GH Update Monday 7/7/03

General Hospital Update Monday 7/7/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Zander and Gia are holding hands at Kelly's, talking about how they are moving on and not looking back. Lucky and Nikolas walk up outside. Nikolas tells Lucky that he asked Lydia to marry him. Lucky is shocked and asks about Emily. Nikolas explains that there's nothing between him and Emily but says he'll have to ask her for the details. Lucky is appalled and upset. Zander and Gia come out to hear Nikolas again say that he's marrying Lydia. Lucky leaves. Zander chews Nikolas out for hurting Emily but Nikolas assures him that he and Em are no longer an item and it was her idea. Nikolas leaves.

Lydia is at Wyndemere when Emily arrives, looking for Nikolas. Lydia shows off her ring and asks her if she's going to congratulate her for getting engaged, saying Nikolas is her fiance. Emily looks at the ring, which she knows is from his great-grandmother Katya. She tells Lydia off about this arranged marriage and how empty it will be. Lydia says that Emily is naive for thinking that with great wealth it's easy to find a good match. She is committed to Nikolas and their union. It's a sacred bond to her.

Zander is inside Kelly's and Gia is still outside when Emily arrives. Gia is upset. Em explains to Gia and says she's really sorry about this. Gia is heartbroken but knows that what Em is going through is worse. Zander comes out. Emily tells them she's okay, and, after seeing Gia's face, decides to keep up the pretense. She says that nothing's changed but she wanted to assure them that she's going to have a relapse over Nikolas' engagement. Gia stops her in the middle of the lie and tells her to just tell Zander the truth, or she will. Gia goes back inside. Emily explains to Zander about the lying and the breast cancer as she she pets him and holds him. He just quietly kisses her and they hug, while Gia watches from inside. (Very sweet scene and well done!)

Back at Wyndemere, Stefan comes into the room where Lydia is so she tells him to congratulate her, too, showing off the ring. He is pleased about it. She is optimistic about her future with Nikolas. Stefan tells her to remember who's in charge. Later, Lydia is sitting in the park, teary-eyed, looking at the ring. Lucky comes up and she shows off the ring. He looks at it and says it's a symbol of what a scared and confused little girl she is. They argue about the engagement and suddenly he grabs her and kisses her, taking her breath away. While she recovers, he whispers, "Congratulations" and walks away.

Stefan goes back to Wyndemere and argues with Stefan. Nikolas accuses him of arranging this whole thing and is frustrated when Stefan won't give him a straight answer. Stefan admits he saw that they were bankrupt because of Helena, and Nikolas had turned his back on being a Cassadine, so he went to Lydia's father and made this deal. Nikolas is angry at him. When Emily's name comes up, Nikolas says she's the only one who never lied to him. He says he missed Stefan but didn't get a chance to tell him because the moment he came back he was lying and plotting. Stefan defends his methods as all he knows and is, and what he had to keep Nikolas safe for years from Helena. He points out that Nikolas wouldn't make out very well as a poor man. Nikolas tells Stefan that he won't live his life for him. He agreed to marry Lydia but that's it. He storms off and Stefan has a look on his face, like, yeah, I've heard that before.

Carly watches Ric through the cameras and thinks he is poisoning Elizabeth. She realizes that he is breaking up birth control pills to put into Elizabeth's food. The surveillance guy listens in as Elizabeth phones and asks Ric to meet her in the park. At the park, Elizabeth tells Ric that they haven't been out of the house much lately. She shows him that she's planned a picnic. As she goes back to the car for something, he puts the birth control pills in her iced tea and makes sure she drinks it when she returns. She shows him another surprise: plane tickets to Hawaii. He tells her that he can't go right now, it's a bad time. She is confused and disappointed. They argue. He tells her that he has this new deal with Lorenzo Alcazar that will set them up big time. She is suspicious about it and says she doesn't care about the money. He promises her that they will take that trip sometime and makes it so she feels bad for making such a big deal out of it. Later, Elizabeth goes to her GH doctor and tells her about the fertility specialist that Ric took her to. The doctor is surprised to learn that the other doctor said Elizabeth can't have children. The doctor tests Liz and says that other doctor was wrong. Elizabeth is overjoyed to find out that she can have children.

Jason tells Sonny that he had Alcazar followed. He bought Ric's old apartment and was there all night. They debate the clues and whether Ric or Alcazar took Carly, or whether they're working together. Jason is forced to admit that Alcazar definitely knows something and that his hatred for Ric may have blinded him. Sonny agrees that there are many clues that point to Ric. Sonny says he needs Jason so Jason agrees not to go after Ric. In return he asks Sonny not to rule out Ric as a suspect, so Sonny agrees. Faith arrives with her suitcases, reminding them that she has to move in to keep up their cover. Sonny and she argue and he threatens to send her back to jail. Jason warns Sonny to be careful around her. Sonny half-jokingly says that if he ever finds him dead there, to break Faith's neck and go on with the search for Carly. Scott arrives and says that the Feds found some of Carly's hair in a plane that went to Venezuela the night she disappeared. Lorenzo arrives; Scott leaves after the usual threats. Lorenzo tells Sonny that he has a witness that puts Carly in Venezuela. Sonny interrogates him and they negotiate. Finally, Sonny agrees that if Lorenzo brings him Carly, he will let him run drugs or anything else through his territory. Lorenzo leaves. Sonny and Jason discuss how and why Lorenzo might be lying. Sonny says that whether his psycho brother took her or Lorenzo did, either way he's responsible for what happened to her. Jason supports him and says that's not true, and reminds him how strong Carly is. Sonny tells him to find more proof about Ric and Alcazar's partnership, so Jason leaves. Faith walks in wearing one of Carly's red dresses. She dances around and tries to put the moves on Sonny. Disgusted, he tells her to take it off. When she gets closer, he rips it off her.

Alcazar takes a picture of Carly as she lies sleeping. She awakens. He tells her not to tell Ric that he took the pictures and he'll get her out of there. Jason and the surveillance person listen as Ric chews Lorenzo out for being there again and talking to "her".

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