GH Update Thursday 7/24/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 7/24/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis went to see Stefan about their plan for Nikolas. She brought him some legal papers, but said she didn’t like the idea of going behind Nikolas’s back. Stefan told Alexis that they had to because Nik’s love for Emily would keep him from saving the family.

They started talking about Kristina, and Alexis said that she didn’t want what happened to Summer to happen to anybody else, including Skye, in the name of the baby. Stefan promised Alexis that she would get full custody of Kristina, but she would have to give him the go ahead to do whatever it took to get her the baby. She said nobody would get hurt, and Stefan said all he would do discredit Ned.

Ned and Skye sat outside Kelly’s and talked. Ned talked about how excited he was that Brook Lynn was coming to town. Skye told Ned that she had plans for them and the kids to have a picnic, and then to take Brook Lynn on a shopping spree. While Ned started talking about needing time alone with her, Brook Lynn called. She told Ned that she wasn’t coming after all. Ned was upset, but Skye assured him that he just had to let Brook Lynn know that he was there for her. He told her it was good advice, and Skye asked what he prize was. Ned handed Kristina to her, while Alexis looked on from a distance. Alexis called Stefan, and told him to do whatever he needed to get back Kristina.

Zander and Emily woke up together. Zander said how glad he was that the first thing he saw in the morning was her. She sat next to him when he said how great it could be for them to wake up together all the time. Ned knocked on the door, just as Zander suggested that he and Emily move in together. Ned reminded Emily that Brook Lynn was in town so she would have to be at dinner. He also told Zander that he should go into the office for awhile.

Emily realized how little privacy she had at home, and eventually agreed to move in with Zander. They kissed, and Emily left.

Nikolas, Lydia, and Stefan talked. When they were alone, Lydia told Stefan that he should be proud of her. Stefan said he would be, when she was more to Nikolas than a night of regret.

At Kelly’s, Lydia sat down with Nikolas. She suggested they go for a drive in the country, or meet with the wedding coordinator. Nikolas told her no, and then got mad when she kept asking him to do something with her. Nikolas told Lydia that he only had sex with her because he couldn’t have Emily. Just then, Emily walked in and heard Nikolas tell Lydia that he was marrying her, but he loved Emily. Emily ran out. Nikolas got up to go after her, but Lydia stopped him.

Outside Kelly’s, Gia came over to Emily and asked her what was wrong. She told Gia what she had just heard. Gia asked what Emily felt for Nikolas, but she said she loved Zander. When Gia said that’s not what she asked, Emily said she felt too much, and went home. Nikolas was soon behind her, and brushed off the comment as a fill in the blank name because Lydia was annoying. Emily nodded, and then said she didn’t believe him. Emily asked what he really felt for her, and he said she already knew. They kissed each other J

On the plane to see Carly, Sonny and Lorenzo talked. Lorenzo told him it wasn’t about drugs anymore, it was about an order Sonny would carry out if he wanted to see Carly. Sonny called Jason on speakerphone, and told him he had an order. Sonny told Jason to get rid of Ric. Jason asked if it was Sonny talking or Lorenzo. “Just do it” Sonny told him. Jason hung up, and left the house, with Courtney wondering what was going on.

Carly faked being friends with one of Lorenzo’s men. He brought her a dress, makeup and perfume so that she could look nice for Sonny. She talked to him and then when he was walking away, Carly took the bottle of perfume and sprayed it in his eyes. She started running out of the door, when Lorenzo walked in. Lorenzo fired the man and told him to get off the ship.

Sonny walked into the room, and him and Carly hugged. She told him to never let her go. He promised he would get her home. J J J J J

Elizabeth went back to the house to see Ric. She told him that nothing she did anymore was about him. She asked if he had someplace to go that was safe. Ric wondered why she was helping him, and she told him that she wouldn’t be a good person if she let him stay in there for Sonny to kill.

Ric and Liz saw Jason picking the lock to get into the house. Ric told Liz to get out of there and make sure Jason didn’t see her. Jason let himself in, and then opened the panic room. He pulled his gun, and stared shooting. Liz ran over and screamed that he kill Ric. Jason dragged her out of there and back to Sonny’s penthouse.

Courtney came downstairs when she heard Liz screaming. Courtney asked what was going on, and Liz told her that her boyfriend had just emptied his gun into her husband. Liz realized that Courtney knew, and yelled at both of them saying they were sick. She started to run out the door, and then heard Ric’s voice telling her to wait. She turned around and saw Ric coming down the steps of the penthouse.

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