GH Update Wednesday 7/2/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/2/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Faith walked into Carly’s club and told Jason and Courtney about all of her plans to re-do Carly’s club. She told them that Sonny put her in charge of the cellar until Carly came home. Courtney tried to get her out of the club, and Faith told her to leave her alone, and treat her as they would Sonny’s mistress. Jason told Faith that if she touched one thing that Carly had done, it would be the last. He told her that when Carly came home, he didn’t want one trace of Faith left behind.

Jason left, and told Courtney he was going to find Carly. Jason went to Ric’s house and looked around. He started to install a secret camera when he noticed the panic room wires on the fireplace. He examined them, and tried to figure out what they were for, and where the led to. Carly watched from the inside, begging Jason to find her.

Ric and Elizabeth talked, and he told her about the specialist he set her up to see. She agreed to go, so they could start trying to have a baby of their own. He told her he would meet her at GH for lunch, and she left. Ric went in to see Carly, and she told him that he was crazy, and Liz would never buy his plan. Ric brought her a newspaper, and she told him she saw the news with Sonny and Faith. He asked if she was okay, and she told him that Sonny would never stop looking for her. When he left, she talked to the baby about Ric and Sonny.

Ric met Liz at the hospital. He found her crying in the waiting area. He hugged her, and she told Ric that the doctor told her that because of something that happened with the miscarriage, she would not be able to have other children. Ric said he wanted to talk with the doctor, and she said she would wait outside.

Ric handed the doctor an envelope of money. The doctor was the same one who drugged Carly for Ric before. Ric commented he didn’t like seeing Liz so upset, and the doc asked if he wanted him to tell Liz the truth. He said no. The doc asked about Carly, and was told everything was going as planned.

Maxie, Georgie, and Dillon all worked on community service at the park. Kyle and his friends showed up, and started with Dillon. Dillon punched Kyle when he wouldn’t leave Maxie alone about going out with him. Kyle’s friend held Dillon as Kyle threw punches. The girls yelled for them to stop.

Maxie and Kyle left together. Georgie and Dillon went to Kelly’s where Georgie realized she didn’t have any money with her. She asked Dillon who had none either. Lorenzo walked by and Dillon picked his pocket, taking money and the panic room opener. Gerogie tried to explain that Lorenzo was dangerous, and his brother was a criminal. He said things would be fine.

Skye told Ned that Dobson was really Alexis. When she told him they could send Alexis to jail for life, he said they wouldn’t. Ned told Skye they had to blow Alexis’s cover before they did anything else. Alexis told Ned that she thought Alexis had faked her personality disorder. AJ asked Alexis what his chances of getting custody of Michael were, and if she would help. She told him she couldn’t help him, but he had a fair chance of getting Michael.

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