GH Update Friday 6/27/03


General Hospital Update Friday 6/27/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Courtney decided she needed to go talk to Elizabeth about what happened to Courtney. She left the penthouse and went to the hospital where Liz was still recovering from her poisoned drink. Courtney went into her room, and asked Elizabeth if she thought there was the slightest chance that Ric had anything to do with Carly’s disappearance. Elizabeth told Courtney that she knew Ric was a good person, and would never do anything to hurt Carly, or any other woman. She told Courtney that Ric was a family man now, and was done with his revenge on Sonny. Courtney left, more convinced that Ric didn’t take Carly.

She walked around the waiting area near the nurses station, and then Jason arrived. He asked Courtney what she was doing there, and she told him that she had come to talk to Elizabeth. Jason said he knew she was trying to help, but he wished she would let him handle Carly’s kidnapping, and Ric.

She asked how Sonny was doing, and Jason told Courtney that Sonny had signed a deal with Scott and the FBI saying he would do lots of jail time if they would use all the resources they had to find Carly. Jason told Courtney that Sonny was convinced that Ric didn’t take Carly because it was easier for him to believe that because he had the chance to get Ric before and chose not too.

Courtney told Jason that Sonny may be right, and Ric didn’t take Carly. Jason told her that he was sure Ric took her, and going after Alcazar would use time they didn’t have to get to Carly. Courtney pointed out that Jason had no proof, and he sounded irritated, asking her what proof she needed besides hearing Michael say he saw Ric took Carly. Courtney told Jason that she asked a doctor, and he said that Michael may just be repeating what he heard Jason talking about. Jason told her again that Ric took Carly, and then walked away.

He walked towards Elizabeth’s room but Ric came out. He told Jason not to harass Elizabeth or he would have to call the police about harassment. Jason grabbed Ric and threw him up against the wall telling him he better tell him where Carly was, or he would be sorry.

Alcazar went to see Carly, and took pieces of her hair. They talked about Ric’s plan, and Carly wondered how Alcazar could want to be involved in it. He told her that Sonny needed to pay for his brother’s death. Carly pointed out that Alexis killed him, and they it was Brenda’s fault Louise was ever in the situation he was. Alcazar told her that Brenda had been going to warn Sonny about his brother, so it was his fault he died.

Carly got out of the shower and talked to Alcazar. She asked if he took her hair so he could leave strands of it to make a fake trail for Sonny and Jason to follow. He told her she was right, and informed her that as they stood talking a woman would be surfacing in the same place he sent strands of her hair in South America. He told her the focus would switch from Port Charles to other places, when she would never have gone anywhere.

Sonny signed a deal with Scott, but later the FEDS came in and null and voided the deal, and told Scott that Sonny was no longer his concern. The agent told Sonny he was no use to them in prison, so in exchange for them using everything they had to find Carly, Sonny would have to help them bring down Alcazar. Sonny agreed.

The agent told Sonny to go about his business, and he would position one of his people in Sonny’s territory to stop Alcazar. He asked if Sonny was ready to meet his new partner. Faith walked into the room, and Sonny was told she would be posing as his mistress.

Alan and Monica convinced Emily to go to a cancer support group at the hospital. She didn’t want to go, but eventually showed up there. She walked right out of the group, but Nikolas had been waiting right outside the door. HE told her that she needed to start worrying about herself and not Zander or anybody else. She went through all the reasons Zander couldn’t know and that she didn’t want him to watch her die. Nik got mad and said he didn’t want to watch her die either.

Nikolas told Emily she had to either go back to the support group, or he was going to find Zander and tell him the truth. She pointed out he was blackmailing her, and he said he knew that. She went back in and introduced herself. She explained her fiancÚ made her attend, but she knew the group was for survivors and she didn’t think she would be one of them. The woman all reached out to her, and she sat down to listen to their stories. Monica went to Nikolas and thanked him for letting Emily to stay in the group.

Lucky overheard Lydia and Stefan talking about their plans for Nikolas on the bluffs while he was trying to find more out about Summer’s death. When Lydia was alone, Lucky went over to her and told her that he knew about her plans for Nikolas. She told Lucky it was none of his business, and they weren’t talking about it. She started to walk away, but Lucky pulled her back. He told her they weren’t through, and she said they were. Lydia took a few steps and then fell backwards screaming.

Gia went to see Zander and told him that they couldn’t be together. She didn’t want to get more involved and then get hurt because he and Emily got back together. He assured her that he and Emily were finished, and that she moved on, and he was moving on, and he wanted it to be with Gia. Zander convinced her that he cared about her.

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