GH Update Wednesday 6/18/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/18/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Mac, Georgie, and Maxie were walking into Kelly’s where they saw Dillon washing the building. One of the girls commented that they thought Tracy had gotten Dillon out of trouble. Mac said that Dillon was lucky to get away with community service. Georgie wondered if Dillon was hungry, but Mac ushered the girls inside.

At the table they got ready to order. Maxie said she would just have coffee. Mac told her she wouldn’t be drinking coffee. He told the girls that they were both making bad choices, and it was time for them to fix them. Mac gave Maxie a newspaper and told her to find a summer job, or he would find one for her. He also told Georgie to stay away from Dillon because he was trouble.

When Mac walked away the girls blamed each other for being told to stay away from Dillon and Kyle. Georgie went outside to talk to Dillon. They talked about being left behind by their mother’s,

and then Georgie commented on a motorcycle that was sitting out there. Dillon asked if she wanted to go for a ride. Georgie asked if it was his, but instead of telling her yes or no, he teased her about needing Mac’s permission. Georgie smiled and the got on the bike. He handed her a helmet which she refused to wear. Dillon told her she had to wear it so she put it on before they took off.

When they came back a biker guy was leaving Kelly’s. He looked at his bike and asked if Dillon or Georgie had seen anyone near his bike. Both lied and said no. He told them not to do whatever they did again. When he left, Georgie was shocked that Dillon stole the bike. He told her it was only a crime to get caught. He also thanked her for covering for her.

Kyle sat down to talk to Maxie. They started the argument about him using her. Kyle told Maxie that he actually cared about her, and that he had wanted to go to prom with her. Kyle told Maxie about the day Mac pulled him out of class and threatened him with jail time if he didn’t end it with Maxie. Kyle and Maxie made plans for later. Mac came back and asked Maxie how her job hunt was going. She told Mac that he was unfair, but he told Maxie that he didn’t care.

Zander showed up at the Quartermaine’s. He asked Monica again about Emily, and Monica told Zander if she could tell him about Emily than she would. Emily walked in and told Zander she would tell him the truth. Emily announced to Monica and Zander that she and Nikolas would be getting married. Nikolas showed up then, and Emily told him that she had just told them about their engagement. A shocked Nikolas played along saying he knew Emily couldn’t keep the secret. Zander told Em to have a good life and then left. Monica yelled at Emily for thinking she was above everyone else because she had cancer. Monica said she would have nothing else to do with Emily’s lies, and stormed out.

Em asked Nik if he wanted out, and he said only if she was getting more hurt. They left for her chemo session at the hospital. In the meantime, Zander went to Kelly’s to talk to Gia. Gia told him that Scott pushed Taggert out of town. Gia asked him what Emily did now. Zander tried to keep her from finding out, but finally told her that Emily and Nikolas were getting married. Lydia was sitting at the counter and overheard the news. She took her purse and left. She went back to see Stefan to tell him the news.

When Emily came back from her chemo, Nikolas was waiting for her near the nurse’s station. Stefan was there also and wanted to make it clear that he forbade Nikolas to marry Emily.

Jason grabbed Faith on the docks and questioned her about Carly. Faith said she had nothing to gain by doing so. Jason let her go. He went back to the hospital to see Sonny. While Jason was gone Michael had a dream about Carly, and woke up calling for her. Sonny and Courtney ran to him, but he couldn’t say what his dream was. Courtney sat with while Sonny went to take care of other things. Jason and Sonny couldn’t come up with any leads about what happened to Carly. They decided to involve the PCPD. Scott showed up and said he wouldn’t help.

Sonny went out of the room to find other help. Jason was standing alone when Courtney came running to him telling him that Michael was remembering something. Jason and Courtney sat on Michael’s bed and tried to get him to talk. Michael told Jason and Courtney that there was a man there with Carly.

In the panic room Carly tried to free herself from the one restraint that Ric put on her. She kept an eye on the camera’s. When Elizabeth left Ric to go out he came back to the room. She hid the wire she was using to work the lock. Ric said she was up to something. Carly started shooting her mouth off about how pathetic Ric was and how naïve Elizabeth was. Ric left her alone again.

Faith showed up at his door and asked where he stashed Carly. Ric denied knowing anything about her kidnapping. Faith tried to convince Ric that revenge was stupid because Sonny would kill him. Ric kept denying knowing anything. Faith told that he should let Carly go and throw himself on the mercy of Sonny.

When she left Ric went back to the panic room. He didn’t see Carly. She came from behind him, smashing him over the head. Ric fell to the floor and Carly ran out of the room. She picked up the phone to call Sonny. He answered. “Sonny it’s me” she yelled.

On the docks, Faith ran into Elizabeth. Faith tried to talk to her, but Liz said she was busy. Faith told Liz that her hubby had kidnapped Carly.

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