GH Update Monday 6/9/03

General Hospital Update Monday 6/9/03

By Kelly
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky warns Nikolas that Luke is on a rampage and that he should watch his back. Luke hit his head and had a concussion. He was supposed to stay at the hospital overnight but escaped. Kolas and Lucky realize that if Luke is looking for a fight he will immediately head for Wyndemere to fight with Stefan. Lucky tries to make Nikolas promise not to fight Luke, but Nikolas say he will do whatever he has to protect himself. Luke doesn't head to Wyndemere, instead he goes to Lucky's apartment, where he finds Summer. Thinking that she is Laura, he tells her that he is sorry for all the mistakes he's made, and that he loves her. Summer tries to convince him that she is not Laura, but he doesn't believe her. Finally, lucky returns, and makes Luke realize who Summer is. Luke leaves in a rage, with a knife in his hand.

Emily turns up at Wyndemere so that the Quartermaine's won't know about her chemotherapy treatments and side effects. Nikolas invited her, but when she got there, she met Stefan instead. He told her to leave Nikolas alone because he thinks that she isn't good for him. Stefan says that Nikolas is like a son to him, and he is his main concern. Emily tells Stefan to leave them alone, just as Nikolas comes in. Nikolas tells Stefan to go away and mind his own business.

Alcazar returns, and kidnaps Sonny. When Jason goes to rescue Sonny, he confronts Alcazar. We find out that Alcazar is really the brother of Luis. His name is Lorenzo, and he handled the financial aspects of Luis' business. Lorenzo tells Jason that he wants to expand his business of drugs. He tells Jason that he will trade Sonny fro his merchandise (drugs.)

Ric tells Elizabeth that he soon wants to start a family. Liz tells him that it's too soon and that they should wait until they are a little settled in. Ric tells her to let fate handle it because those things have a way of working themselves out.

Carly falls to the floor with stomach cramps. Michael worries, and she has to reassure him. She tells him to go upstairs. When he does, she heads to the phone to call an ambulance, but collapses to the floor before she can. Michael finds her, and as he's about to phone for an ambulance Ric calls. Michael tells Ric about what is happening to his mommy, and Ric phones for an ambulance. Just as Ric is leaving to see Carly, Lorenzo shows up at his front door. He offers him all of Sonny's belongings if he shall die. Ric declines due to the fact that he noticed Elizabeth listening. Jason finds Carly on the floor and then the paramedics show up. Carly finds out that she needs to relax more and stay away from things that cause her stress. Dr. Meadows tells her to do yoga or meditation. Carly worries about Sonny's safety.

Nikolas and Emily fall asleep together at the Wyndemere mansion. He wakes up and leaves the room. When he returns, he finds Emily missing, but then finds out that she was vomiting in the washroom, due to the chemo.

A woman named Lydia shows up at the Wyndemere mansion, looking for Nikolas. She and Stefan are working together so that she will marry Nikolas. Stefan tells her it is too soon, and that when he thinks Nikolas is ready she can come back. Both fortunes (Lydia's and the Cassadine's) are at risk if they do not marry.

Scotty arrests Jason for drug possession. Jason tries to tell him that he doesn't deal drugs, and that their Alcazar's, but Scotty still takes him in.

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