GH Update Thursday 7/31/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 7/31/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Emily and Monica talked at GH about her new cancer treatment. Monica told Emily that she might not have any side effects from the new chemo. Monica got paged and left Emily standing there. Lucky walked over and told her that he needed her to go to Nikolas. She asked why, and Lucky told her that he was about to marry Lydia. Emily said she couldn’t do anything about it. Lucky got mad, and told her that she could do something, but wouldn’t. He left her alone, and upset.

Lydia walked into a room at Wyndemere in her wedding dress. He told her she looked nice, and ready to be married. Nikolas walked in and Lydia tried to get him out thinking it was bad luck to see each other before the wedding. Nikolas said they were already doomed. Alexis came in next, and thanked Stefan for bailing her out of jail.

The judge started the ceremony, and asked Nikolas if there was anything special he wanted.

”Just get it over with”, Nikolas told him. Lucky burst in and told the judge to get to the who objects part of the wedding, because he objected. Stefan and Lydia both told him he wasn’t welcome, and should leave. Lucky said he would leave them to get married, if Nikolas could look at Lydia and swear that he was in love with her. Lucky asked his brother if he was in love with Lydia. Emily ran into the room announcing that Nikolas was in love with her.

Stefan said she wasn’t invited, and Nikolas asked what she was doing there. Nikolas said he wanted to talk to her privately. They went to the hall, and he asked why she came. Emily told Nikolas that she couldn’t let him make the biggest mistake of his life. Nikolas told her that if she gave him the word that she wanted to be with him, than he would walk away from Lydia and the money and never look back. Emily told him that she couldn’t tell him what he wanted to hear. Nikolas asked her why she came if she didn’t want him. Emily told him that she came to say good-bye.

Zander sat outside of Kelly’s and Gia came over. She told him should be more cheery since Emily was free, and then he could be with her. He asked what she was talking about, and Gia told him that Nikolas and Lydia were getting married.

Nikolas went back to the ceremony and told Lydia they would get married, but he had to take care of something first. He went to another room and called Zander, who ended up in bed with Gia. Zander answered the call from Nikolas and listened as Nik told him that Emily had been to Wyndemere, and that she had left, and needed him. Gia knew that the call was about Emily. She told Zander he should go to Emily if she needed him. Emily sat outside Kelly’s, crying holding the heart necklace that Zander had given her.

Faith walked into Kelly’s where she saw Elizabeth working. Faith started bugging her about Ric. Elizabeth told Faith that she didn’t care that Ric was dead. Then Elizabeth told Faith that even if Ric walked in than he would still be dead to her.

Faith met with Alcazar and brought him two suitcases filled with money. She told him it was the five million dollars for the drugs, and she wanted the keys. He held the keys out that he had just gotten from Sonny. She reached for them, and he pulled back, asking where she got the money. She told him she had been getting in with the five families. He didn’t think she was correct, and so she told him that she could bring her money elsewhere. He gave her the keys, and she left.

She went back to Sonny’s and told him that she did her job, and wanted to see Ric. At that time, Lorenzo called Sonny and told him that he was satisfied with the drug distribution, and that he would take Sonny to see Carly.

Jason took Faith to see Ric. He was working on an access map for Sonny to get Carly away from Lorenzo. Jason told Ric it needed to be done tomorrow, and that he was no use alive if he wasn’t helping them. She told him that Elizabeth said he was dead to her. Faith told Ric that she was the best thing that could ever happen to him. Ric told her to shut up, and that he was busy making a map for Sonny and Jason. Ric threw her down on a bed and told her that if sex was what she wanted, she would get it, but he would be thinking about Elizabeth the entire time. Faith yelled at him to leave her alone.

Courtney called Mercy hospital to make an appointment. She left, and then went to Kelly’s. She ran into Mike and sat down with him. HE asked if she was okay, noting she looked ill. Courtney said she was getting over a bug, and said she would just have tea. Courtney said she needed to get home, and said she would take a rain check on the tea. She stood up and felt dizzy. Mike opened her purse to get her car keys, and noticed a pamphlet about pregnancy.

He asked if she was pregnant, and Courtney nodded telling Mike that she just had it confirmed at Mercy. She asked Mike not to tell Jason, telling him that Jason had enough to worry about. Mike tried to convince Courtney to tell Jason. At the penthouse, Jason and Courtney sat down to talk while baby sitting Michael. They talked about changes and unexpected events in their lives. Courtney told Jason that something unexpected had come up with them.

Carly knocked out one of Lorenzo’s men and took his clothes. She tied him up and then stole a map from the control room before being caught by another guy and being brought back to her room. He ordered her to give the other guy his clothes back. She said she wanted privacy, but they didn’t move. Carly went off on them saying that she didn’t think Lorenzo would appreciate them making her strip or letting her get away from them. They left.

Lorenzo came in and told her that he had a present for her. Sonny walked through the door. She got up, but Lorenzo told her she was only looking until he got his maps back. She played it off like she didn’t know what he was talking about, but then gave him the maps. Lorenzo left Sonny and Carly alone.

Sonny and Carly hugged and he pulled out a little electronic device. He and Carly kept talking so that Lorenzo wouldn’t catch on to anything from where he was listening outside the room. Sonny hid it near the bed, and they kept talking. They ended up laying on her bed kissing, while Lorenzo stood outside the door.

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