GH Update Monday 7/28/03

General Hospital Update Monday 7/28/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Zander proposed to Emily, but she turned him down, telling him that she didn’t want to make a commitment like that until she was well. He left to cancel the arrangements he had made, and she sat down to write in her diary, where she admitted her reasons pertained more to Nikolas than to wanting to be healthy for Zander.

Nikolas and Lydia spoke about the upcoming wedding and the costile. He asked her when Stephan had told her about the document forcing them to wed in a timely matter, but she refused to know anything about it until that morning. He pointed out the document conveniently appeared after he had admitted to his feelings for Emily. She thought he was accusing her, but the prince knew who the voice behind the curtain was and blamed the whole mess on Uncle Stephan, who refused to ‘fess up. “Excellent strategy uncle,” he told him. “Unfortunately it backfired.” He backed out of the wedding, leaving Stephan and Lydia shocked. Lydia tried to mend her fences, telling him she wanted to be with him, but he caught her lie before it came all the way out of her throat and called her a money hungry hypocrite who would do anything to get what she wanted.

Stephan found Lydia a bit later and argued with her a bit, she pretending to be crazy about his grandson and he seeing right through her. She wrote Nikolas a letter saying, “I apologize for any inconvenience, Nikolas. At least you still have your freedom.” Placing the note perfectly on the desk she popped a handful of pills, followed by a glass of water and hid the rest of the pills in a plant, so it would look as if she overdosed, and waited on Nikolas to come home.

Emily met with Nikolas outside of Kelly’s and told him about Zander’s proposal and her excuse to say no. He thought it was a valid enough reason until she admitted she had a completely different reason in her heart.

Zander went to Emily’s room to find her, and when she wasn’t there he decided to leave her a note telling her their celebration day would be soon – that is until he picked up her opened diary and read the last entry.

Carly played backgammon with Alcazar, chatting about Sonny and his “honorable” ways. She tried to convince the drug lord that her husband would stick by his word, but he didn’t buy it. She did manage to win the game, however, and grabbed his wad of money for payment. While pulling out her well-deserved bills, she found a picture of a young woman. When she began asking questions about her Lorenzo got extremely defensive and ordered her to give the photo back.

Scotty quizzed Courtney and Jason about Ric’s whereabouts, laying into Courtney thick. He told them that Ric had the answers to finding Sonny and he would be dead before he could spill the beans. Jason ordered him out of the penthouse, but before he could leave, Faith barged in asking questions about her beau as well. The two left, separately, and Courtney and Jason discussed the situation, Courtney begging her man to stop Sonny from killing the only link they may have to Carly.

Sonny had Ric on the ground kicking the air out of him, yanking him back up for more. Ric accused Sonny yet again of tossing their mother down the stairs. “When I hurt somebody I mean to. And once I do it, I own it,” Sonny informed his younger sibling. Sonny told Ric he was trying to seek payback for a lie he told himself. “I’m going to teach you all the reasons why you deserve to die,” Sonny said. Ric started playing the “Poor Adela” card, telling his big bro, “Good thing she had you. Her perfect boy. Threw her down the stairs at the ripe old age of six, then grew up and beat the hell out of her.” Sonny once again enlightened Ric as to the beatings his stepfather inflicted, describing the man’s personality vividly, and then pointing out Ric’s was quite similar. “You are no better than the man who beat our mother,” he told him. “The pig you want revenge against is not me, Ric, it’s you.” Ric still didn’t see the picture clearly. He hoped Sonny would finish him quickly, but the mobster pointed out he was waiting until Ric hated himself more than his brother hated him. Ric pointed out he didn’t kill Liz or Carly, that he didn’t have it in him (though he did manage to kill a few people on his path to a bloody demise). Sonny pointed out that thanks to him, Liz could be convicted as an accomplice and go to jail, not to mention his wife and unborn child were being held hostage. Ric pointed out that Carly was a hostage because he made himself powerful enough to have something Alcazar wanted, and though he had originally put Carly in danger it was ultimately Sonny’s fault that she was placed there continuously.

Before he got the chance to put the bullet in Ric’s skull, Jason showed up, informing him the police were hot on the trail for a dead body and would be eager to find Lansing’s and pin it on Sonny. “Let me do it. I hate Ric. Killing Ric won’t cost me anything,” Jason told him, assuring him he didn’t want Scotty to find him standing over the corpse, gun in hand. Sonny told his brother that he had held off for so long because he had believed there was a part of his mother in him, but raising the gun arms length, he thought differently. Before he could get off the shot, the police arrived and Jason gagged Ric and drug him out the backdoor. Scotty knocked on the front door and Sonny opened it.

Faith went back to her room and cried silently to herself, just before putting a gun with a silencer in her purse and heading back to the Corinthos abode. She convinced the doorman to let her in to retrieve her things, and inside found young Michael. When he told her Ric was bad and had kidnapped his mother, she tried to tell him that his parents were wrong. Before she could put too many ideas into his head Liz showed up and shooed him up to bed. Faith assured Ric’s wife it was too late to plead for his life, he was already as good as dead. She then accused Mrs. Lansing that if she had left him in Faith’s capable hands, he would be fine, that the whole mess was Liz’s fault.

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