GH Update Wednesday 6/25/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/25/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky went to the PCPD to talk to Scott about Luke. Scott told him that he would prove that Luke killed Summer. When Lucky said Scott had nothing on him, Scott told Lucky about some boot prints that the forensics team was looking into. Later, Lucky went to the bluffs at Wyndemere. He had a memory of a night he and Summer spent together. He started throwing some rocks into the water when Cameron walked up behind him.

Cameron asked Lucky if he helped Luke get away. Lucky asked Cameron what he was going to do about it, knowing he would do nothing. Lucky told Cameron that he never should have listened to him about putting Luke in a mental hospital. Cameron told Lucky that what happened to Summer was not his fault. Cameron left Lucky alone.

In the house, Lydia started asking Stefan about Summer’s murder. She told him that she though he tried to kill Emily, but got Summer killed by mistake. Stefan told her to shut up, and that he didn’t know what she was talking about. She sat down and kept talking about her theory. Stefan and her got face to face with him yelling at her. As Nikolas walked into the room, Stefan smacked Lydia.

Nikolas told Stefan that he had a problem with physical violence. Nikolas sent Stefan out of the house to cool down, telling him they would talk later. Lydia and Nikolas talked. He asked if she was okay, and then asked what they had been fighting about. Lydia told him that she couldn’t tell him. They were quiet for a minute, and then Lydia spilled all to Nikolas about the plan to marry him for the money. She told him that Stefan had demanded her grandfather to make Lydia marry Nikolas. She also told Nikolas about strange things that had happened when at first her grandfather refused to ask Lydia to marry Nikolas. They thought Stefan would be responsible.

On the bluffs, Lucky was alone and then Stefan came over. He told Lucky he had no business there. Lucky asked Stefan why he killed Summer. They got into an argument about Luke and Laura. Lucky told Stefan that he had always thought there could be peace between the Spencer’s and the Cassadine’s. He told Stefan that he and Nikolas believed that someday the brothers would rule. Lucky asked Stefan he came back to Port Charles just to kill Luke because he blamed him for what happened to Laura.

Scott came next. He told Lucky that he had proof that Luke killed Summer. Scott revealed that there was a set of boot prints that returned, and another that didn’t. Scott said the boots were Luke’s. Lucky pointed out that anybody could have been wearing those boots. Lucky turned back to Stefan and asked him about framing Luke. Scott looked satisfied. He commented hat Lucky’s theory was an interesting one.

Nikolas went to see Emily and she told him that she was finally ready to do something she should have done a long time ago. Nikolas asked her if it was to tell Zander the truth, and she said no. Emily told Nikolas that she was going to leave town. Nikolas asked what that would do to help her, and she said she just wanted to make things easier for other people. Nikolas joked with her about her getting ugly. He told her that when she lost all her hair, and got the worst looking, he would ship her off to a Greek Island. They laughed about it, and then she decided with Nik’s help that she would stick around for a while.

Zander and Gia went for a run through the park. They sat down on a bench and talked. Zander wanted to keep running, so Gia asked what he was running from. “Everything” he told her. She guessed Emily. Gia told Zander about how she felt when Nikolas and her realized they weren’t going to make it. She told him that all the memories they used to think were so special were nothing more than useless trivia now. Zander said grape pixie stix were Emily’s favorite candy, and he didn’t think he would ever forget that. Gia asked if he wanted to, and he said more than anything. They talked, and then kissed. They kissed for a few minutes, while Emily watched through some bushes. Zander got ready to go running some more. Him and Gia decided to meet up later so they could go play pool and drink.

When Zander was gone Emily went over to see Gia. She commented that things were going well with Zander and Gia. Gia asked if Emily saw everything with her and Zander. Emily nodded. Gia asked if she was okay with everything, and noted that Zander was beginning to let go of Emily. Emily said that’s what she wanted, but the problem was that she was still in love with Zander. Gia told Emily that she wanted to be sure things were through with them, because she didn’t want to have to give Zander up in a few months because she was starting to fall for him.

Emily thought maybe she should just tell Zander the truth. Zander came running back finishing up his work out. Gia told Emily it was her chance, and she should go ahead and tell him.

Elizabeth brought out a pitcher of lemonade and asked Ric if he wanted a drink. Ric asked about the pitcher, and she told him that her Gram gave it to them for a wedding gift. He asked her if she regretted not ever having a big wedding, and she said she was happy with everything they did. Ric said he was too, and they kissed before she left for the art gallery.

Faith got to the door a few minutes later. Ric tried to make her leave, but she said tuning her away was a bad plan. Mac came up behind her. He asked if he could come in because he had some questions about Carly. Carly watched from the panic room. Before Mac asked anything, Ric told him the night Carly disappeared he was in bed with Ric, he didn’t remember the last time he saw Carly, and he didn’t know who might have taken her. Mac asked why he was sp defensive, and then asked where Liz was. Ric told him if went after Liz he would sue the PCPD for harassment. He told Mac Liz gave her statement already. Faith stood up and offered to help. She told Mac he should check with the five families because maybe they were going after Sonny again. Mac left.

Faith was “all over” Ric but he kicked her out anyway. Carly watched her from the monitor, and saw that Faith grabbed Ric’s house keys from his pockets. She commented that Faith was insane, but she did good work. When Ric was gone, Faith went back in and poisoned Liz’s lemonade.

Ric went to check on Carly and she told him Sonny would kill him to protect Michael. Ric told her that he had no intention of going after Michael, even though Mac told him Michael said he saw Ric take his mother. Ric offered her something to eat, and said he thought the baby was hungry. Carly said he was right, but he should worry about Elizabeth instead of her baby. HE asked what she was talking about and she asked where his keys were. He couldn’t find them. Carly told him that Faith had them, and that she had poisoned Liz’s lemonade. Carly told Ric that if he wanted to save Liz he needed to go and save her now.

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