GH Update Monday 7/21/03

General Hospital Update Monday 7/21/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis revealed herself as Dobson. Edward was shocked when he found out. “I can’t believe it,” he muttered. “She actually saw me in the bathtub!” Cameron accused Scott of setting the whole thing up. Instead of denying it as usual, Scott assured them he had set them up. Alexis tried to explain that she had killed Alcazar in self-defense, but not everyone believed her. Skye was the antagonist, blaming Alexis for playing victim. Scott asked the former attorney why she didn’t say it was self defense to begin with. She explained that she didn’t try the truth the first time because of him. She told them she wanted justice for her daughter. Skye pointed out that her parading as Dobson violated her court order for visitation and ordered Baldwin to arrest her. Alexis pointed out Scott had no such right because of the Double Jeopardy law, refusing to allow a person to be tried twice for the same exact crime. Scott assured her he would get her for a seven year period on fraud and perjury though, that is until Ned took him and Skye out into the hall and pointed out that he had enough ammo on Scott to bring him down for good. He pointed out the check his grandfather had written to the front company Scott used for bribes and pointed out his dances with bribery, arson and fraud. While Ned was out talking some sense into the DA, Alexis was inside explaining to Cameron that Scott had been there to arrest him. AJ took Skye’s point of view and told the attorney who had refused to help him with his situation: What goes around comes around.” Scotty, Ned and Skye returned to the room with the news, but Scott dangled it in front of her face that he recommended that Ned get sole custody of Kristina. Skye thought Ms. Davis should thank her ex, but Alexis assured them that without Kristina, there was nothing to thank him for. Since Scotty couldn’t charge Alexis, he decided to go after Cameron, but Ned shooed him away from that prey as well. He pointed out that the entire situation was over the well being of a little girl, and the baby would be well taken care of. Alexis went to get her baby from upstairs, leaving the rest of them alone. “She may not have D.I.D., but she’s got something wrong with her,” Scotty told the group, leaving disappointed he had no one in handcuffs. She clenched Kristina tightly to her chest, and Skye accused her of kidnapping. When Ned asked her what she was doing, she told him, “Saying goodbye to my daughter. Isn’t that what you want?” She didn’t leave standing down, telling the crew: “You all have broken and bent every law in the book for as long as I know. You have taken a daughter from her mother for your own sick reasons. … I’ll never give up on my daughter.”

Lydia and Lucky kissed, Nikolas walking in on them. Lydia tried to make the show by smacking her beau across the face, but Nikolas didn’t really seem to care. She pleaded her case, asking Nikolas to make his brother stop harassing her, but Nikolas pointed out that their engagement wasn’t on real solid ground. He explained that they needed to be faithful and trust one another, and at this point he trusted Lucky’s word over hers. She huffed out of the room and Lucky explained what he thought had happened, which just so turned out to be what DID actually happen. Stephan overheard Lucky’s accusations and tried to butt in, but Nikolas didn’t sway either way. Once Stephan was gone, Nikolas asked his brother how sure he was about this theory, and he told him he had no doubts. Lucky pointed out that if he could get rid of Lydia he would be free to be with Em, but Nikolas pointed out Em wanted to be with Zander. When Nikolas realized Lucky had told Emily about his idea, Lucky explained that Em had been worried about how he would take it, and he (Nikolas) had been worried about her illness and dropping such a bomb on her. Nikolas pointed out that Alexis had the same theory and told his little brother if he believed in it, to go do what he had to do and he would back him up either way.

Courtney explained to Michael that his mother would be coming home and he wanted to throw a party for her. Since time was a factor, she convinced him to make a sign for her instead. He asked if Ric would be put in jail for taking his mom, but Courtney avoided answering.

Dillon met Georgie at the hospital. After some police walked by talking about Carly’s kidnapping, she encouraged him to give Sonny Alcazar’s letter immediately and to never work for Alcazar again.

