GH Update Tuesday 8/12/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/12/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Monica called Nikolas to GH to discuss Em’s situation. She informed the Cassadine prince that her daughter was not responding well to the new treatment and would need to change her meds. She pointed out she would need Nikolas as much as ever. He pointed out she had Zander beside her, but Monica fought back with the fact that she trusted Nikolas and needed his support. Later in the evening, Monica was given the documents regarding her daughter’s cancer, and to her dismay, the results were worse than they had all determined.

Zander and Emily went to the carnival, Emily telling her boyfriend she felt better than ever and the treatment was working. They ran into Nikolas and Lesley Lou as they were leaving (Lesley Lou had just pointed out how sad her big brother looked and how badly she wanted to cheer him up. Em also informed Nikolas that the new chemo treatment had her feeling better, but he wasn’t fooled by her optimism. Lesley Lou wanted a teddy bear like Emily’s and Nikolas promised to get her one. As she was leaving, Emily pointed out that Nikolas always kept him promises and she would get her stuffed toy.

Liz cried on Lucky’s shoulder about Ric, blaming Sonny for Ric’s supposed death. Liz went inside Kelly’s in an upset and Lydia showed up to see the hurt on Lucky’s face. She called him on it, wanting to know why all the concern. He admitted he had nearly married Liz and she, he, Nikolas and Em had been very good friends who took care of one another, which was what he wanted to do for Liz. She tried to tell him that Emily had only wanted to manipulate Zander to make him jealous, but he explained she wasn’t like that at all and told her about the cancer. She felt awful after hearing the news and decided she needed to help get Stephan to change his vendetta against the sick teen. She admitted Stephan still saw Em as a threat, and though she was, he might change his mind after hearing her story. Lucky pointed out that Stephan was worried about them consummating the marriage, but Nikolas would never annul it unless she cheated on him. “Look, I haven’t turned into some Pollyanna, I just don’t want to see Stephan get away with murder,” she told him, agreeing to buy them time while he got proof. She headed to Spoon Island where she caught Stephan conducting business without Nikolas. She told him her “important news,” but he didn’t care about Emily’s well being, only his nephew’s marriage. He told her to leave Emily up to him and to work on consummating her recent marriage.

Nikolas arrived home from the carnival and Lydia asked him about his little sister, wanting to meet her in-law. He agreed to the prospect and pointed out that Lesley Lou would like her jewelry and dress up clothes. Lydia apologized to him for the grief she’d given him and Emily, pointing out Lucky had told her the truth. He told her Em’s recent chemo wasn’t working and he would need to be there to help her out. Lydia understood.

Emily and Zander laid under the stars, discussing what Em would do once she was free of chemo treatments. She pointed out a day of pampering at the spa would be nice, after celebrating with her boyfriend of course. Then she suggested they take a trip to Mexico, where they had planned to live when they ran away. He told her they had all the time in the world.

Jason told Ric he kept him alive so he could get Courtney out of Alcazar’s possession. Ric explained the map was only half there and he would need him to complete the mission. He did ask him for one favor though – get him to the states where he would be safe from Alcazar. He pointed out that if Jason loved Courtney as much as he loved Elizabeth, he would have to say yes. Jason got him out of bed and told the priest another dead patient was Ric Lansing. Handing the man a wad of money he asked him to give the gentleman a proper burial. Once on the plane, Ric asked if he could call Liz, but Jason refused, informing him it would have been better for Liz if he had died. Ric asked Jason why he felt he was better than him for being nothing more than a noble hit man. Jason assured him if he lived through it all he would redeem himself, and if he died all the better. He told him this was his chance to save his own life, by helping to bring Courtney home.

Alcazar phoned Sonny, Courtney a hostage nearby, and asked to speak to Carly. Sonny refused to allow his wife to fraternize with her kidnapper and after the conversation was done he asked Carly what Alcazar wanted. She told him she didn’t know, that more than likely he was playing the game, trying to figure out his opponent’s moves before he made them and trying to throw him off course. Sonny pointed out that he knew Carly was his weakness and wonder why he would consider an exchange. He told Carly he believed Alcazar’s motives had changed and now they included her personally. She assured him he was obsessed with believing everyone wanted what he had. She explained Alcazar was a sad man who had lost his only love and proven to her how lucky she was to have her own by her side.

Alcazar explained to Courtney he had taken good care of Carly, exchanging her for someone worthless to him. He pointed out Sonny didn’t have as much invested in his little sister as he did with his pregnant wife. Courtney wondered why he had been willing to give Carly up, but he danced around the subject, realizing her defensiveness about the child. He tuned into her quickly and asked why she was so touchy, asking if she was pregnant as well. She lied, telling him she wasn’t, but he tested her patience, asking her to drink some liquor. He pointed out that drinking it once may not hurt the child, but drinking a glass every night he held her hostage would not be a good thing. She sat the glass down at last, proving his theory. He then asked about Jason, realizing she had yet to tell her fiancée that she was carrying his child. Realizing the situation, he realized she hadn’t had the opportunity, it wasn’t that she was keeping it secret. He told her he would have done things differently had he known what would happen. He explained he wanted the power, not the deal and he needed her to get it back. She made the observation that the situation turned out a lot messier than he had intended. She asked why he continued to do it when all he was doing was reaping profits that didn’t pay.

Liz pushed her way into Sonny’s penthouse, accusing him of killing her husband. She told him he had been Ric’s only family and knew he needed help, but refused to help his own sibling. She explained her husband had called to say goodbye, which was how she knew of his passing. She voiced her theory that he had planned to die to prove himself and she asked his brother if he finally had redeemed himself in his death. “If Ric is dead, that is good. He was a sick, twisted psychopath who kept me locked in a cell,” Carly told her, asking where she got off defending him. She pointed out Ric had allowed Elizabeth to drink poison and had given her the birth control that caused her embolism. She reminded her he had kidnapped her with the hopes of stealing her child and giving it to his wife. She told Elizabeth Ric had set her up and was still doing so, encouraging her to arrive on Sonny’s doorstep and make him feel guilty. She told Elizabeth to get out of her house and Sonny stood behind her decision.

Liz returned to Kelly’s where she sat outside, remembering Carly’s words.

Sonny and Carly had a conversation about Ric and his danger to their family, Sonny once again blaming himself. Carly informed him they were all aware and nothing was his fault. They changed the subject to her health just before receiving a call from Jason, informing them Ric was alive and would be helping Jason rescue Courtney. Once the call was over, they ceased their discussion about the situation and started working on the passion in their relationship.

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