GH Update Friday 7/4/03


General Hospital Update Friday 7/4/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Emily met up with Jason in the park. They sat down on a bench, and Jason asked Emily what was up with her. He mentioned that every time he saw he she either looked sad, or like she was hiding something. Jason said he wanted to help her. She told him that she had breast cancer. Em told Jason that she was keeping it a secret because she didn’t want people to worry about her. She told Jason that Nik made her go to a support group and then she realized she wouldn’t die. Jason hugged her and told her that he would help her with whatever she needed.

Jason went back to the penthouse and Sonny asked if he had gone to the island, or if he had ever gone. Jason told Sonny that he had let Courtney go be herself to be with Michael. Sonny told Jason that he needed to get Carly back, and Jason said he would help get her back.

Jason told Sonny that Emily had cancer. Sonny said he was sorry, and Jason said he just found out. He also told Sonny that he didn’t know how to help Emily. He said he was scared, but didn’t want to tell her because he knew she was scared. Sonny asked what he could do, and Jason said nothing. He didn’t know what to do because shooting someone wouldn’t help Emily, and didn’t know what else to do.

Sonny said Jason could stay, and told him that he hated what he was doing with the FEDS, but he was doing it to get Carly back. Jason told Sonny that Carly was his friend, and he once promised her that he would always be there for her, and that he would protect her, and that’s why he needed to stay.

Faith went to Sonny’s penthouse, but he booted her right back out. Sonny went to meet Faith at the park for the fireworks, as to make a public display. In the park, Faith and Sonny made sure they were in the middle of all the people and the cameras, and they kissed. In her secret room, Carly watched, disgusted at the TV.

Jason was alone at Sonny’s, and when someone knocked, he opened the door to find Lorenzo. He asked for Jason, but was told he wasn’t there. Lorenzo told Jason to give Jason a message; that he knew where Carly was.

Nikolas opened a jewelry box at Wyndemere and found an old diamond ring from one of his aunts. Stefan walked in and told him that he should give the ring to Lydia, and do his duty to protect the Cassadine family. Nik told Stefan that his top priority was to Emily, not the money.

Emily walked in and Nik showed her the ring. She looked at it, and Em told Nik she would have liked to wear it. He asked what she was talking about, and Emily told Nik he should give the ring to Lydia. He said no, he was marrying her. Emily told Nik that she knew he wanted to help his family, and would always blame himself of the family went bankrupt. He said he would still marry Emily.

Emily told Nik that she couldn’t marry him because she was in love with Zander. Emily said she coulf never marry one person, when she was in love with another. Nik gave her a kiss, and told her to be happy. Emily said she would be, and Nik said that was all he wanted for her. Emily went to the park to find Zander to tell him the truth but found him kissing Gia.

Dillon went to Kelly’s where he found Georgie working. She told him that Mac made them work there for the night instead of going out. He invited her to the Q picnic, but she said no. The only Q’s that showed up were Edward, Monica, and Alan.

Skye set up Alexis so that she would admit to faking the personality disorder. She had Lorenzo show up to talk to AJ, and when Alexis saw him she said “I killed your brother”. This made Skye think that she was admitting to faking. Cameron told Alexis later that it showed she was cured.

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