GH Update Thursday 6/12/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 6/12/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Skye and Ned met with Judge farmer to talk about Kristina. While they talked at the Grille, Edward and Dobson talked at another table. Edward wanted to discuss something with Dobson; about Kristina. “Dobson” noticed the judge talking to the judge. He got up to go to the bathroom, and switched out of his Dobson disguise, and back into Alexis’s clothes.

Alexis ran into Edward on her way out of the men’s bathroom, and when he asked what she was doing she made up some excuse about the lines in the women’s room being too long. Alexis walked by the table seeing Skye and Ned. She pretended to be surprised to see them. She sat down interrupting Ned and Skye’s discussion about whether or not being married would be better. Alexis tried to make it appear that she thought Skye was working in Kristina’s best interest. Alexis butted into conversation, and then eventually left to go back to her Dobson disguise.

When she was coming out of the women’s room, Dobson ran into the judge. Dobson told judge Farmer that she had no right to help Ned and Skye take Kristina away from Alexis. Back at the table the judge talked to Edward and then Dobson started in on her about Kristina, and how the judge was helping Ned and Skye to violate her own written court order. Ned and Skye came over to the table, and asked what Ed and Dobson were doing together. The judge and Dobson fought. Dobson stood up, and then passed out.

Courtney and Jason had their wedding rehearsal. After that, Carly, Sonny, Jason, and Courtney went out to have dinner. Sonny and Carly danced, and then Jason and Courtney danced. While Jason and Sonny danced, Alcazar showed up, and asked if he could cut in. The PCPD had messed up again, and had to let him go free.

While the Morgan’s and Corinthos’s danced, Ric stood looking through the door, before going back to the panic room. Jason and Courtney left, and Sonny was soon behind him, leaving Carly at the Queen of Angels church. Ric looked at her from behind, and mumbled something to himself.

In his panic room, Ric looked at the crib and bottles and other baby things he had collected. He picked up a bottle of prescription pills and said that tomorrow was the day, and that nobody would feel a thing.

At the PCPD Tracy showed up to get Dillon out of his mess. He was released from being arrested. Tracy told him that she had to go back to Europe, and she would be back for him soon.

Lydia and Nikolas talked when he got off the phone with the bank. Eventually Stefan came in, and he and Lydia talked about the money plan. Stefan said maybe they should call it all off.

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