GH Update Wednesday 7/9/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/9/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Georgie cleaned up the tables outside of Kelly’s, when Kyle and one his friends came. Kyle threw plates into Georgie’s bin and she sarcastically said thanks to him. Kyle wondered who made her the “boyfriend police” and got mad at her for breaking up his night with Maxie by lying about Mac. She told him that Maxie wanted him to leave anyway. Kyle wondered if Georgie didn’t like him and Maxie together because she wasn’t happy with Dillon.

Kyle told Georgie he had a message for Dillon, and then Dillon showed up at Georgie’s side. Dillon and Kyle got into an argument, and Kyle punched Dillon before he and his friend left. Mac showed up as Georgie was helping Dillon up. Mac told them to stay away from each other, and made Dillon go with him.

Mac took Dillon back to the Quartermaine’s and told Edward that Dillon had been causing a disturbance, and harassing his daughter. Mac left. Edward told Dillon that he was to learn to behave, and he would also stay away from Georgie. Edward told him that he was sorry that Tracy had such a bad impact on him, and that she had done damage to him. Edward threatened to send him away to military school.

Mac went back to Kelly’s to talk to Georgie, and he told her to stay away from Dillon because he was trouble. Mac asked what happened to “his Georgie” who was a good kid and got good grades. Georgie pointed out she had straight A’s, and then asked why Mac couldn’t love her for who she is. He assured he did, and that’s why he didn’t want her near Dillon.

Dillon snuck out of the mansion with his backpack, and headed over to Kelly’s. When he saw Georgie alone, he talked to her about Mac. She told him he should go because she was sick of always being in trouble. Dillon put his bag down and said he would go if Georgie went with him. He wanted them to run away together.

Skye went into Cameron’s office to wait for her appointment, telling the nurse that she had a headache. Inside, she opened his files to look for Alexis’s file. Cameron walked in and knew what she was doing. He pulled out the file, and asked if she wanted to see it. Skye said she did, and Cameron asked what he would get in return.

She tried to kiss him, but then Ned walked through the door. Skye realized that she had been set up by them, and asked Ned why he would do that to her. He said that she had to stop her crazy plans to try and get Alexis away from Kristina. He agreed to cover for her this time. Skye said she would call the judge, and Cameron handed her the phone, neither of them trying to stop her.

Ned and Cameron pointed out that Cameron’s files on Alexis couldn’t be used in court because they were confidential. Cameron further pointed out that the only thing Skye had accomplished was to prove that Alexis was perfectly sane.

Back at the mansion, Cameron and “Dobson” talked in the living room. Cameron told her about Skye coming on to him and going through his things. Cameron assured her that she would get Kristina back. Skye stood outside the door and listened as Alexis told Cameron that nobody would know she faked the DID unless he told someone.

Scott went to Sonny’s after Jason called him. Jason gave him the picture of Carly he found at Lorenzo’s. Scott asked where he got the picture, but Jason avoided answering him. Scott agreed to run the picture through forensics. Faith came downstairs and Scott commented how nice she looked in the morning. Jason told him to get out and do his work, and Scott said he would talk to Faith later.

Faith asked where Sonny was, and what Scott was doing there. Jason asked what Ric knew about Carly, and Faith said Ric had nothing to do with it, and she didn’t know anything. Jason told her to shut up if she couldn’t help.

Sonny went to Alcazar’s. He asked him where Carly was, and what he knew. Alcazar said he didn’t know where she was, and associate sent him the picture of Carly. Sonny started to get mad, and then Ric came barging in talking to Alcazar. Sonny asked what he was doing there, and Ric said he owned the apartment. Sonny started screaming at them, and then decided it wasn’t worth it, and stormed out.

Sonny went home, and Jason filed him about Scott and the picture of Carly. Faith hovered over them, and Sonny told Jason to get her out of there. Jason went to move her, but Faith went upstairs on her own. Jason let Scott in when he knocked. Scott told them that Carly wasn’t in South America, but that she was right there in Port Charles.

Jason went back to the van that he had someone listening in to Ric’s house. The same static noise was heard, and they tried to isolate what it was. They heard someone go into the house, and heard him unpacking something.

Ric went in to see Carly and she started in on him about how sick he was, and he would never get his plan to work. She told him that in the end he would be found out, and that Sonny and Jason would kill him. Carly told him that nobody, not even Elizabeth would grieve for him.

Carly told him that she thought he was too scared to have his own baby. He told her to be quiet, and that she didn’t know anything. Carly told him that she understood how he felt, because when she first had Michael, she was scared too. She told Ric that she wouldn’t even hold Michael, because she thought she would hurt him. Ric left, sick of talking to her.

Ric brought a metal box in the house, and opened it up. He pressed some buttons on a little computer and then shut the box and put it back in it’s bag. He walked by the camera that went into the panic room, and smiled at a confused Carly. He went out, and found the sound van. Gun in hand he opened it up, and saw nobody in there. He put on the headphones, and heard Alcazar and another guy in the house.

Alcazar called someone on his cell phone, and told him it was time to get Carly out of Ric’s. When the house was empty, Alcazar and one of his guys stormed into Ric’s and Alcazar went to open the panic room to let Carly out. His remote wouldn’t open the door.

Emily sat in the hospital waiting area, feeling sick. Elizabeth walked by, and then noticed her. She sat down to talk to her, and asked if she was okay. Emily said she would be. Emily joked the reason she broke it off with Nikolas was because she knew he was scared of her puking in his Jag.

Elizabeth asked her what really happened with Nikolas. Emily gave her the short version first, telling her that she knew she couldn’t keep lying to Zander, and so she told him the truth. Elizabeth asked the long version, and Emily explained about Lydia, and the Cassadine money problems. She then asked Elizabeth what she was doing there. Elizabeth told her that she and Ric wanted to have a baby together. Emily asked what was different this time, remembering that last time Elizabeth was pregnant, Elizabeth wanted no part in any of it.

Elizabeth told Emily how different Ric was, and how much they loved each other. Emily said she was volunteering to throw a baby shower. The girls joked about how many ugly clothes they would have to secretively return. Elizabeth told Emily that she missed her, and apologized for not being around. Emily forgave her, saying she understood Elizabeth was a newlywed. They talked about Elizabeth’s house, and her future with Ric.

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