GH Update Tuesday 7/8/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/8/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Zander and Emily kiss and apologize to each other. He says he won't let her die. She tells him about the survivor group, which convinced her that she wasn't going to die. She says Nikolas encouraged her to fight the cancer. Zander is very understanding about Nikolas and her lies. They kiss and pledge to be with each other through whatever comes. She worries about Gia and apologizes again to Zander. He takes on the responsibility of "damage control". Zander talks to Gia inside Kelly's. She is gracious about what happened. They agree to be friends again and not blame each other for what happened. Later, Emily and Zander catch up on what's happened. There is more kissing and hand-holding, and they tell each other sweet things.

Nikolas is at Wyndemere and so is Lydia. She comments on his grim countenance; he is going over the Cassadine finances. She talks about the wedding. Lucky comes in and criticizes their nuptials. He says Lydia can't keep her hands off him. Lydia and Lucky argue until Nikolas tells them to shut up because he really doesn't care. Lucky tries to talk him out of the wedding, but Nikolas believes that romance doesn't last and that love can't be a part of his life. Emily visits later and fills Nikolas in on her telling Zander the truth. She sheds tears as she thanks him for saving her life. They both wish each other happiness. She wonders if he can be happy with Lydia. He says they have their duties to fulfill. She says "I love you" meaning as a close friend, and he says "I love you" sincerely. They hug tightly. Later, Gia blasts Nikolas for what happened, saying her heart is broken. He is sorry that she got hurt but he only cares that Emily is going to live. She realizes from his passion that he really is in love with Emily.

Lydia goes to Kelly's and slaps Lucky really hard in the face for trying to make Nikolas think she came on to him. She tells him off and they argue, partly about Nikolas and the wedding. She says haughtily that once they're married, they will each pursue their own desires. She makes sure to tell him that he will not be one of them, however. Still later, she tries to smooth things over with Nikolas about Lucky but he is totally disinterested. She says they can have all of the lovers they want after they're married. She starts to ask him to be discrete and not to choose someone low-class or who will ask him to get divorced. Then he tells her that there is to be no sleeping around. She is shocked that he says they are both to remain faithful.

Ric talks to Alcazar as Jason and Stan (the surveillance guy) listen in. They are arguing about Carly, and their partnership, but don't say her name. Carly watches. Alcazar leaves. Ric looks for his remote and then goes into the saferoom. Jason wonders what the noise is when the door opens. Ric sees Carly lying in a fetal position on the bed and asks her what's wrong. She lies that Alcazar upset her by looking at her with his cold, dead eyes. She asks him to keep Alcazar away from her. She pretends to be scared, saying that Ric at least has compassion and wouldn't hurt her baby. He promises to keep Alcazar away.

Elizabeth and Doctor Meadows talk about the other doctor that told Liz she couldn't have children. The doctor thinks he must have been incompetent and urges Liz to go to the state board. Liz just wants to focus on conceiving. The doctor tells her to buy an ovulation kit, which will tell her the best time to get pregnant. Elizabeth is really happy. She goes home and gives Ric the good news. He is less than thrilled but tries to hide it. They wonder about Doctor Gordon, the fertility specialist that he took her to. Things are kind of tense as they talk about him, and Carly watches. Liz is suspicious. He claims he's just being cautious. She thinks maybe he doesn't want to have a baby now, so he covers. He assures her that he does. She says they can start next month. Carly talks to herself about Ric. Later, Elizabeth looks at the ovulation kit she bought.

Sonny is at home with Faith; they have been arguing as she tries to come on to him wearing Carly's dress and he ripped it off her. He tells her to stay away from Carly's stuff. She says he wants her but he replies, "Not even close!". She runs her fingers through his hair but he grabs her hand and tells her not to touch his hair. He throws her away and says nothing's ever gonna happen, not now, and not ever. He yells at her to get dressed. She keeps babbling about how Carly is probably dead and he wants her. He says that she is just static to him and that she's a whore, cheap, easy, and forgettable, so why would he dishonor himself with her?

Later, Sonny goes to where Jason and Stan are in the van and orders them to stop watching Ric, thinking that it's a waste of time. Jason insists that Sonny listen to the tape. They discuss what that electrical noise could be. They argue but Sonny agrees to send it to the FBI to have it analyzed.

Alcazar looks at the picture of Carly he took. He phones Sonny but gets Faith. She invites him over to keep her company. He arrives and she gives him a drink. He wonders how he got Sonny to let her move in and thinks that she's working for the Feds. She doesn't confirm anything. He says she's taking a big risk with her personal safety. Sonny returns and sends Faith upstairs as if she were a child. Alcazar tells Sonny that he has a shipment coming in, so Sonny should let him offload it and he'll then tell Sonny where Carly is. Sonny says he can tell him where Carly is and then he'll let him. Alcazar wonders if maybe since he's got Faith in his bed, he's not anxious to have Carly back after all. Sonny wonders if Alcazar is bluffing about the whole thing. Alcazar leaves; Sonny orders Faith to drop in on Alcazar's place in about a half an hour so that she can pretend to be mad at the way Sonny treats her. She doesn't really have to pretend, since she is annoyed about that.

Meanwhile, Jason breaks into Alcazar's place and finds the photo of Carly. He shows it to Sonny. Sonny is upset and yells at Jason for still thinking that Ric is involved. Sonny is glad to see the picture but gets all choked up.

Faith visits Alcazar and demands attention from him. He says he wants information about Sonny in return. Ric is going to Alcazar's place when he hears them talking.

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