GH Update Thursday 6/5/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 6/5/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny told Jason to bump up the security. Jason got on the phone with his and Sonny’s employees. While he was on the phone Courtney walked into Sonny’s penthouse and interrupted Jason. She tried to tell him they had a meeting about their wedding, and he brushed her off. Carly walked in with a priest. Jason got off the phone, and sat down with the girls and the priest. The priest told Jason and Courtney he only had one question about their wedding; the security. Carly suggested that Max and Marco dress up in the choir, and everybody agreed that was a good idea.

Ric and Elizabeth were sitting home when a delivery came. Elizabeth opened the box and found a baby blanket and pillow. Ric apologized for not canceling the delivery, and suggested that she get them some drinks. When she went in the other room Ric brought the baby things into the panic room.

While he was in there, Sonny showed up at the door wanting to talk to him. Ric waited until Elizabeth and Sonny were out of the living room, and then he got out of the panic room. Sonny asked Ric about Alcazar and Ric told him that Alcazar used to spend time in South America. When Sonny left, Elizabeth asked Ric about where he kept disappearing to, and he made up a lie about getting rid of the baby things that came in the mail.

Sonny went home to find Jason, Courtney, Carly, and the priest talking about wedding security. Carly filled him in on the plans for the guards, and while she was talking, Courtney walked out of the room with Jason right behind her. Jason asked what was wrong with her, and she told him she thought it was weird that they were standing around joking when a man died there yesterday.

When the priest was gone, Sonny announced that he was leaving for South America immediately. When he was gone Carly asked Jason to go after him. Jason’s phone rang as Carly grew worried about Sonny not calling. When Jason got off the phone he told Carly that Sonny had not gotten on the jet, and he was not answering his cell.

Sonny was all tied up and dragged into a chair. The flash from a camera woke him up, and he got a blast from the past seeing Alcazar’s face when he opened his eyes.

Luke stormed into Stefan’s office demanding to know where Laura was, because she was gone from the hospital. Stefan said he had no idea she had been moved, and Nikolas came in and announced that he and Lucky had moved Laura to keep her out of Luke and Stefan’s Spencer/Cassadine war.

Nikolas kicked Luke out of Wyndermere, and then got in an argument with Stefan about Laura. Nik said he wouldn’t be telling anybody where Laura was, and left to meet Emily for her chemo appointment.

Lucky told Summer about what he and Nik did. They went back to his room, and started kissing when Luke barged in screaming at Lucky. He pushed Lucky, and then Summer. Lucky grabbed Luke and threatened him if he ever touched Summer again. Luke told Lucky he was no longer a Spencer. Luke started choking Lucky, and then Summer hit Luke with something, knocking him to the floor.

Monica and Emily talked about Zander while Emily was getting ready to go to the hospital. Zander walked in as Emily walked out. Monica and Zander talked about Emily, and then Zander left to track her down at the hospital.

While she was at the hospital, she talked to Nik who was waiting for her to be done with her chemo. Zander showed up and started an argument with Nik about loving Emily. Emily came back to the waiting area and fell into Nik’s arms.

Skye told Ned she had proof that Dobson was a fraud. They called Dobson into the room and told him they knew he was a spy for Alexis. Skye called Alexis to come to the house, and Ned told Dobson he wanted to see Alexis and him see each other face to face.

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