GH Update Wednesday 7/23/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/23/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny arranged for Lorenzo’s boats to pass through and land on the docks, without letting anybody search them. When the boat landed, it blew into a fire. Lorenzo went to see Sonny, and told him the fire cost him Carly. Sonny said no, he had let the boats land, so he couldn’t be responsible for what happened next. Sonny convinced Lorenzo that he was a man of his word. Lorenzo told him this boat was filled with bags of baking soda, not drugs, as to be a trial run of what Sonny would do.

Lorenzo agreed to let Sonny see Carly. Lorenzo said Sonny had to be on the pier at midnight, alone. Sonny agreed. Lorenzo said if anybody followed him, or anybody was with him, he blew his chance to see Carly.

On the yacht, Carly’s fake labor pains caused Lorenzo’s guy to call on ob doctor that Lorenzo had on call for her. She begged to be taken to the hospital, but the doctor said he was the hospital. She cried that something was wrong with the baby, and he agreed. He pulled a syringe out and said he was going to induce her. She jumped up, and told them to stay away from her. The doctor smiled, and said he knew she was faking. He left. Lorenzo’s man told Carly that she was expected top fake something when Lorenzo was gone, so they had taken every precaution.

Sonny stood around the penthouse waiting for it to be midnight. Courtney came in, and Sonny asked her to stay with Michael. She agreed, and wondered where he was going. Sonny told Courtney to tell Jason he had gone to see Carly. Sonny told his sister that Lorenzo had arranged a visit with them.

At Ric’s house, Courtney asked Jason what he had done with Ric. She told him that he needed to be careful what he did because she didn’t want to lose him. Jason blew up a her, screaming at her to take the remote control out of his hand. She just looked at him, and he yelled at her for not trusting her. She said she did trust him. He stuck the remote out at her and screamed for her to open the panic room door. She did, and saw Ric inside. He wasn’t hurt. Jason explained to her that he wouldn’t kill Ric when he could help find Carly.

She went back to the penthouse, where she heard that Sonny went to see Carly. Jason came back while she was sitting on the couch thinking about him. Courtney asked him what she had done to make him so mad at her. She commented that she had never seen him so upset or so mad at her. She told Jason that she loved him, and didn’t understand what happened. He said it was almost like she didn’t trust his judgment.

Courtney told Jason that she loved him, and that she trusted him. Jason told her about Robin, and how when they loved each other, she started choosing for him, not with him. He said he didn’t want that with Courtney. She told him she wouldn’t ever do that to him.

Elizabeth asked Bobbi if there were any word on Carly as she was getting ready to check out of the hospital. Bobbi said no, and asked where Liz was going. She said not home, so probably back to the studio. As she was leaving, Emily walked over, asking why she was being released a day early. Liz said she was better, and they sat down to talk.

The girls started talking about Zander and Nikolas. Emily confessed that at some point, and she didn’t know when, her feelings for Nikolas became more than thanks and friendship. Just then, Zander walked over to them. He asked Emily if she was ready to go have lunch. Nikolas walked over next, and asked both Emily and Elizabeth how they were doing. When he got the “okay’s” from them both, he left for his meeting.

Zander and Emily went back to her house. They kissed and he asked if there was anything she wanted him to know. She smiled, and told him to just be patient with her because she was nervous. He kissed her, and they ended up in bed together.

Liz went back to her house and Ric watched her from the panic room. He begged her to find him from inside the room. She walked out of the house, and then turned and walked back in. She went to the panic room button, and opened it up. She saw Ric inside, and he begged her to let him out. She just stared at him while Ric told her that he loved her and that he was sorry. Liz said he could rot in there, she didn’t care because he meant nothing to her anymore.

At Wyndemere, Lydia told Nik that riding horses at night wasn’t safe. She told him that he looked upset and she assumed he had been with Emily. Nikolas just walked around the room not paying much attention to Lydia. She suggested they should sleep together. Nikolas told her them having sex wouldn’t make them live happily ever after. They kissed, and started making out on a chair.

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