GH Update Thursday 6/26/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 6/26/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Zander went back to where Gia and Emily were sitting in the park. Gia told Emily that she should go ahead and tell Zander. Zander got mad that Emily was giving Gia what he thought was a hard time. Emily told Zander she couldn’t argue with him at the moment, and started to walk away. She started to walk away, but collapsed onto the ground.

Gia and Zander took Emily to the hospital. Zander wanted to call Monica and tell her about Emily, but Emily said no. Gia said maybe Emily should go and see a nurse so that they didn’t all have to argue about if she was okay or not. Gia thought Emily was just dehydrated, but walked her down the hall to see a nurse.

Gia went back to see Zander, and told him that Emily was going to be a little while longer. Zander said someone needed to wait for Emily, and that he would take Gia home. Gia got upset, and started to walk away. Zander stopped Gia, and told her that he didn’t mean he would stay with Emily, he was going to call Nikolas to come and stay with her.

Nikolas was on the bluffs talking to Lucky about Summer. They talked about Luke, and the possibility of him killing Summer. Lucky said his dad had nothing to do with her death, and Nik said he wasn’t too sure what Luke might do when it came to Laura. Lucky asked his brother if that meant he wouldn’t help him find out the truth. Nik told Lucky that he would do whatever he could to help Lucky, and told him he had the okay to be on the island, and talk to whoever he wanted.

Zander called Nikolas to go to the hospital to be with Emily. When he got there Zander told Nikolas that he finally understood that he and Emily were over, and that he knew Emily wanted to be with Nikolas. Gia got tears in her eyes when Nik walked away to be with Emily. Zander asked what was wrong with her. Gia said nothing, she was just amazed about how great a guy Zander was.

On the island Lucky questioned all of Nik’s employees about the night that Summer died. Nobody knew anything about Summer or what happened the night she fell. One of the workers told Lucky that he should talk to Darious, one of the employees who came with Stefan from Europe. He also told Lucky that he had been working the night Summer died, but he hadn’t been around since.

Inside Wyndemere, Stefan walked into the room where Lydia was standing alone. She rubbed her face, and Stefan asked her if she was okay, telling her that he didn’t mean to hurt her. She laughed, and said she was fine. Stefan smiled, glad she was okay. They talked about how great she was at pretending to be hurt when Stefan hit her to make their argument convincing. She told Stefan that she was testing him to see if he could convince her. She decided that if she could convince him than she could convince Nikolas that she cared about him.

In the panic room Carly tried to convince Ric that Faith had poisoned Elizabeth’s lemonade. Ric thought Carly was lying about it as a trick to get out of the panic room. They watched Liz drink a glass of the lemonade, and Carly looked scared, telling Ric that Liz was going to die just like Catherine had. Elizabeth got up from the couch and took a few steps before falling onto the ground unconscious. Ric ran out of the room, and Carly screamed for Elizabeth from inside the room. Ric called 911 when he couldn’t get Liz to wake up.

The paramedics came to their house and took Liz away in the ambulance. Ric was going to ride alone, but they told him to follow in his own car. Before leaving to go see Liz, he went back into the panic room. He told Carly not to get any ideas because Liz hadn’t heard her screams. Carly told Ric that he was insane and he couldn’t even think clearly about her baby or his wife. He left to go to GH.

At GH, Mac asked Ric what happened to Liz. He said he didn’t know, she just collapsed after she took a drink. Mac asked if they had been fighting, and Ric told him that he would never do anything to hurt Liz. Mac asked if he knew who did, and before he answered a nurse came and told Ric he could see Liz. Mac mentioned that the preliminary reports showed Liz was poisoned. He told Ric that he wasn’t finished, and Ric said he wasn’t done either.

Ric went into Liz’s room, and asked how she was. She said fine, she just felt like everything was fuzzy. She asked him what happened, and he said they would talk later. She wanted to know what happened, so Ric told her that she had probably been poisoned. Liz wondered why someone would want to kill her, and wondered who it could be. Ric tld her he thought Faith was the one behind it. They talked about how Faith had tried to kill her before. Liz said she was scared, but Ric told her he would take care of Faith, and she would never hurt Liz again.

Sonny got Michael ready to go the island with Leticia. Michael said he didn’t want to go, and Jason wondered if it was a good idea for Sonny to be sending him away. Sonny said this way he would be safe from Ric. Michael and Sonny hugged good bye, and Jason got ready to take him down to Leticia. Johnny pushed the door open, almost dragging Faith inside.

She made a sarcastic comment about doing business in front of Michael. Sonny told her to shut up, and Michael left with Jason. Faith said how funny it was to see the bad mob enforcer be so dedicated to a little kid. Sonny asked why she lied to the PCPD about who took Carly. She said she knew nothing, and either did Ric. Courtney said she couldn’t believe Faith was actually falling for Ric. Faith admitted she was. Sonny noted that Ric was married, but thought Faith didn’t care. Faith pointed out how ironic it would be if she and Sonny became brother and sister. Sonny got up in her face and threatened to have her taken to a safe house with one of his men. Courtney went over, and stopped Sonny from doing something he would have regretted. Faith left.

Jason went back to the penthouse. He asked Courtney how Sonny was, and she filed him on his meeting with Faith. She told him that Sonny hadn’t said too much since Faith left. Sonny came back into the room, and said he had something to take care of. Jason offered to go with him, and he said no, he had to go alone.

Sonny went down to the PCPD to talk to Scott. Scott told him that he wasn’t interested in anything he had to say because anytime he had Sonny, a bunch of lawyers came and bailed him out. Sonny told Scott he should be happy because he was about to make Scott’s day. Sonny told Scott that he would sign a confession to all the things he could think of doing if Scott would use all that he could including the FEDS to bring back Carly. Scott said it was a long list of things, and Sonny said he didn’t care, he wanted his wife and baby home. They shook on the deal.

Ric went home, and asked Faith to meet him at the house. She came over, and Carly watched from the monitor in the panic room. She watched as Ric poured himself some lemonade. Faith watched with a worried look on her face. Faith commented that she didn’t think Ric liked lemonade. He said he didn’t, but was really thirsty. When he was about to take a sip, she pushed the glass away, and told him it was poisoned, but meant for Elizabeth. He got her to admit to everything that she did. She said they could get a plan together and get rid of Elizabeth. She said nobody would find out what they were up to.

Ric said someone already did, and Mac and other police walked into the room, arresting Faith for the attempted murder of Elizabeth.

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