GH Update Wednesday 8/6/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/6/03

By Staci
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis, upset about her baby, makes a deal with the devil. The devil being her brother, Stefan! He promises to take care of Ned just before Ned and Skye arrive on scene. Then Stefan launches an attack on Alexis to throw the couple off the newly created pact.

Hiding from Faith because he took her money, Dillon wakes up on Georgie's floor. The two lovebirds discuss what to do with the money.

Faith finds Courtney at Sonny's and demands to locate Sonny to tell him about her arrest and the money being taken. In walks Scott who also demands to talk to Sonny.

Meanwhile, Sonny, Jason and Ric are on a plane headed to a medical clinic in hopes of reaching Carly. Phone rings and its Alcazar! He tells Sonny that he wants his stolen money back. Sonny tells him that he did his part. He got the drugs to the dealer and now he wants his wife. 

When Alcazar goes in to check Carly she tells him that she's grateful for him stopping the c-section and for being with her during the contractions. He says it was an honor to help. Clearly Alcazar is smitten with the "stubborn Mrs. Corrinthos."

Dillon and Georgie are talking when Mac knocks on the door. Quickly, Dillon dives under Georgie's bed. Mac, again, tells Georgie that Dillon is trouble. Mac leaves and Dillon comes out from under the bed, but then Mac bursts in on them!! He threatens Dillon and tells him to leave. Then he asks Georgie if she's having sex with him.. She responds, "What if I am?"

Courtney tells Faith and Scott that she doesn't know where Sonny is. They demand she calls him. She says she can't. Scott tells her that she'll look good in black and that he's sure that "Sonny and Jason have already bought their side-by-side cemetery plots."

Outside Sonny's apartment, Faith and Scott continue to argue about the lost money. Faith tells him she'll find it.

Alcazar brings Carly some clothes and tells her that she needs rest. She asks to call Sonny. He promises to arrange it later. After he leaves a nurse comes in. She takes a purse out and dumps out its contents, including a cell phone.

Skye tells Stefan she doesn't believe he's against Alexis. He says he is.

Georgie and Mac talk about sex. He tells her that she's not ready. She informs him that she's not having sex and when she will she'll be protected. He worries that she's just like Robin, a good girl who got HIV after sleeping with her boyfriend, the deceased Stone.

Sonny doesn't know where Carly is. Jason suggests going back to Port Charles and waiting for Alcazar to call again. Ric promises to rescue Carly. Sonny blasts him verbally. 

Inside her hospital room, Carly asks the nurse where she is. The nurse tells her Clinicas de Leon in Columbia. Then the nurse leaves and Carly takes her chance on the cell phone. She speaks to Courtney and tells her what has happened and where she is. Suddenly, she is interrupted by Alcazar, who takes the phone away .Courtney tries Sonny's phone, then Jason's phone. She leaves a message about Carly's location and then arranges to take Sonny's jet to rescue Carly!

In Cameron's office, Alexis confesses her deal with Stefan to Cameron, who won't give her his blessing to continue down the road she's on 

Skye tells Stefan that he would no sooner turn his back on Alexis than Nikolas. Stefan counters her, saying he raised Nikolas and he is like a son. Alexis has never wanted to be a Cassadine. 

Before leaving Courtney is confronted by Georgie, who has the briefcase of money with her. She tells Courtney about Faith and how she's worried for Dillon's safety. Courtney tells her to stay put and she takes the suitcase, on her way to rescue Carly. 

At Kelly's, Dillon is leaving when Faith attacks his lips just as two of Alcazar's men come walking by. She tells him she did it to save his life and now she wants to know where the briefcase is. 

A hurt Alcazar tells Carly that he saved her and the baby and she repays him by deceiving him???

On her way to rescue Carly, Courtney is accosted by two of Alcazar's men. She tosses the briefcase to Georgie but ends up being held at gunpoint. Georgie takes the money to Faith but is shocked when she sees Faith and Dillon is a compromising position.

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