GH Update Thursday 8/7/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 8/7/03

By Staci
Pictures by Juanita

Everyone turns out to support General Hospital's Breast Cancer Walk and Monica thanks everyone. She tells them "more you walk. the more money you raise so keep walking!" Meanwhile, Edward tells his cancer-stricken granddaughter that he worries about her. Later, he tells Zander that he's trouble but he makes Emily happy.

Dressed in a black bikini, Lydia tries to entice her husband to join her on a trip to the beach but Nikolas isn't interested. He's writing out a check to the Breast Cancer Walk in Emily's honor and wants to hand deliver the message.

Confronted by Alcazar's gunman outside of Kelly's, Courtney manages to disarm him and escape. Elsewhere, Sonny accuses Ric of lying to him when they show up at the wrong clinic and Carly is nowhere to be found. At the right clinic, Carly tries to get Alcazar to let her go. He tells her that he'll always put the interests of her and her child before his own but he needs to set boundaries. And although she trusts him with her life can he trust her with his?

An annoyed Lydia tells Stefan that she is sick of Nikolas pining for Emily and having to sleep along. She threatens to have the marriage annulled, leaving the Cassadines without a dime. After she leaves in walks Alexis, who is rethinking her deal with Stefan but he has already put the wheels in motion of his plan to prove Ned an unfit father.

Skye tells AJ that she ran into Stefan and has a bad feeling about him. He tells her to not count Alexis out of the pic just yet....

An easily persuaded Maxie is convinced by Kyle to steal drugs from the hospital but she narrowly misses being caught by Alan. Later, the two take some of the pills while at the walk.

Emily tells Gia she's sad for Nikolas because of his situation. When Nikolas arrives to hand deliver the check a feeling-blue Zander watches from the bushes. Later, Lydia offers to double the contribution if Emily does one little thing...convince Nikolas to consummate the marriage!

Carly shaves Alcazar and proves that she can be trusted. He promises to keep her safe but can't let her go, he isn't ready.....Then he receives a call that Sonny, Jason and Ric are in town. At the hotel, Courtney arrives to inform the trio of Carly's whereabouts. They leave to find her, telling Courtney to stay behind.

Alexis is having a change of heart about going after Emily convinces Ned to let her have a moment with her baby. Stefan, however, has already set his evil plan in motion. Then we see a woman named Tina approach Ned and slap him!!!

At the hospital, Carly continues to try to get Alcazar to leave her for Sonny to find her. He leaves to find Sonny but instead finds Courtney at the hotel. Sonny, Jason and Ric arrive at the clinic and rescue Carly. Jason goes outside the room where one of Alcazar's men takes aim at him.

Dillon apologizes to Georgie and declares his feelings for her. Dillon and Georgie kiss.

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