Elizabeth told Garcia that she had seen Carly at her home. She told him there had been signs – Ric’s sudden disappearances and reappearances from nowhere – but she hadn’t seen them. She was upset that everything Ric had told her was a lie.

Sonny and Jason found Ric on the floor of the Panic Room. Sonny got him to his feet and began pressuring him for answers, slamming him into a nearby wall. Ric assured them he didn’t know where Carly had been taken, that he had been hit from behind. He proceeded to plead for his life, explaining he just wanted to keep her there until the baby arrived. “It was going to be a baby for a baby,” he explained. He told Sonny that he thought he was going to have to kill her after all that had happened, but realized through his love for Elizabeth that he couldn’t. “I almost destroyed the one person who truly loved me to get back at you,” he explained. Garcia chose that moment to arrive and Sonny ordered him to lock Ric up. Instead of doing so, Garcia called the ambulance and carted him off to General Hospital.

Once at the hospital, Ric begged to see his wife, but Tony wouldn’t let him, encouraging him to relax. When Sonny and Jason showed up Tony blatantly accused them of inflicting the punishment Ric had received. Liz went to her husband’s room, looking at him with hate in her eyes. She told him what he had done was sick and unforgivable. She pointed out he had promised his vendetta against Sonny was over, that her love had changed his life. He told her that she had lost their baby because of Sonny and that hate had turned to pain and the pain to obsession – obsession for the baby. She told him they could have had a child of their own, then realized that he had taken precautious measures to make sure she thought she was unable to conceive. He decided to tell her the entire story; that after she found out she could conceive that he had given her birth control, which had spiked her hormones and caused her embolism. She smacked him. “I never want to see you again,” she assured him, realizing that wouldn’t be too hard because he’d either be in jail or get killed by Sonny soon enough. He tried one last time, telling her he had done it all because he was afraid to lose her. “You lost me anyway,” she told him.

Carly woke up on Alcazar’s jet. He told her he was taking her to her new home. As she stood up, she managed to blindside him, hitting him in the head, knocking him unconscious onto a nearby chair, and she took his gun. Once he had awakened, she took his phone and called home. Michael answered and she spoke to her son, promising to come home, barrel pointed at Alcazar’s chest. Before he could put Courtney on the phone, Alcazar swatted at the gun, knocking Carly off balance and took over again. He hung up the phone and told her he was in control. “He’ll have to give up everything for you,” he assured her.

Sonny and Jason discussed the situation at GH, Georgie Jones listening intently in the background. Sonny pointed out that they needed Ric because of his knowledge of Alcazar and what he would be up to. Sonny assured his right hand that Ric would die for what he did, but “until we find Carly, Ric lives.”

They returned to the penthouse, where Sonny had to deliver the bad news to his son, who began to throw a tantrum. Courtney and Michael told him that Carly had called; assuring them she would be okay. There was a knock on the door and they opened it to find Dillon waiting, letter in hand. Jason told him he didn’t want to be a part of this mess, but Dillon told them he was doing a job for pay. Jason realized Alcazar had seen them together the day before at Kelly’s and assumed they were tied. “You know what you just did?” Jason asked. “You delivered a ransom note for the pregnant mother of that little kid you just saw.” He sent his young cousin on his way and he and Sonny assessed the note and waited for Alcazar’s call.

Garcia stopped by, Sonny asking him to find Alcazar pronto. Garcia assured him he would call if he found anything. “Ric isn’t just a psycho, he’s an idiot” Sonny pointed out. Courtney came down to tell them Michael was feeling better, but got interrupted when Alcazar called. He let Sonny speak to his wife, who just wanted to assure him that she loved him. Before she could tell him anything of real importance, Alcazar grabbed the phone from her and told Sonny he wanted a clean path through his territory. When they hung up, Sonny assured his best friend, “If it means getting Carly back and my baby, I’ll give him anything he wants.”

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