GH Update Tuesday 6/24/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/24/03

By Lesi
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis thinks that the killer accidentally pushed Summer because they mistook her for Emily. Stefan pushes the evidence towards Luke and Zander to cover up his own tracks. Lucky blames Luke for Summer's death. Sonny and Jason contemplate whether to use Liz as bait. Mac shows up at Ric's empty apartment, but he doesn't have enough evidence to go inside.

Ric takes Carly to a clinic to get help for the baby. Ric tells Carly if she cooperates, he will let her go, but Carly doesn't believe him. Jason tells Sonny that Liz shouldn't be used as bait. Sonny insists on taking Elizabeth.

The doctor at the unknown clinic prepares to treat Carly as she escapes and staggers down the hallway. He stops her and insists that she should stay and he would help her get away from Ric. After examining Carly, he tells her that she and the baby are fine. Later, he gives her some kind of drug that knocks
her out.

Courtney disagrees with the decision to go after Liz. Jason tells Courtney that Sonny isn't going to go through with it. 

Luke and Lucky argue over Summer. Luke tells Lucky that he isn't the kid that he used to know.

Carly wakes up later to find herself back in the safe room, tied to the bed, and Lorenzo Alcazar lingering over her. She asks him if he is working with Ric and he denies it. She pleads with him to help her. Carly also tells Alcazar that if he helps Ric, Sonny will kill him.

Emily blames herself for Summer's death. Nikolas comforts her and they discuss how their plan has gotten out of hand. Lucky helps Luke escape off the Wyndemere grounds, then Luke escapes to Zurich.
Later, Lucky tells Alexis and Stefan that he doesn't think that Luke killed Summer.

Sonny decides not to kidnap Elizabeth and tries to comfort Michael's fears. Sonny blames himself for not being able to protect Carly. 

In the panic room, Carly waits for Sonny to rescue her.

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