GH Update Wednesday 6/11/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/11/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Dillon went into Kelly’s where Georgie was eating. Georgie started yelling at him for “ruining her life”. Dillon tried to get Georgie to see that he and Maxie set her up because they didn’t want her to make a mistake. Georgie didn’t care about what he said, and she left. Walking out the door, she ran into Maxie, telling her to get out of her way. Maxie told Georgie the same thing that Dillon told her about trying to prevent her from making a mistake. Maxie told her little sister that she was missing out on the guy who really liked her. Georgie asked what she was talking about and Maxie told her that Lucas liked her as a friend, but Dillon liked her as more than that.

Dillon went back to the Quartermaine’s and grabbed car keys from a bowl on the table in the living room. As he was storming out of the house, Emily came walking in from Nikolas’s. She tried to talk to Dillon but he pushed by her. Emily was about to go after him when Zander came into the room and told her to let him go. When Emily told Zander that Dillon was upset Zander told her that he was too.

Zander told Emily that Alice told him that Emily never went home the night before. He asked where she had been, and she told Zander that he didn’t want to know. He told her that he deserved an explanation so she told him that she had spent the night with Nikolas. When he asked her why, she told her ex that she wanted too. Zander looked upset, and Emily asked if he believed her now about their relationship being over.

Zander went to Kelly’s and started slamming chairs onto the ground. Gia walked up to the restaurant and asked Zander what was going on. She asked if it was Emily, and Zander told Gia never to say Emily’s name to him again. Zander told his friend that he and Emily were over for good. Gia said she was glad because their relationship wasn’t worth all the problems he had because of Emily. She convinced Zander to go for a run with her.

Georgie went to the PDPD to see Mac. He told her to sit down, and asked her if she trusted him. Georgie told him that he was her dad, and of course she trusted him. Mac asked her if she ever planned on going to prom, or if she just planned to get a hotel room for her and Lucas. Mac handed her a bill from his credit card with a hotel room booked on it.

Before she could explain, a handcuffed Dillon was brought in by two police officers. Mac asked what was going on, and they told him that Dillon was under arrest for grand theft auto and destruction of public property. Mac asked Dillon if he had anything to say and Dillon just said parking was hard to do. Mac asked why he purposely hit the parking meters and Dillon just said that they were in bad spots.

Before Mac could decide to do anything, Scott brought Lorenzo Alcazar in. Mac walked away but told Dillon he should start deciding between cleaning bathrooms or roads for community service. Georgie asked Dillon if he did all that because of her.

Emily and Nikolas talked, and Stefan came in offering Emily breakfast. She said no thanks and explained that she had to leave. When she was gone Nikolas and Stefan had another go around about his relationship with her. Nik walked out, and Lydia came out of the tunnels talking to Stefan about Nikolas.

Later, Nikolas sat on the couch alone, when Lydia came in and said something to him. Nikolas asked who she was. “Isn’t it obvious?” she asked him. “I am the girl you are going to marry”.

At the PCPD, Scott came in to the room where Jason was sitting, and told him that the drugs had disappeared, so he had no choice but to let him go. Scott told Jason that Sonny would not make it out alive. Jason ran home to see Courtney and Carly who were practicing kickboxing. Jason filled them in and took off after Sonny.

Jason went to see Alcazar, and told him he had the drugs. Jason threw him keys to a van parked out front. Sonny yelled at Jason about letting Alcazar run drugs through the territory. One of Alcazar’s men went to the van, and came back with the bag of drugs. Jason and Sonny left after Alcazar wondered aloud if he should eliminate Sonny.

When Jason and Sonny were outside, Sonny asked what was going on. Jason just told him not to worry about it. Cops busted in to the room with Alcazar and his men, placing Alcazar under arrest. Scott brought him into the PCPD, and told Mac that this Alcazar was going down.

Sonny called Carly and told her that she and Courtney should meet him and Jason at the Queen of Angels church. They hurried to meet their men. At the church, the priest came out and told them that there was no sign of either Sonny or Jason. He asked if they wanted to start the rehearsal without them, and they agreed.

The priest had Carly open the doors, and she saw Sonny and Jason standing at the end of the aisle waiting for her and Courtney. Carly went running down the aisle into Sonny’s arms, with hi telling her to slow down. Courtney and Jason hugged.

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