GH Update Thursday 7/3/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 7/3/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

At the Cellar, Sonny tried to kick Faith out. Scott came and told him to treat Faith as he would if Faith was really his mistress. Scott suggested they go to Sonny’s. Sonny told Faith that she would never be in Carly’s house. She gave her “play nice with me” warning again to him.

Faith was walking on the docks, when Lorenzo met up with her. He wondered why the PCPD let her out of jail. She played it off like she knew nothing. He figured she made a deal with the FEDS to feed them info about Sonny. She went along with that story to cover the fact that she was working against Lorenzo, not Sonny.

At the Cellar, Sonny asked Jason where he had been. Jason told him he had broken into Ric’s house and was looking around. He told Sonny that Ric had a security camera in there. Sonny started yelling at Jason telling him that he was not helping to find Sonny. Courtney defended Jason but Sonny was still mad. He reminded Jason that Ric had a restraining order against him, and he could be thrown in jail. Sonny decided that Jason was useless in helping to find Carly, and asked him and Courtney to go to the island.

While Ric and Liz were gone, Jason snuck around putting in a camera, and looking for clues about where Carly might be. He found the camera monitor wire, and looked for where it led to. Carly started moving it from the inside to signal Jason. As she did it, he took off because Liz and Ric came home.

Elizabeth told Ric she was going to see another doctor, and he tried to talk her out of it. She went anyway, and then Ric went to see Carly. She started telling Ric that he couldn’t start ignoring Liz because she would notice something was up. He called the doctor and told him he needed him to fill a birth control prescription. Ric noticed Carly was moving the monitors around, and yelled at her about who had been in the house. She said nobody.

Jason and Courtney went to the airstrip, and she wondered if Jason was really coming. She assumed he wasn’t, and Jason told her that he couldn’t leave because he knew that Ric had Carly. Courtney agreed to go without him because she thought Michael needed one of them on the island with him and Leticia.

Sonny sat in the penthouse where Faith was holding a drink. She told him that she had just saved the, because Lorenzo knew she cut a deal with the FEDS. Sonny told her that he didn’t care about what she said. She kept talking and he screamed at her to shut up.

Alexis and AJ talked about his chances of getting custody of Michael. She told him she couldn’t help him. AJ offered to hire another lawyer to act as the “mouthpiece”. She said no. AJ blew into her about keeping his child away from him, while she knew what that was like to have her baby away from her.

Cameron and Skye walked through the foyer, and Skye told Cameron she would call him later. Alexis asked why, and Skye told her it wasn’t her business. Alexis told Skye that she doubted Skye had a reason to talk with her doctor. Skye reminded Alexis that Cameron wasn’t her doctor anymore. When Cameron was gone, Skye told Alexis she was thinking if hiring Cameron as her own doctor.

AJ and Skye went in the living room, and Skye started going on about hating Alexis. AJ joined her, telling Skye that Alexis wouldn’t help with his custody case. Skye said they needed some sort of plan. She then asked AJ if he ever noticed how Alexis’s personality disorder got better as soon as the charges were dropped. He caught on to the idea that Alexis may have faked her disorder.

Kyle and Maxie went back to her house. She wondered why Kyle was so nice to her, but such a jerk when his friends were around. She said they should leave, but Kyle didn’t want to. She decided they could stay, but when she said it was time, he would go. He started kissing her, and Maxie told him it was time for him to go.

At Kelly’s Lorenzo’s guy grabbed Dillon and shoved him against the wall wanting back the panic room door opener that he had taken. Dillon said he didn’t have it, and started messing with them, making Lorenzo mad. Lorenzo decided that they should take Dillon for a walk, but Georgie handed Lorenzo the panic room controller, and tried to cover for Dillon. Dillon kept running his mouth, and Lorenzo told him he was lucky this time, and walked away.

Lorenzo met Skye at the park, and she commented that he was as good looking as Louise. They talked about how Alexis killed Louise and tried to frame Skye for it. Skye told him that when Louise was killed she had been in bed with him that night.

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