GH Update Friday 6/20/03


General Hospital Update Friday 6/20/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Ned and Skye walked in to the Q living room talking about getting ready to go to Kristina’s parenting play class. Dobson listened in as they talked, and then called Cameron. Cameron showed up when Dobson left and told Ned and Skye that the court could interpret the parents play class as trying to get Alexis out of her daughter’s life. Cameron told Skye that no matter how attached she was to the baby, Alexis was Kristina’s only mother.

Ned and Skye decided not to go to the parenting play class. They sat down with Kristina playing with her. When they were cleaning up Ned told Skye he was glad they decided not to go to the class because then he couldn’t do what he wanted to do at that moment. When Skye asked what he had in mind he pulled her close to him and they kissed. Ned and Skye fell onto the couch kissing and Edward walked in yelling at them to stop what they were doing.

Alcazar called Liz’s house to talk to Ric. He wasn’t there, and Alcazar made a big point of asking Liz how she was feeling. When she wondered why he cared he told her the last time he saw her She was “out of it”. He asked her to have Ric call him. Ric came out of the panic room after giving Carly lunch. Liz told him about the phone call before she left for the meeting at the art gallery. Ric pulled a gun out of a drawer and gave it to her. She tried to give it back to him saying she hated guns. Eventually she took it.

When she was gone, Ric went back to see if Carly ate her pizza. Her plate was empty so Ric said he was glad she decided to eat. Carly picked up a big with the pizza in it and threw it at him. She gave it to him saying he should feed it to Elizabeth so maybe she would be healthy enough to carry a baby. Ric left to go meet with Alcazar.

Ric and Alcazar went on the docks to talk. Alcazar told Ric that he saw Liz all drugged up the night Carly disappeared. Ric denied knowing anything about Carly. Alcazar kept talking and told Ric that he wanted in on his plans for Carly, and he wanted to make Sonny indebted to him. Sonny and one of his men came walking down the steps. Sonny said he knew one of them had taken Carly but never thought they were working together.

After leaving Courtney and Michael at the penthouse, Jason went to Ric’s and let himself in. Carly watched from the panic room begging him to find her. Jason looked around but didn’t see anything. He started to leave so Carly picked up a metal chair and broke one of the security monitors with it. She got a shock and fell on the floor passed out. The power went out and Jason looked around thinking Carly did that. As he called her name Elizabeth walked through the door gun in hand. She looked at Jason and threatened to shoot him.

Courtney sat with Michael. She was reading him a book but he was having day dreams instead of listening to her. He suddenly screamed “mommy”. Courtney asked if he remembered who took Carly. Michael nodded, and told her “Ric took her”.

Gia asked Emily to meet her on the docks. When she did, Gia told Em that she knew about the cancer. Emily thanked her from keeping it a secret from Zander. Gia told Emily that she wasn’t just doing it to be nice, but she wanted Zander in her life. She told Emily that if Zander knew the truth she had no chance with him. Emily told Gia that’s what she wanted, Zander to be with someone who cared about him.

Before Nik and Emily’s party, Stefan met with a man at Wyndemere. Stefan told the guy that he needed him to make Emily’s death look like an accident. The man said it wouldn’t be a problem and he would take care of her. Lydia walked in and her and Stefan talked about Nikolas. Stefan assured her that Nik would not be marrying Emily. Nik came in next and Lydia told him that he was breaking her heart.

Emily came for her party. Nik asked how she was feeling, and she said fine for the moment but he would have to cover for her later. Lucky and Summer arrived for the party. Summer dropped her hair scarf on the ground, and when she bent to pick it up, she noticed Luke hiding in the bushes.

Alexis came in late and they all stood around talking. Emily got a phone call. She picked it up thinking it was Jason. Instead it was Zander asking to meet her. She agreed.

Summer was already outside looking for Luke when Emily walked outside. Summer found Luke and he grabbed her screaming for her to tell him where Laura was. Summer tried to convince Luke that she had no idea where Laura was. Luke grabbed her and threatened to throw he over the cliff if she didn’t tell him about Laura.

Emily came outside and yelled at Luke to leave Summer alone. Luke let her go but threatened to kill her if she was lying to him. Luke hid in the bushes when Nik was on the phone with Laura’s doctor. Nik mentioned the name of the hospital that Laura was being moved to. Scott and one of his cops were looking around Wyndemere for Luke, and they found him. Scott told Luke that he knew Luke to well, and he would not outsmart him.

When Summer and Emily were alone, Summer asked Emily if she had any idea what she had just walked in on. Emily told her she had a pretty good idea. Summer was quiet and then Emily told her she was going to give her some un-asked for advice. Emily explained to Summer that she had been friends with Nik and Lucky for a long time and knew all about the Spencer/Cassadine wars. She told Summer that the only thing to do was not get in the middle of it because she would only get hurt. Emily told Summer that she was waiting to meet someone, and she walked away.

When Summer was alone, the man Stefan hired to kill Emily ran behind Summer and pushed her over the edge. The maid ran into Wyndemere and told everyone that a woman fell over the edge. Nik ran out thinking it was Emily. When they got outside, Lucky and Nikolas took the path down to where the cliff ended.

Lucky yelled to check the pulse. They thought Emily was the one who fell until they knelt down. They saw it was Summer. Nik found no pulse. Lucky lifted her head and cried for her to wake up.

On the top of the cliff Zander showed up and asked where Emily was and what was going on. Alexis told him that Emily may have fallen over the cliff. Emily’s voice was heard asking what was happening. Zander hugged her. Stefan pulled his hit man aside and told him that he killed the wrong woman.

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