GH Update Tuesday 8/5/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/5/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Carly remained in pain as the labor kicked in. She told Alcazar she would stop the labor, trying to convince him not to make her endure a C-Section that would result in the loss of her child. He explained he couldn’t let her die, but she continued to beg. She assured him she could calm it down and explained about her experience with the hypothermia after falling in the ice after Michael. He had to watch her suffer through yet another contraction, which made him worry even more. When the doctor joined them to tell them they were ready to operate, Carly begged Lorenzo one more time to keep her baby alive. He finally agreed and told the doctor he was trying to cover up his incompetence and he should get a second opinion. He told Carly that if the second doctor agreed, he would have to go through with it. She asked him to help keep her distracted while she was in pain, so he began telling her about a place he used to visit in France. Soon enough, the contractions calmed and the new doctor arrived to tell them she would be fine, but shouldn’t be moved. Lorenzo assured them Carly wasn’t going anywhere and sat down to hold her hand as she slept.

Courtney tried to convince Jason to remain behind, but he refused. He pointed out he had made promises to Carly and was going to keep them. She told her boyfriend and her brother to be careful.

Scotty showed up at Sonny’s with Faith in hand. He caught the mob boss and his right hand just as they were trying to leave, dressed in black. He informed Sonny that Faith new of a deal going down at Pier 52. Sonny ordered him to handle it on his own. Scotty warned him that if they went to the compound without Ric they’d come home in body bags. He and Faith left, leaving Courtney with another goodbye. Jason told her to stay safe and he loved her. When he was gone she gently rubbed her stomach.

Mike showed up in the middle of the night when Courtney was looking at a pregnancy book. She screamed at him for just coming out of the blue when it could have tipped Jason off to her condition. He was upset she hadn’t told her boyfriend she was pregnant, but she assured him she would, when the time was right. She pointed out that he needed to concentrate and throwing a baby into his head at this point would do more to get him killed than keep him safe.

Dillon and Georgie checked out the latest Port Charles newspaper and discovered that Alcazar was a lot more dangerous than they had deemed him. She convinced her boyfriend to head to the PCPD and inform Mac of what he’d done. He followed her recommendation, but not much good came of it. Mac was furious with the information and the newest danger Dillon had thrown into Georgie’s life. He suggested that Dillon leave the country and head off to a private school, but not so much because of Alcazar, but because he was a danger to himself. “After spending a night in jail for vehicular theft and transporting a minor across a state line, your friend decided to straighten up by doing a favor for a drug lord?” Mac asked sarcastically. “That is not a lapse in judgment, that is a destructive spiral.” He got called away, but took a moment to remind Dillon to stay away from his daughter. Dillon pointed out that Mac turned out like everyone else in his family and that it was ironic that the only one who could see him as a useful adult was Alcazar.

They split up, Dillon taking a route through the alleyways on the docks. He nearly stepped out into the middle of a bust when he saw Faith Roscoe on the pier paying off a man for a briefcase full of drugs. He watched from the shadows as Mac broke up the party, ready to arrest all involved. But when the druggie turned on them, pointing his gun, the police shot him, which knocked the briefcase out of his hand, right at Dillon’s feet. While Mac and his crew were dealing with Faith, Dillon grabbed the briefcase and ran, Faith watching him the entire time.

He headed back to Kelly’s, where he met up with Georgie and showed her the goods. He was a little worried about the fact that Faith saw him snag the money. “What’s the blonde black widow drug dealer going to do to get it back?” he asked aloud. They voted on what to do with the package, vetoing going to the cops and the Quartermaines and leaving the country. Georgie came up with a plan – he could stay in her room.

Lydia made a phone call to Nikolas telling him she was distraught and was going to go barhopping. “Call me cheesy, but I actually like the idea of sex on my wedding night,” she told him. Lucky overheard and listened to her cry for help. He offered to help her salvage what was left of her wedding night, and give her revenge against Stephan, but she didn’t get quite what she was expecting. Instead, he dragged her down to the PCPD to have a conversation with Scotty about her material evidence to a capitol crime – Summer’s murder. She refused to say anything, upsetting Lucky. He assured his father’s nemesis that he would find the evidence on his own to clear his father and wrap up Summer’s demise. Scotty informed him he didn’t have authority to do such a thing, but Lucky assured him he would – as soon as he graduated from the Police Academy. Scotty excused himself to handle Mac and Faith, who just walked in the door, and Lydia confronted her brother in law. She admitted she’d thought his “salvaging what was left” had more to do with a five star hotel and the honeymoon suite than the PCPD and Scotty Baldwin’s office.

Scotty interrupted Mac’s arrest, informing him that the situation was “sticky.” Mac assured him if he had his hand in the drug lord’s pockets, he’d have it in a handcuff before he could beg to differ. Scotty pulled Faith aside, asking where the money was, and she explained to him it was gone.

Ric asked Liz why she had come to see him and she explained that she still cared, but she couldn’t be with him because he could never take back what he’d done. He understood and assured her he needed to help find Carly so he could redeem himself. She pointed out that he was capable of love – she had seen it, but was upset about his deceit. He told her he’d love her until he died. She tried to convince him that his life wasn’t over, that there were other opportunities and he wasn’t to blame for everything. He refused to blame his father, pointing out that he had been the one who kidnapped Carly and started the whole mess. She told him she hoped he could find a way to ease his own pain and left.

Liz thought about her conversation with her husband and headed to the penthouse to talk to Sonny. She found Courtney there instead, and Courtney informed her Sonny and Jason had gone already. Liz informed her nemesis that Ric didn’t want to live and was planning to sacrifice himself on this venture to pay for what he did. Courtney offered the possibility that Ric was paying his wife, yet again. “If it wasn’t for Ric, I’d be married to Jason right now; Carly would be picking out wallpaper for the nursery. So, if somebody has to die in order for my family to come back home alive, it is only fair that it is Ric,” she told her.

Sonny showed up, not wanting to take Ric with him, but his brother explained he had lost everything and needed to redeem himself, not to mention that he could get them past the numerous security traps alive. Sonny decided to give him a chance, but ordered Jason to kill him if he thought for any reason something was wrong. They headed to the compound and found a guard waiting outside. Ric informed them he knew the guard and they allowed him to go chat with him. Jason thought he was making a break for it, but before he could take action, Sonny informed him to wait. Ric returned moments later with the news – Carly and Lorenzo hadn’t made it to the compound. They had had an emergency stop because Carly was in labor.

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