GH Update Thursday 7/10/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 7/10/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Georgie agreed to run away with Dillon, but decided to leave Mac a note first so he wouldn’t worry. While she was writing to Mac, Dillon went outside to find them some “wheels”. As he walked out, Kyle rode up on his motorcycle and made a comment to Dillon that his mother dumped him.

Inside, Georgie told Maxie that she and Dillon were running away from Port Charles together, and maybe they would never come back. Maxie started to try and talk her out of it, but Georgie said she was going. The sisters hugged, and Maxie took the note, promising not to give it to Mac for 24 hours.

Dillon stole Kyle’s bike, and he and Georgie took off. They ended up in a motel, and Georgie wondered how they would eat or get along without any money. Dillon told her he brought cash, and he had plenty of credit cards from his mom.

She wondered when they should go back, and he said PC wasn’t home to him. She said she wanted to go home at some point, and he promised to take her back whenever she wanted to go. She kissed Dillon, and they sat down on the bed together.

Mac showed up at Kelly’s wondering where his daughter was. Maxie pretended she hadn’t seen wither Georgie or Dillon. Kyle came in and announced that his bike had been stolen. Mac brushed him off, and read the letter from Georgie that Maxie was trying to hide. He started in on Maxie for covering for her.

When Skye overhead Alexis and Cameron talking about how she faked the DID, Skye called Scott to come over. When he finally showed up, Skye questioned him about Alexis and the murder case. Scott told Skye that she was the crazy one, and then she started to fill in the blanks for him.

Skye told him to imagine Dobson without the facial hair and the weight. He named Alexis, and she told him that Dobson was really Alexis. Scott told Skye that if her and Ned could prove that Alexis killed Louise, then he would be sure they got full custody of Kristina. Ned later told Skye that their goals were not the same, and she should stop sticking herself in the middle of what she doesn’t belong. Skye told Ned that what she did was all for the baby’s benefit, and she would blow Alexis’s spot whether he wanted he to or not.

Alcazar couldn’t get into the panic room, so he went back home. Ric held a gun on him and was mad that Lorenzo wasn’t acting like a partner to him. He was ready to shoot when Lorenzo talked him down. Sonny came pounding on the door in their conversation about the van and the bug in the house. Ric let himself out, and Sonny let himself in.

He started yelling at Lorenzo about Carly, and the picture not being from S. America and anything else he could think up about her disappearance. They argued and then Sonny stormed out.

Jason hid out in the surveillance van, where he listened as Ric and Liz sat down to talk. Ric knew about the bug, so he lied to Liz as Jason and Sonny listened in. Ric told his wife that he wasn’t done trying to prove himself to Sonny, and that he had been spending all his extra time trying to find Carly so that Sonny would acknowledge him. Lz said she had no doubt that Ric would do something so great.

Jason saw through Ric and his lies, while Sonny decided Ric sounded reasonable given his past.

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