’s to pick Em up some soup. He received some advice from Liz telling him to be good to her and make every second count. Nikolas showed up at that moment and informed Zander he would be changing his plans for the day because of Emily’s recent setback. They headed to GH to meet up with Ms. Quartermaine and her daughter. Once they all gathered in the hospital room, Nikolas informed them he called in a specialist from Montreal. The doctor arrived and Zander and Nikolas left the room. In the hall they discussed the fact that they needed to put aside their differences and be supportive for Emily because she would need both of them. Nikolas let Zander and Emily be alone while he went to find Monica and Dr. Andres. Emily tried to reassure Zander that her mother would have come to him first if she could have found him. Zander promised all was well and Nikolas had brought her what she needed – a doctor who could help her through it all. Zander wished he could take away her pain, but she refused to let him continue thinking that. “If you were sick, that’s the only thing that could be worse,” she told him. Nikolas and Monica returned with the doctor’s news: her white blood cell count was dangerously low and she was susceptible to almost anything. She needed to be very careful and isolated in a sanitized environment. Unhappy with the news, Emily got out of bed and walked out, but she didn’t make it far, collapsing in the hall near a table. Nikolas caught her just in time.

Maxie spoke with Kyle outside of Kelly’s. She was extremely distant, not acting at all like herself. She told him she was tired and was happy for the night before, needing an escape from herself. She left for GH. Once there she found Georgie, who asked her to speak with a new transfer patient – Kate, who was waiting on a heart transplant. With a cause that was very near and dear to her own heart, Maxie sat the young girl down and shared her own experience. Kyle eavesdropped nearby. “For you to live, someone else has to die,” Maxie pointed out to the teen, eyes swelled up with tears. She explained it was okay to feel guilty about taking someone else’s heart and admitted sometimes you just don’t know who you are and feel a little freakish. “Don’t try to de-freak yourself by acting like someone you’re not. No matter who you’re trying to impress,” she confided. When Kate left, Kyle admitted he had overheard the conversation and told Maxie she had a beautiful heart. “The world deserves you just the way you are,” he said sweetly, kissing her gently.

Courtney listened through the door on the yacht, overhearing Alcazar telling one of his men to keep a woman under constant surveillance. At first Courtney thought he was speaking of her, but quickly realized Carly was the one under strict observation. She confronted her kidnapper with it and he admitted it readily. He pointed out the real question was how far would he go to get her back and reminded Courtney that once she found out Courtney was pregnant she might be willing to give herself up to save her sister in law. Courtney tried to tell him Carly had been using him, that she loved Sonny, but Lorenzo denied it. She admitted she realized it was business between them, but not with him and Carly. He asked her to give him information on her sister in law. She agreed to play along, and then once she had his guard down, she pushed him to the side and ran for the door. He shot his gun, intentionally missing her, and warned her he wouldn’t miss the next time around. Once of his goons came by and announced that there was a storm in the south, where they were headed, and Courtney quickly accessed that they were returning to good old P.C. to get Carly back. Once in the midst of the storm, one of the men came into her cabin, dressed in his raingear and told her to hold on, it would be a bumpy ride.

Carly left her house when Jason arrived, allowing her husband and his right hand make their plans in peace. Once in the presence of his closest pal, Jason held his wedding ring and admitted he was responsible for keeping the women safe and he hadn’t done it. Sonny assured him he had done fine, but Jason made it clear he didn’t think this was about Alcazar moving his drugs anymore; it was about Carly. They agreed they needed someone with inside information and headed to GH to see Ric.

Mrs. Corrinthos headed to GH where she found and confronted Ric. “You are the worst thing that ever happened to us,” she told him. He pointed out he had nothing left, but she turned the tables and pointed out all the awful things he had done to her. “I survived,” she assured him. “You did not win,” He told her she was gloating, but she didn’t like that too much. Before she could get far, Sonny and Jason showed up and sent her on her way. She did manage one last stab though, telling him that Corrinthos’ fight for their own, that he was never one of them and never would be. Once Carly was out of earshot, Sonny explained to Ric that though they had beat him, the game was not over. Ric wasn’t real helpful in giving Sonny a location where the boat would dock, claming they were too numerous and Sonny left him with a last thought: “Not even God would help you out, Ric. And personally, I’m not interested in hearing you cry for mercy.

Sonny left the room and found Faith near the elevator. He took her arm and informed her that they were back in business and she would be helping him with his latest project – making Alcazar come to him.

Elizabeth went to her grandmother and informed her she was planning on leaving Port Charles. She then headed to the hospital’s alter and spoke with the lord about letting go of her anger toward Ric. She admitted that despite it all, she still loved him. With her head lowered, crying, she heard her name and rose up to find Ric in front of her. She ran to him, arms open for a hug, then retreated and smacked him hard across the face.

Carly headed to Kelly’s to meet up with her mother who was otherwise detained. The waitress encouraged her to remain a while longer since her mother was so worried. As Carly sat at the bar, Alcazar peeked in through the front door at her.

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