GH Update Tuesday 7/1/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/1/03

By Lesi
Proofread by Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaine mansion, Skye and Ned continue to show affection for each other. Dobson (really Alexis in drag) interrupts them when they are engaged in a passionate kiss. Skye tells "Dobson" that her relationship with Ned is none of his business, but he is welcome to tell anyone he likes about them, especially Alexis. Skye also tells him to stay away from baby Kristina. When Skye and Ned go out for the evening, Skye tells Alice to keep an eye on "Dobson" and to make sure that he doesn't go near Kristina. Alice defends Dobson and insists that he is a decent "man", but Skye disagrees and sticks to her first order. After Skye and Ned leave, "Dobson" tries to sneak upstairs to see Kristina, but he is stopped by Alice. She refuses to let him go upstairs unless he gives her something else in return.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Emily break their kiss, realizing that they never thought that they could really fall in love with each other. They dance around their feelings, still insisting that they are just "friends". Inside the estate, Lydia tries to con her way into marrying Nicholas by talking to Emily. Lydia tells Emily that Nikolas's family is about to go bankrupt and crucially into debt, and the only way to stop that from happening is for her to marry Nikolas so that they would get assets. Lydia tells Emily that she will have to give Nikolas up. Emily shows concern for Nikolas's dilemma but insists that Nikolas will find another way to save the Cassadine fortune.

When Sonny shows up at the club with Faith as his date, everyone is shocked, especially Jason and Courtney. Jason talks to Sonny and asks him why he brought Faith. Sonny tells Jason about the deal with the feds and the public act he has to put on with Faith so that he could get information to help get Carly away from Alcazar.

Jason doesn't think that this is the right way to find Carly and that the forensic team was looking in the wrong places; they should be focusing on Ric. Sonny again tells Jason that Ric has nothing to do with Carly's abduction. Courtney tells Faith to leave, and Faith tells her that Sonny wants her there. Courtney confronts her brother, and Sonny tells her that it is all part of the plan. Courtney is a little reluctant about the plan but puts on a very convincing act for the public when she punches Sonny and pretends to be disgusted by him. Later, Jason tells Courtney that if she were missing, he would do everything to find her, but he just doesn't think that people were going to buy that Faith and Sonny were together. He also tells her that the police are looking in the wrong places. Like Sonny, Courtney doesn't believe that Ric took Carly.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Alice tells Dobson that if he gives her one little kiss on the cheek, she will let him go upstairs to see Kristina. He agrees but Alice turns the tables and gives "Dobson" a full kiss on the mouth. This works off his fake mustache and beard, revealing the disguised Alexis. Alexis tells Alice that this was the only way she could see her daughter and asks her to please not tell anyone. Unknowingly to Alexis, Skye is watching and sees everything. She tells Ned about it.

Elizabeth tells Ric that she is ready to try and have another baby. Ric is hesitant and tells Elizabeth that she needs her rest; they can talk about it later. Carly watches from the panic room and later tells Ric that Elizabeth will hate him when she finds out that he doesn't want to have a baby of his own because he wants Sonny's. She accuses him of trying to be like Sonny and that blaming him for something that happened when he was a child was ludicrous. Ric insists that Sonny will never find his child because he would pass it off as his and Elizabeth's . Carly tells Ric that Sonny will never give up on her or the baby.

Later, after Ric leaves, Carly watches Sonny on the television, saying that he has ended the search for her. Carly watches as Faith holds him in a very convincing embrace.

Emily tells Nicholas about what Lydia said. Nikolas, obviously showing feelings for Emily, refused to believe that marrying Lydia would be the only solution to his family's problems. Later, Lydia offers Nikolas a deal (marry her and still keep Emily).

At home, Emily writes in her diary how Nikolas gave her strength to want to fight the cancer, and how she kissed him for the second time and that this time was more passionate. She also writes that it was the last time she would kiss him because now that she knew she was going to live, she will tell Zander everything.

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