GH Update Monday 6/23/03

General Hospital Update Monday 6/23/03

By Lesi
Pictures by Juanita

Carly falls to the floor after her electrocuting attempt to get Jason's attention from inside the panic room at Ric's apartment. Carly's electrocution knocks out the power in Ric's place. Jason is startled by the power out he turns and finds that Liz is behind him. She holds a gun up to Jason asking him why he was there. Jason tells Liz that he was there to find something to hold against Ric because him and Sonny believe that he is behind Carly's abduction. Liz refuses to believe that Ric could do so terrible. Jason tells Liz to be careful after he gets a call from Courtney telling him something about Ric. Jason leaves and Liz waits for Ric to come home.

Sonny and Marco question Lorenzo Alcazar and Ric about Carly's whereabouts. Sonny suspects that they are working together. Ric repeatedly tells Sonny that he is not working with Alcazar and that he doesn't know where Carly is. Sonny tells Alcazar that if he finds out that he has anything to do with Carly's disappearance he would make him pay.

Michael tells Jason and Courtney that he saw Ric take Carly the night of their wedding. Later when Sonny comes home Jason tells him what Michael remembered Sonny tells Jason that the first thing he has to do is to kill Ric with his bare hands.

At the Quatermaine mansion Edward walks in on Ned and Skye engaged in a strong kiss. He is disgusted at the thought of them starting a romantic relationship and makes a couple sly comments. Later Skye tells Ned that she is using him to get closer to baby Kristina. Ned understands Skye's need to be close to
the baby considering that she can't have one of her own. Ned tells Skye that he has been using her too. He wants their relationship to continue so that it could give Kristina a sense of family. Ned and Skye get closer and head for the bedroom.

At Wyndemere Zander is relieved to find that Emily wasn't the woman that was pushed over the cliff. Lucky and Scotty Baldwin are horrified to find out that Summer was the woman that was killed in the fall. Lucky refuses to believe that Summer's death was an accident and vows to find out who killed her. Stefan yells at his goon, Darius for pushing the wrong girl over the cliff. Darius mistook her for Emily. Lydia overhears their argument and is reluctant to continue their plan at getting Emily out of Nikolas's life. Stefan threatens Lydia and tells her that if she tells anyone about his plan that he would see to it that she would get convicted for the murder.

Sonny seeks Mac's help. He tells him and the PCPD to go after Ric and that Michael was their witness. Mac questions a some what confused Michael. Michael's answers make Mac believe that he was coached and he tells Sonny that his testimony wouldn't be enough to hold up in court. Sonny tells Mac that he would
take the matters into his own hands. 

Ric returns home to find Liz in their powerless household. She tells him that Jason was there snooping around the house. Ric tells Liz that Jason is probably responsible for the power outage. Ric is secretly concerned about Carly and him not being able to reach her in the safe room. They called an electrician to get the power going again the handy man tells Ric and Liz that their situation was strange and similar to the effect caused by an electicution. Liz later reassures Ric that she trusts him. He tells her to go to the studio while he checks the rest of the house. After Liz left, Ric checks on Carly in the Panic room. Ric finds a very sick Carly on the floor and complaining about pain in her stomach concerned for the baby Ric takes Carly to get help.

Scotty Baldwin brings Luke in suspecting that he killed Summer. Lucky attacks a very surprised Luke who just found out about Summer's death. Luke admits that he is guilty of many things but he wouldn't kill Summer. Stefan tries to convince everyone that Luke was guilty as Lydia looked on, knowing the truth. Luke does a disappearance act and Baldwin sends officers after him. Alexis tells everyone that she doesn't think that Luke killed Summer she thinks that someone else did it and that they were trying to get Emily instead.

Sonny tells Jason that they have to get Ric themselves and that they would have to get something Ric would consider precious enough to trade for Carly........Elizabeth.

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