GH Update Monday 8/4/03

General Hospital Update Monday 8/4/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Carly developed a pain on the plane. Lorenzo thought she was faking at first, but she made him feel the contraction and he realized the realness of the situation. He ordered the plane to stop and got a doctor aboard, warning Carly if she had lied, he’d kill the man and they’d be in the air again. It was no lie, though. The doctor forced Lorenzo to get Carly to a hospital ASAP. The doctor wanted to see Lorenzo outside, but Carly told him to stop treating her like she wasn’t there and to give it to her straight. The doctor was afraid of hemorrhaging and wanted to perform a C-Section on Mrs. Corinthos. She begged Lorenzo not to comply, knowing it would kill the baby at such a premature stage. The doctor admitted that the facility was not equipped to handle preemies and that the chances the baby would live were slim, but he could save the mother with the operation. Carly told them she’d rather die with the child than live without it.

Nikolas maintained his cool with an upset Zander, telling him he was trying to do what was best for Em. Zander pointed out Nikolas was married and had made his choice. When Zander left, Em thanked Nikolas for not starting a fight. They agreed things needed to be over and since Em couldn’t make the break, Nikolas did it for her, but not before he kissed her on last time. She told him she would be happy loving Zander, but she would always love him.

Lucky found Lydia in Nikolas’ bedroom crying. He tried to play it as looking for evidence to Summer’s death, but she didn’t believe him and he finally admitted he knew Zander wouldn’t bed her, so he was checking up on her. She told him he had come to take advantage of her, but she was the one making the advances, kissing him. Stephan walked in on them before things could go to far, and sent Lucky packing. Lydia ordered him out as well, but he refused to leave before giving his warning – Lucky Spencer is off limits.

Stephan went straight to Nikolas with the news of his wife and brother taking advantage of the opportunity at hand. Nikolas didn’t care. Stephan pointed out that it was his wedding night and he needed to be there for his wife. Nikolas had the old man pegged though and guessed it was because he needed to consummate the marriage so he couldn’t back out of it. He pointed out he had given up his true love for the sake of his family and that had been enough for him. He went to the room where Lydia tried her charms on him. They didn’t work so well on Laura’s eldest though, and he sent her packing. “There are 22 bedrooms in this house. Pick one,” he told her. She told him she hated him before heading out for the evening.

Elizabeth went to Sonny’s to discuss Ric. Sonny wasn’t there, but Courtney was. Liz tried to explain things to Courtney, telling her that not everything about Ric was horrible and that he had been capable of love. “That little soul who never got to be connected us forever,” Elizabeth pointed out, telling her to ask someone who’d been there and hitting a tender spot with the mother to be. Courtney pointed out that if Liz was still worried she would forgive Ric altogether. Liz assured her that wasn’t the case, but pointed out Jason was no angel and Courtney continued to defend her man despite his faults. Liz told Courtney that she wished Ric hadn’t known about the child, that maybe things would be different.

Jason and Sonny were trapped on Alcazar’s yacht as the bomb counted down. It didn’t blow though, which led the mob boss and his right hand to believe that Alcazar was playing mind games with them.

Faith went to the safe house to try to talk some sense into Ric. It didn’t work; he was still as determined as ever to prove himself for the love of his life. Faith pointed out that kidnapping Carly hadn’t been his mistake, trying to take her baby had. She told him he should have used Carly to get the upper hand with Sonny. He explained he no longer cared about anything but helping Sonny and proving himself to his wife.

Sonny got there after Faith was gone, discussing the situation with his brother. Ric pointed out he was good to go. Sonny wasn’t so sure, though, reminding himself this would be the perfect opportunity for Ric to double cross him. Ric got frustrated and took the map, trying to prove something to his big brother. He explained there were people on the compound who trusted him and would give him the info he needed. Sonny pointed out that Ric hated him and wasn’t right in the head. Ric assured him that was true until he found himself trying to rationalize killing his wife, then things had changed. He reminded Sonny that Carly had been his friend and he wanted a chance to make things right. He asked his brother if anyone had given him a chance if things would have turned out differently.

Jason returned home, waking a frightened Courtney. She tried to convince him to remain behind, worried about his safety. He pointed out that there was always a chance he wouldn’t come home, that he had to accept that, but he looked at life differently with her in it, realizing that some things were too much to give up. But he pointed out that he had made a promise to his gal-pal to protect her and he needed to keep that promise. She explained that she loved Carly too, but wanted him to be careful. Sonny showed up then, and his right-hand tried to convince him to remain behind and let him handle the situation, but Sonny refused. He assured Jason the charade would end tonight then he went up to see Michael. He told the sleeping child that his mother was a miracle worker, bringing him things that he never thought he could have, like children who loved him. Courtney tried one more time to keep Jason behind, deciding to tell him why he couldn’t go.

Liz went to Kelly’s where she found Emily. She poured her heart out to her best friend, explaining she’d wanted to slap herself for giving Ric the benefit of the doubt. She pointed out they had been in two completely separate relationships while together, but admitted that letting go hurt. Em agreed whole-heartedly, pointed out that was especially so when it could’ve been the best thing that ever happened if the circumstances had worked out. She admitted she was having some trouble letting go herself. Zander interrupted them, Liz giving up her seat hurriedly and heading outdoors. Faith caught her on her way out and gave her the address to the safe house Sonny was keeping Ric in. She told Ric’s wife to go there and explain to him that she was never going back “So that damn fool doesn’t get himself killed for the love of you.”

Ric was reading a letter he’d written to Liz when she showed up. He admitted he didn’t think he’d see her again.

Emily and Zander started to fight, but Em told him she wasn’t strong enough for it. He apologized for being hurt and angry and asked her to try to find a way to make it work – starting with honesty. She agreed, pointing out that she was afraid to lose him and that she could’ve loved Nikolas if she hadn’t met and fell in love with him first.

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