GH Update Thursday 6/19/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 6/19/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital Nikolas told Stefan that he could either be happy for him and Emily or he could leave Port Charles immediately. Stefan congratulated them on their engagement and offered to have an engagement party for them. Emily tried to get them out of it, but Nikolas accepted for them. Nik said that Lucky would also be attending the party.

Elizabeth and Faith were on the docks talking. Faith told Liz that her husband was crazy. Faith then told Liz that everything would be fine with Ric if she hadn’t lost their baby. Elizabeth raised her hand to hit, but Faith grabbed her. Lucky showed up and ran Faith off. He asked Elizabeth what she had gotten herself into. Liz left to go home. Summer showed up and asked in Liz was okay. Lucky told her she was just trying to find her place. Summer told her Lucky that she went to see Luke and he attacked her.

Emily and Nikolas went to the docks where they met up with Lucky and Summer. They told Lucky that had news and then announced they were getting married. Nikolas invited Lucky to the party, and Lucky said he would be there, and so would Summer. Lucky told them that he expected Summer to be treated with respect. Both Emily and Nikolas assured Lucky that Summer was welcome at the party.

While the four talked Gia and Zander came walking down the steps onto the docks. Nikolas started to ask Gia if Zander had told her the news. She said she knew that Nik and Emily were getting married, and congratulated them. She told Nik that Em was the one he had always been waiting for. Zander shook hands with Nikolas, and told him that he wished him and Emily all the best. Emily invited them both to the party.

When Emily and Nikolas were alone on the docks they sat down together. Emily was feeling sick so Nikolas tried to make her feel better. She told him that the worst part of her cancer was feeling constantly sick. Gia stood eavesdropping at the top of the dock stairs. Emily was trying to breathe to avoid throwing up, and then Nik told her a joke. She said she felt better, and he told her they should get her home. They joked about her puking in his jag.

When they were at her house, they sat on the bottom of the steps when she felt sick again. He offered to carry her upstairs but she said no thanks. They talked about getting married, and what it would mean for them. Emily was quiet for a minute, and then started talking about Gia and Zander. She noticed how close they were getting, and wondered if Nikolas noticed too.

Gia went back to Zander’s and told him that she was listening to Emily and Nikolas on the docks. She seemed like she was going to tell him about the cancer, but instead she told him that all she heard was that Nikolas never really wanted her, he had always wanted Emily.

Dobson brought the mail into the house, and sorted it. She saw an envelope addressed to Kristina in care of Skye. She saw the return address was from a parents and baby playgroup. She began to open the mail but Skye caught her. She took the envelope from Dobson, and they began to argue. Ned walked in and said he was glad to see them getting along. He asked what was going on, and Skye filled him in. Ned told Dobson they all knew he was a spy, and he was lucky that Edward liked him.

Skye and Ned talked about the class for the baby, but Ned said he didn’t think it would be fair to Alexis. Skye said she understood, and they got Kristina’s things ready to take her out. Dobson stood in the corner “working” and listening. His phone started ringing, and Ned told him to answer it. Ned and Skye left, so Alexis answered the phone. It was Stefan, telling her to get to Wyndemere ASAP because of a family crisis. She started to leave when Skye came back in looking for the baby’s sweater.

Alexis went to see her brother who told her the crisis. Emily and Nikolas were getting married. She asked what the problem was. Alexis told Stefan that if he wanted to do what was best for Nikolas he would let him make his own choices.

Courtney and Jason decided to take Michael home. While they were with him, Alcazar showed up at the hospital and asked the doctor how much Michael remembered. Alcazar wondered to himself which brother he wanted indebted to him; Ric or Sonny.

While she was back in the panic room Ric brought Carly some lunch. He told her to eat, and she refused. He left it for her to eat later. He saw Liz coming home and rushed out of the room. Carly screamed Liz’s name. When Liz walked in she asked Ric if he heard someone yelling. When he was alone again, Ric went back into the room, and noticed Carly didn’t touch her food. Carly told him that she wouldn’t touch her food, and threw it in his face.

Sonny called the news to come. He made a plea and offered a 3 million dollar reward to anyone who brought Carly home safely. Scott showed up at his penthouse and teased him about needing help from the PCPD. Jason and Courtney walked in the door with Michael.

They laid him on the couch and talked to him. Sonny tried to asuure him that he was safe. Mike kept looking around, and Sonny told him that Carly wasn’t there.

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