GH Update Friday 6/13/03


General Hospital Update Friday 6/13/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Before his wedding Jason and Carly talked about their friendship. She told him that she would always love him, and they promised each other they would always be friends. Jason and Sonny talked and they told each other how much respect they each had for the other. Sonny welcomed Jason into his family.

Carly and Courtney went through the bride to-be checklist making sure Courtney had something old, new, borrowed, and blue. For her something new, Sonny and Carly bought Courtney earrings to match her engagement ring. Courtney was given a cloth with the letters CM embroidered on it. The CM originally stood for Lila’s mothers initials, but now represented Courtney Morgan. The something borrowed was a bracelet of Carly’s that Sonny had bought for her.

The Quartermaine’s, except for Lila showed up at the wedding. Edward started to insult Jason but Emily ended that.

As the wedding was about to start, Michael was in a room where he announced to Carly that he couldn’t find Courtney’s wedding ring. She went to help him find the ring, and was in the room alone with him. Ric came and kidnapped Carly, dragging her unconsciously to the panic room. Michael saw the whole thing, but Ric didn’t realize that Michael was there.

Courtney and Mike stood together, and she worried where Carly and Michael were. They were not showing up, and Mike went to tell Sonny and Jason that Carly and Michael were missing. When Mike walked away, Michael ran up to Courtney and told her that Carly was gone.

Ric had drugged Elizabeth into a deep sleep so that he could get Carly into the panic room without her finding out. Ric left to go to the church. When he was gone, Alcazar went over to Elizabeth and Ric’s to see him. He looked through the window when nobody answered the door. He saw Elizabeth laying unconscious and had his lacky pick the lock. They went in and Alcazar called 911 to come to the house, and he left.

Ric dragged Carly back to the house, and into the panic room. She woke up and tried to fight Ric but he held her down so she couldn’t get away and out of the panic room.

At the hospital, Lucky had to decide whether to release Luke from the hospital or commit him to a mental ward. Lucky wasn’t sure what he should do, but couldn’t bring himself to sign the commitment papers.

Cameron talked to Luke, and Luke tried to convince Cameron to release him from the hospital. Cameron refused. Luke then tried to convince Summer to break him out of the hospital. Summer wasn’t sure what she should do about Luke.

Lydiia was mad at Nikolas because she wanted him to have dinner with her, but instead he took Emily to Jason and Courtney’s wedding. Lydia needed her tire fixed, and asked Lucky to help her. When he stopped to help her, Lydia seemed interested in him.

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