GH Update Wednesday 7/30/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/30/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Jason told Courtney to breathe in and out slowly while she sat down, feeling nauseous. He rubbed her shoulder, and she said she felt sort of better. Jason told her that it had worked while Carly was pregnant with Michael. Courtney said she wasn’t pregnant, and Jason said he was just drawing a parallel.

They started talking, and Jason said he had a lot of credit to give to Sonny. He told Courtney that he didn’t think he would do so well if he was in the position of having Courtney missing, and if she was pregnant. Courtney agreed with Jason that having a baby wouldn’t be good for either of them at the moment. Courtney told him that someday she wanted to be a mom, but not until they were married. Jason sighed, saying they should already be married. He promised that as soon as Carly came home, they would plan another wedding.

Sonny came home with Michael, after taking him to Kelly’s for ice cream. Michael ran up to Sonny and asked her if she knew where he had been. Noticing the chocolate on his face, she guessed getting ice cream. Michael wondered how she knew, and she told him she knew everything and that another thing she knew was that he needed to go to bed. Michael said he wasn’t tired, but Courtney took him up to bed anyway. Michael asked Sonny to tell Carly that he loved her and missed her, if she called.

When Michael and Courtney were upstairs, Sonny told Jason that he had been at Kelly’s, Faith pulled a gun on him. Jason asked what had been going on, and Sonny told him that he had made a deal with her. She would front for them, buying the drugs that Lorenzo’s boat would land. Jason worried that she would double cross them.

Faith met with Lorenzo and told him that she wanted to buy his drugs as revenge on Sonny. He agreed to let her buy the drugs for 5 million dollars, which was double what he would have made. She went back to Sonny’s where she told him and Jason that Lorenzo had agreed to let her buy the drugs. Scott came out from another room, giving her a suitcase with 5 million dollars, telling her it was from the taxpayers so she had better no screw up.

Jason left to do something for Sonny. The phone rang, and Sonny answered hearing Carly’s voice. She asked about Michael, and told Sonny the baby was kicking. Sonny told her it was a sign to listen to him. He told her to look at the stars and see if she recognized anything, and asked if there was land around her. She said there was no land, and she didn’t know anything about stars. They exchanged “I love you’s” and hung up with each other.

Courtney came down the stairs and asked where Jason had gone. Sonny told her he had left, and then started talking to her about how much he appreciated everything she had done for Michael. Courtney shrugged it off, saying that being a sister came with other things. She left to go back to her penthouse.

At home, she did a home pregnancy test. She looked at the result with dread, and it confirmed that she was in fact pregnant (YAY)!!!!

On the yacht, Lorenzo informed Carly that he had to leave for a while, but that the staff would give her anything he wanted. She said if they wouldn’t let her go home, than nobody would get a thank you. Lorenzo said he understood. He left, and when he came home, Carly was asleep on the deck of the yacht. Lorenzo covered her with a blanket.

Skye held Kristina in her nursery, and the baby wouldn’t stop crying. Alice came in, and wondered what was wrong with the baby. Skye said she didn’t know, and Alice thought maybe something was wrong. Skye took the baby to the hospital, while Alice called Alexis without Skye knowing.

Alexis and Cameron sat talking at a bar, and she told him that she had wished she never met him. Alexis talked about losing Kristina, and Cameron told her that if Alexis really blamed him for her problems, than she really wasn’t fit to be a parent to Kristina. She threw her drink in his face, and he left.

Alexis went to the hospital, and saw Skye holding Kristina. Alexis said she wanted to hold the baby, and Skye told her “no”, that she wasn’t allowed near the baby. Alexis tried to shut her up, and then Bobbi came over to talk to Skye about the baby. Skye gave Bobbi the baby to bring into the exam room. When she was gone, Skye told Alexis that if she came near the baby again, she wouldn’t see her until Kristina graduated collage.

When Bobbi brought Kristina out of the exam room, she looked around for Skye. She asked Alexis where she went, but Alexis didn’t know. She asked Bobbi to hold Kristina, but Bobbi said she couldn’t let her. Alexis begged saying that she wasn’t going anywhere. Eventually Bobbi gave in and handed her her daughter. Skye walked out of the elevator with Mac following. They arrested Alexis for violating a court order.

At the hospital, Lydia tried to convince Nikolas that she really loved him and that’s why she attempted to kill herself. Nikolas tossed the note down, and told her she was a liar, and Lucky chimed in saying all Lydia cared about was the money attached to Nikolas. Lucky asked Nik if he was going to marry Lydia, and he said he was. Later, Nik and Stefan talked and Nik told him that he had to make the arrangements and then he would marry Lydia. Lydia and Stefan talked, and she threatened to blow him in for offing Summer.

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