GH Update Monday 8/11/03

General Hospital Update Monday 8/11/03

By Staci
Pictures by Juanita

After her encounter with Stefan, Lydia goes to Lucky and tells him of her plan to get her marriage to Nikolas annulled and the threat Stefan made against her life. The two agree to plot against him and tie him to Summer's murder but soon they are interrupted by Stefan himself!!!! 

Maxie and Georgie are still in Georgie's bedroom arguing about Maxie's drug abuse. Georgie gets mad and reminds her of the heart that beats in her chest, the donated heart of their cousin, B.J.

Dillon hands over the stolen pills to Alan, explaining that he had a killer headache. Alan doesn't buy it and proceeds to lecture his young nephew about drug and alcohol abuse and the Quartermaine history of abusing both.

At the hospital, Ric flatlines and awakens to see a bright light. He walks toward it when a voice beckons him to stay. He turns around its Elizabeth!!! She tells him to stay and help her work through her anger. She still loves him and wants to be with him.

Now its Courtney's turn to make a choice. Alcazar tells her that he has need for only one hostage so its either her or Jason who has to die. Before she can say anything Jason escapes out the window. Alcazar shoots.....

Ric emerges from his near-death experience but was it for naught? He overhears one of Alcazar's men plotting to finish him off. Believing he will soon be dead, Ric calls Elizabeth's cell phone and tells her he loves her. She hears the message and tells Lucky that she still cares for her husband and doesn't want him to die.Elsewhere, Sonny and Carly make it home without Jason and Courtney. 

Maxie figures out that Georgie is still a virgin. But will she remain one??? She tells Kyle that she wants to make love and kisses him passionately.

At the hosptial, a gunman takes aim and a shot is heard.......Jason emerges from behind a curtain. The gunman is dead and Ric turns to Jason. 

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