GH Update Monday 6/30/03

General Hospital Update Monday 6/30/03

By Lesi
Pictures by Juanita

   After Sonny thinks that he has reached his last chance at finding Carly he desperately goes to the DA Baldwin willing to make a deal. Sonny was going to sign a confession to go to jail if the PCPD would do all they could to find Carly. Scotty of course was thrilled and eager to jump on the opportunity that he had been waiting for for years. A FBI agent was brought in and was willing to help Sonny without him signing any confession. Baldwin was not happy about his but the agent told him that it was a federal case now and the PCPD should stay out of it.

   Sonny was all for it until the agent told him about the plan that would be used. Faith Rosco would pose as his mistress,they would publicly break up and she would get help from Alcazar to seek revenge against Sonny. Then get information about Carly assuming that Alcazar had something to do with her abduction. Faith talked to Sonny telling him that this was the best way to get what they both wanted(her getting out of jail and him getting his wife back). Sonny refused the deal.

   At General Hospital Jason attacked Ric demanding for him to tell where he was hiding Carly. Ric repeatedly told Jason that he had nothing to do with Carly's disappearance. Courtney and Elizabeth try to get a very angry Jason off of Ric. Eventually Jason is pulled off of Ric and is taken to jail for assault.

   At Wyndemere Lucky eavesdrops on Lydia and Stefan arguing about their plan to get Nicholas and her married. Lydia tells Stefan that she refuses to use any more of his strategies especially because of what happened at Nicholas and Emily's engagement party. After Stefan leaves Lucky confronts Lydia about her argument with Stefan she refuses to talk to him,they struggle and she slips on the cliff Lucky catches her and pulls her up.

 Nicholas makes Emily go to a cancer survivor group. A reluctant Emily joins the group and they discuss the illness and their battles against the cancer and their tolerance with the chemo therapy. Monica confronts Nicholas about his relationship with her daughter she seems concerned about their pretending to be together. Nicholas tells Monica that he truly does love Emily and that he needs her as much as she needs him.

 Jason was brought in the police station and was held for assaulting Ric. Sonny confronted Ric and tells him that he believes that he didn't take Carly. Ric is clearly shocked that  Sonny believes his lies. Sonny tells Ric that he would make sure that Jason would stay away from him if he would drop the charges. Ric agrees but still puts a restraining order against Jason. Jason tells Sonny that he doesn't care about the order and wants to take out Ric. Sonny orders Jason to stay away from Ric and insists that Jason can't help him or Carly from a jail sell. He told him that Carly is his wife and he would handle it his way.

 After Jason left ,the FBI agent told Sonny that they found a rent -a- car with a strand of hair inside that matched Carly's DNA and that she might have been taken out of the state. The agent proposed the plan again to Sonny.  

 Alcazar "visits" Carly inside the panic room. Carly continues to ask him to help her get away from Ric. She tells him that Sonny would be incredibly grateful and may let him run drugs through his territory. In an intense moment Carly tries to distract Alcazar while Elizabeth enters the apartment Carly hopes that she would get her attention but when Elizabeth enters the house Alcazar is alone. He claimed that he wanted to talk to Ric and he found the door open.

      Later Ric came home and pretended not to know why Lorenzo was there and asked him to leave. Elizabeth showed concern for Ric and told him that she didn't want him to work for Alcazar.

Lucky meets Nicholas and tells him that Lydia and Stefan are planning to get him to marry her. Nicholas later tells Lydia and Stefan that their plan won't work and he's staying with Emily.

 Emily races to Nicholas after the  breast cancer survivor group ended. She told him thankyou and that he made her feel more alive and happier than she had been in months. She also thanked him for pretending to be in love with her. He told her that he wasn't pretending and said that he really does love her ,she told him the same  and they engaged in a very romantic kiss.

Later Sonny seems to have taken the FBI up on their plan when he showed up at Carly's club with Faith as his date!!

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