GH Update Tuesday 6/10/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/10/03

By Kelly
Pictures by Juanita

Courtney goes to visit Jason in jail, and he tells her that he didn't traffic any drugs. She tells him that she was about to board a plane, one that would take her to see Brenda. Jason tells her not to worry about him, but to go make sure that Carly stays calm. As Carly awakens, in the Hospital, she sees Ric standing over her. She yells at him to leave, but he insists that he won't leave until he finds out if the baby is okay. She asks him why he cares about her or the baby, and starts to yell at him. He tells her to calm down because it will harm the baby, then she starts to scream. She asks him what he did with Sonny, because she thinks that he kidnapped Sonny. Elizabeth shows up and asks what's going on. Carly tells her that Ric is crazy. When Liz and Ric leave, Liz asks Ric why he was visiting Carly.

Luke heads to his office, after being told that Summer wasn't his Laura. He finds Cameron there, and asks him to help him find out what Hospital Laura is at. Cameron tells him and no, and Luke accuses him of being in on everything with Lucky and Nikolas. Then, Luke pulls a knife on Cameron. Just then, Lucky and Summer show up, and get Luke to take the knife away. He starts yelling at them, and then passes out. At the Hospital, Tony tells them if they hadn't found him, Luke could have gone into a coma. He is now in restraints, at General Hospital.

Jason continually pleads with Scotty to let him go so that he can give Lorenzo the drugs. Scotty says no because he doesn't believe anything that Jason is saying. Scotty thinks that Sonny, Jason, and Alcazar are all in on everything together.

Courtney visits Carly and apologizes for leaving her alone. Carly forgives her and asks if she's heard anything about Sonny. Courtney tells her that everything is under control and that Jason can handle everything. Courtney tries to keep Carly's mind off of Sonny by talking about the wedding, but Carly tells her that there will be no wedding until Sonny is found.

Ric tries to assure Liz that the only reason he had contact with Carly was to see if the baby was okay. He then presents her with a poster for her art show. Elizabeth gets mad because she thinks that he's trying to get rid of the pain that the death of the baby caused. Rica insists he's not trying to do that. Later on, he lets it slip that eh blames Sonny for the miscarriage. Liz gets worries, but Ric once again covers himself up.

Lydia and Stefan argue about when they will tell Nikolas that she is to marry her. Stefan ends up kicking her, by escorting her through the secret tunnels. out of the house, and Nikolas asks Stefan why he was in the tunnels.

Carly tries to get Courtney in on a plan to save Sonny, but Courtney declines, telling Carly to rest, and keep her mind away from stress. Finally, Carly kicks Courtney out. Courtney goes to visit Jason in jail, and tells him about Carly

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