GH Update Tuesday 7/29/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/29/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Lydia practiced her routine for when Nikolas showed up, but it was absolutely unnecessary. She was already staggering, stomach full of vodka and sleeping pills. Lucky found her first, Stephan only a few steps behind, and they called 911. While Lucky was busy with Lydia, Stephan found the note she had left his nephew and refused to share its contents. Lucky accused Stephan of driving Lydia to suicide, and Stephan told him his interest in his brother’s fiancée was inappropriate. Lucky asked if the note made old Uncle Stephan look bad.

Monica found Zander in Emily’s room and asked him where her daughter was. He admitted he didn’t know and pointed at the diary, reading the most recent passage aloud.

Outside of Kelly’s Emily told Nikolas she couldn’t marry Zander but refused to tell him the truth about why until he pushed her to it. She finally admitted it was because of him. She explained that she had tried not to love him, but couldn’t do it; yet she refused to give up the possibility that she could make things work with Zander. He told her he would give up the Cassadines for her, but she refused to give up Zander for him. He tried to convince her, kissing her, but at that moment Zander showed up and manhandled him. The two threw punches until Emily stopped them, sending Nikolas home. She tried to explain to Zander she had chosen him, but he refused to listen. She told him to blame her, not Nikolas, and he assured her he did blame her and pointed out he had turned his life around for her. He accused her of lying all along and told her that things were over. She cried to herself and returned home to find her mother in her room. She though Monica had read her diary, but Monica pointed out she hadn’t had to, Zander had read it to her. She told her daughter that if she loved Nikolas, she needed to say so, but Em refused, believing she was hurting both boys involved.

Nikolas arrived home to the news, and asked his uncle how she was. Stephan admitted he had no idea and hadn’t bothered to check. “You’re the compassionate Cassadine. You’re not cold and cruel like the rest of us,” Stephan pointed out to his nephew, explaining why he hadn’t checked up on her. He pointed out that Nikolas was turning more like a Cassadine everyday – getting his own way no matter who got hurt. He handed him the note and Nikolas headed to GH.

Lucky headed to GH to follow up on Lydia. Once the damsel in distress woke, he told her they had pumped her stomach. He asked her what made her want to bail on life. Before she could open up, Nikolas arrived, and asked Lydia if he should answer his brother’s question or if she wanted to.

Alcazar and Carly discussed the woman in the picture, who turned out to be Sonya, an old flame from Oxford. He explained that she wanted to save the world and he wanted to be a history teacher (but his father wanted him to be a lawyer). After some persuasion from Mrs. Corinthos, he admitted they had planned to go to another country to help “save the world” when Luis had called needing his help. He left to help his brother, but when he went to return to his love, the camp she had been at was burned to the ground and everyone in it killed. He explained his family had connections in the area and if he had been there they would have been safe. Carly sympathized but tried to take it further, wanting to bring back the old Lorenzo; he assured her it wasn’t going to happen. She asked him why he was giving his life away to something he never believed in, but he refused to answer. Alcazar told her history was only lies and the law was worthless. “There is no law; only men with guns.” She understood but told him he should choose to be who he was, not who his brother wanted him to be. He pointed out he knew what she was trying to do, and it wouldn’t work. She asked him what she would think if she saw her love now, and he admitted both she and the younger version of himself would be appalled. He assured her that the man she was seeking was gone and he would not be able to help her now.

Sonny spoke with Scotty, Scotty pointing out Ric could have the answers he needed to find his wife. Sonny asked the DA for a warrant to search the house and sent him after one. Once Scotty was out of earshot, he told Jason to move Ric. Ric assured them if they killed him they’d never find Carly. Once Sonny was gone, Ric and Jason had a heart to heart. Ric told Jason Sonny needed him, and that he owed him. Jason assured him he owed him too – a beating for what he did to Carly and Courtney.

Faith and Liz continued to argue in Sonny’s penthouse, Faith blaming Liz for Ric’s murder. “His soul died when you married him,” the mob widow proclaimed. Faith told Liz she never gave a damn about Ric, but Liz informed her that just wasn’t true. She admitted to still loving her husband, throughout the lies. Before they could get to far, Liz opened up the door and ordered Max to get rid of Ms. Roscoe. “Welcome to the widow’s club,” Faith said as she left.

Liz waited on Sonny to arrive home. Once he got there she asked him where Ric was. He told her to let her husband go, which made her believe he was dead. He told her to forget him, and she told him she would – when he forgot Carly. She told Sonny that Ric loved him . After a little persuasion, Sonny assured her her husband was, indeed, alive, but she could get him killed. Sonny explained Ric was doing something for him and he may not come out of it alive. Sonny refused to believe his brother capable of love, but Liz asked him to imagine what it was like to grow up in a life where your father asked your mother to choose between her sons. Sonny pointed out Ric had wasted his fortune trying to kill him, but Liz wouldn’t let it go. She explained he could only love the way he was taught to love, and he was taught by a very sick man. She left the apartment and Michael came downstairs, asking about his mom. Jason arrived home too, telling Sonny the package had been delivered. The news encouraged Sonny to take his son out for a scoop of ice cream. Once Michael was out of earshot, Sonny conveyed his plan to let Alcazar’s shipment hit the dock and hire a front man to buy it and bring it to him. Jason asked Sonny if he thought his brother would use the fact that he helped find Carly to get reprieve. Sonny assured him he would, but he wouldn’t be bosom buddies with his brother anytime soon. “He could walk through that door right now with Carly in his arms, set her down on the couch and get down on the floor and kiss my feet, hand me a promise from God and I’d still hate him,” Sonny assured. “I will not forget. I will not forgive. I guarantee you my brother’s going to pay for what he did.”

Jason stayed at the penthouse when Sonny and Michael left. Courtney joined him there, asking how things went. When he told her simply that Ric was alive and Sonny and Michael went for ice cream. She laughed and told him “Brevity is the soul of wit.” She had to explain the phrase to him, but she got her point across. She got a stomachache quickly – calling it similar to nausea. Jason rubbed her shoulders a minute to relax her, and it helped. He explained it always helped Carly when she was pregnant with Michael.

Sonny and Michael headed to Kelly’s and Sonny asked his son to trust him to bring his mother home. He sent Michael in to order their sundaes, and just as soon as the tyke got in the door, Faith came around the corner, gun drawn. She told him he was going to pay for killing Ric.

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