GH Update Friday 7/25/03


General Hospital Update Friday 7/25/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Carly and Sonny hugged on the yacht, and she cried because she was so happy to see Sonny. Carly asked about Michael. Sonny said he was having a few problems, but he was healthy. Sonny assured Carly that he, Jason, and Courtney were there for Michael, and that he was okay. Sonny asked Carly about their new baby, and mentioned how much he had grown. Carly told Sonny that the baby was doing great, and he was kicking a lot lately. She also told Sonny that his new son was learning to be a great trooper and survivor.

Alcazar came in and told them their time was up. Sonny kissed Carly, told her that he loved her, and promised he would have her and the baby home soon. One of Alcazar’s men came in the room to show Carly out. Sonny warned him that he better treat Carly with respect. He agreed. Sonny told Alcazar that he was ready to negotiate to get Carly home. Alcazar told him that a new boat with drugs would be arriving soon, and when it was safely distributed through the docks, Sonny would get another visit with Carly. He left.

At the penthouse, Elizabeth turned when she heard Ric call her name. She realized that Jason had just made it look like he had killed Ric. Ric begged Elizabeth to talk to him, and told her that he knew she loved him. Ric promised he would change his life around for her. Elizabeth told Ric that she would never go back to him; she was done with him.

Elizabeth looked to Jason for an explanation, and Jason simply said that he would keep Ric alive because he might be part of the way to save Carly from Alcazar. Elizabeth watched as Jason tied Ric to a chair. She noted how twisted their world was. She yelled at Jason and Ric saying that their world ruined everything that it came near. She said it ruined Sonny, Jason, Ric, and then she turned to Courtney telling her that she prayed that she would get out before it ruined her.

Sonny came home, and dragged Ric out of the house, and into the house at Martha’s Vineyard. At the penthouse Courtney begged Jason to go after Sonny so he wouldn’t kill Ric. Courtney said she knew Sonny would eat himself up for killing Ric. Jason said he wouldn’t go after Sonny.

At their old house on the vineyard, Sonny dragged Ric to the top of the stairs. He told him that the day their mother fell, he never meant for her to fall, and that he didn’t push her. Sonny said that day was however, a tragedy. Not because she fell, but because Ric didn’t die in her stomach. Sonny suggested that late was better than never, and told Ric that it was time to finish what happened that day. Sonny pushed Ric, and he fell down the entire flight of stairs. “Oh shucks” Sonny said when he walked down after him seeing Ric was still alive. “Should we try again”.

Elizabeth went to see Bobbi at Kelly’s. She told Penny that he marriage to Ric was over, and that she needed her job back. Scott came in when Elizabeth was sitting down. He asked her what happened to Ric. Elizabeth said she didn’t know where Ric had gone; she hadn’t seen him. Scott told Elizabeth that he was sure she didn’t want to see Ric die a slow and painful death. She agreed, and told Scott that Sonny and Jason had Ric.

Scott went to the penthouse, announcing that he had a warrant. Jason told him feel free to search, Ric wasn’t there and they hadn’t seen him. Scott turned to Courtney and asked her where Ric was, but she kept quiet too.

Nikolas and Emily talked in her bedroom. Nikolas told her that he had never planned on falling in love with her, but somewhere along the line, it had happened. Emily nodded, understanding. She told Nikolas that he went from being her surrogate brother and her friend to be the man that had half her heart. They kissed again. Nikolas said they should be together, but Emily said they couldn’t be. She reminded him that he had a commitment to marry Lydia, and she loved Zander.

Nikolas told her that he understood, and both of them stood there in tears. Nikolas and Emily kissed one more time, and then he opened the door to leave. Zander stood outside. Nikolas told him that he loved Emily; they all did, but that he wanted her to be happy. Zander nodded, and Nikolas told him that Emily being happy meant her being with Zander.

Zander told Emily that Gia told him about what Nikolas said. Emily explained that Nikolas was in love with her, but there was never going to be anything going on with them because she wanted to be with him. Zander started talking about when he kidnapped her, and when they almost crossed over to Canada. He moved over to the window, got down on one knee, and asked Emily to marry him (yeah).

Nikolas went back home and swiped everything off his desk. Stefan walked in and told him those were important papers. Nikolas said he didn’t care, and that in the morning he would be given new copies. Stefan told him that he would learn to love Lydia. Nikolas said he didn’t want to and never would. Stefan told him that Lydia’s grandfather’s will said that Lydia and Nikolas would have to be married by the end of the week. Nik told Lydia they would be married on Friday.

Lucky and Lydia went through Darius’s belongings in one of the tunnels. Lucky found a note that was written to Emily from Zander, saying for her to meet him on the bluffs. When Lydia didn’t see what the big deal was, Lucky told her the note was a fake.

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