GH Update Friday 6/6/03


General Hospital Update Friday 6/6/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Emily told Zander that if he actually cared about her, he would leave her alone. She started to fall, but Stefan caught her. Zander told her she looked like she would faint, but she said she was fine. Emily asked Nikolas to take her home. They got in the elevator, and she sat on the floor crying because she felt sick.

Nikolas took her back to the Quartermaine’s and told her that if she wanted she could stay at Wyndemere for a few days, so that she wouldn’t have to hide her sickness. She thanked him, but said she would stay home. Nikolas left. Emily sat down to brush her hair, and noticed that it was coming out as she brushed it.

Emily deiced to go to Wyndemere. When she got there only Stefan was there. Stefan told Emily that she was there at a bad time, and he had an objection to her being involved with Nikolas as more than friends. Emily told Stefan that he was like her family; rude and thought he could make everyone’s decisions. She told him that her family didn’t chose her life, and Stefan didn’t chose Nikolas’s.

At the Q mansion, Skye and Ned kept questioning Dobson about who he really was and his fake resume. Dobson told them that he was a victim of identity theft, and that’s why they couldn’t find out hid real information. Cameron showed up at the mansion, and he defended Dobson to Ned and Skye.

Zander showed up next and told Ned and Skye that Cameron was not defending Dobson for Alexis, he was defending Dobson because he was involved with him. Skye and Ned looked shocked to think that Dobson and Cameron were gay together. Zander left, and then Skye told Dobson that he no longer worked for the Quartermaine's. Dobson started up about being fired for being gay, and Skye said it had nothing to do with him being gay, it was about Dobson invading their privacy. Ned said nobody was getting fired.

Jason tried to calm Carly down when they found out that Sonny was missing. He said he had an idea of who took Sonny, and took off. Jason and Max barged into Ric and Elizabeth’s house and Jason grabbed Ric by the neck, and demanded to know where Sonny was. Ric said he had no idea and that all he knew was that Sonny was looking for information about Alcazar. Jason got a phone call from Carly and left.

Carly had Marco drag Faith into the penthouse. When Faith was there, Carly told her that she had one chance to tell her where Sonny was. Faith said she had no idea, and didn’t even know that he was missing. Faith left. Courtney ran out and then back into the penthouse. She came back with a piece of paper telling Carly that it was Brenda’s address and phone number in London. Carly wondered why she should care. Courtney told Carly that if anybody would know anything about Alcazar’s partners, Brenda would.

Jason came back then after an envelope came to the penthouse for him. Courtney told Jason that it came when Faith had been there, and then Jason started in on Carly for bringing Faith to her house. Jason opened the envelope and found a picture of Sonny tied up. Carly started freaking out, and Jason and Courtney tried to calm her down. Jason announced that he knew where to find Sonny.

Jason went into the room where Sonny used to be. He walked around with his gun, and the man looking like Alcazar came out and told Jason that Sonny had been moved. He told Jason that he had Sonny, and Jason had something he wanted, and it was time to negotiate.

At the penthouse, Carly and Courtney were talking about Sonny, when Courtney suddenly asked Carly if she would be okay alone. Carly asked where she was going, and she told her that she was going to go and see Brenda about Alcazar.

When Courtney left, Michael came down and asked Carly where Sonny and Leticia were. She explained Leticia had the night off and Sonny was away. She grabbed her stomach and bent over, with Michael worriedly asking if she was okay.

Luke was in the hospital after being hit at Lucky’s. Tony asked what happened to Luke, but Summer interrupted them by saying Luke was waking up. Luke asked Tony if he was working with Lucky and Nikolas to keep him away from Laura. Tony and Summer left the room, and Lucky told Luke that he loved his mother, and he loved Luke. Lucky explained that he was trying to protect Laura from him and Stefan.

Summer left, and Nikolas and Lucky met up to make sure there was no trail that would lead either Luke or Stefan to Laura. Tony called Lucky and told him that Luke left the hospital, and if he had alcohol it could make him worse.

Luke walked into Lucky’s room where Summer was waiting for Lucky. Luke started talking to Summer like she was Laura. He started crying, and kissed her thinking she was his wife.

Ric and Elizabeth sat talking, and she asked if he had anything to do with Sonny disappearing. Faith interrupted them by knocking on the door. She asked Ric what he did with Sonny. Ric told Faith and Elizabeth that he had no idea what happened to Sonny, and hoped nothing had happened to him.

Faith left, and then Ric and Elizabeth drank champagne. Elizabeth wondered if she shouldn’t be drinking in case their new baby was on the way. Ric hugged her, and told her not to worry because he was sure their baby was on the way.

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