GH Update Friday 8/8/03


General Hospital Update Friday 8/8/03

By Sylvia
Pictures by Juanita

Emily tells Nikolas about Lydia's offer to double their contribution if only Emily convinces him to sleep with his wife. Back at home, the not-so-happy newlyweds get into an argument which prompts Lydia to pick up the phone and call a lawyer so she can have the marriage annulled. However, Stefan catches
her and hangs up the phone, telling her that the only way she'll get out of the marriage is by leaving Nikolas a widower.

In her bedroom, Georgie starts to undress Dillon but he doesn't want to go that far. She's hurt. He loves her. They start to make love when a drugged out Maxie walks in on them. She tells the sex starved couple about the drugs, the stealing and the party she wants to go to with Kyle. Dillon bids farewell to Georgie so he can get the drugs away from Kyle. He's successful but not in his endeavor to get them back unnoticed to General Hospital. Instead, he's caught by Alan! Later, Georgie lies to Maxie about having sex with Dillon.

At the park, Skye queries Ned about the angry woman. He explains that Tina was an obsessed Eddie Maine fan who accused him of rape when he refused to sleep with her nine years ago. Aware of the plan to have Ned sent to jail, Alexis appears to want out of the deal she made with Stefan. Later, she tells him to go for it after she witnesses Skye trying to teach Kristina to say "mama." But will Alexis regret her decision after Ned tells her he's rethinking the restraining order????

A gunman lurks around the corner and takes aim at Sonny. Shots fired!!!! Ric dives in front of Sonny and is shot!!!! Evil-brother-now-turned-good-brother Ric convinces Sonny to get him, Carly and Jason out of the hospital. Ric is left alone to confront Alcazar's gunmen. Alcazar tells Courtney that he wants Carly back and that the secret preggers-Courtney is expendable in his pursuit. Sonny and Carly make it safely back to the plane but Jason finds Courtney bound and gagged, and with her captor, Alcazar. Ric is fading fast on a hospital bed and thinks he see Elizabeth when its actually his doctor. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is thinking fondly of her husband, remembering the good times they had. Ric asks for forgiveness right before he flat lines!!!!! Carly and Sonny are on the jet when Alcazar's men begin their approach. The pilot tells them they have to take off otherwise they'll be captured. Alcazar wants Carly back and tells Jason to make a Courtney or save Carly.

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