GH Update Wednesday 6/4/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/4/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Zander is having coffee at Kelly's when Lucky comes in. Zander and he chat about whether Nikolas and Emily have a thing going on or not. Lucky says he always thought that Nikolas might go for Emily once she got older. Zander doesn't believe that Emily would fall for him. They wonder why Nikolas put up his bail.

At Wyndermere, Nikolas tells Stefan to lay off Emily. Stefan wants to go over business but Em gets dizzy so Nikolas insists on seeing her home. Nikolas says Em comes before discussing business, and before Stefan.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Emily explains that she's just dizzy from the chemo. Nikolas offers his help but she says he's done enough, what with helping convince Zander that they're an item. He says that it's been his experience that people don't like you playing God with their lives, but she insists that she's just trying to let him go. He teases her about being stubborn. They share a sweet moment.

Lucky drops by to see Nikolas and sees Stefan. He has heard from Luke that he was back. Lucky accuses him of drugging Laura, just as Luke did. Stefan dismisses their paranoia but says that Nikolas knew he was visiting Laura, and that they've been "working together" (whatever that means). Lucky refuses to believe it. When Nikolas returns, Lucky questions him about it. Stefan reminds him that his loyalties lie with his family. Nikolas says that Stefan was lying and points out that Lucky is part of his family. Both Nikolas and Lucky tell him in no uncertain terms that they won't further the Spencer-Cassadine feud.

Zander visits Emily and insists on talking. She asks him to call tomorrow. He can tell she has something to say but she says it's nothing. He smiles and says that one of the things he loves about her is that she is such a bad liar.

Skye and A.J. leave the room to find out what the noise was. They find Alice outside with "Dobson", who says that Alice startled him. They ask suspiciously what he was doing. He claims that he heard Alexis' voice and was concerned since this wasn't her day to visit. He goes into the room and shuts off the video, then grabs the tape out of the machine. He indignantly asks what they were doing invading Alexis' privacy and wonders what Ned will think. Skye looks nervous. Ned comes in so Dobson fills him in about the nanny-cam. Ned destroys the tape and thanks him, so Dobson leaves. Ned asks A.J. to leave, too. Ned questions Skye about why she would do such a thing. She is defensive and says that Alexis is "mentally unfit". She tries to cozy up to Ned and explains she wanted to get proof in case they had to go to court. Ned is taken aback and says he never planned to separate Alexis from her baby. He reminds Skye that you can never have enough love and that love is not possesive. He's glad she loves Kristina, though. Skye seems subdued. Ned says they need to all get along for the baby's sake. Outside, A.J. catches Dobson eavesdropping again and is suspicious about him.

Georgie cries and rushes out of the room. Lucas yells at Maxie for what she did and accuses her of deliberately hurting her sister. Maxie maintains that she was just trying to stop her from making the same mistake that she did. They argue about Kyle. Lucas says he would never treat anyone like Kyle did. Dillon finds Georgie outside of Kelly's, still crying. She yells at him for helping Maxie set her up. He says that Maxie was just trying to keep her from making a big mistake. She wails that Maxie just wants Lucas for herself. He tries to make her see the truth: that Lucas is not interested in her; he only has eyes for Maxie. She gets angry and tells him to go back to the Q's, or better yet, back to Europe.

Dillon goes home and gripes to Ned about the prom (without getting into specifics). He feels like he doesn't belong with people in his peer group. Ned sympathizes. Dillon says the Q's are looking pretty good because at least he knows what to expect from them (not much). Dillon thanks Ned for being there for him and rants about his "friend".

Carly, Jason and Courtney are still chatting about Ric, Faith, and Sonny while looking over wedding invitations. Jason leaves, worried, saying he has to go to work. The women chat about Michael being over at Bobbie's and about the invitations. Scott arrives and starts to give them a joking hard time about the wedding while he waits for Sonny. Carly threatens him like a mother hen for even thinking about going to their wedding.

Sonny tries to find out from Faith about whether Ric is up to his old tricks or not. She claims not to know but says she will spy on Ric for him. Sonny and Jason meet in the limo and chat about Ric briefly. Then they talk about how the drugs came from Miami and they are hiding them to set up a trap for the dealer.

Sonny and Jason return to the penthouse. Scott congratulates Jason and Courtney on their upcoming wedding but nobody wants to hear from him. Scott tells them that the drugs on the streets of Port Charles mysteriously disappeared, cut off at their source. He figures Sonny must have done that but of course Sonny admits nothing. Scotty says he's letting Carly reopen her club, with no catch. He tells Sonny that one day he might need a D.A. on his side, then he leaves. They are suspicious but celebrate that Carly can reopen her club. Jason and Sonny later discuss Scott, wondering if he is behind the drugs and setting up Sonny. Just then, two men burst in, saying they are DEA agents. They have guns and cuff Sonny. They know that they have a large shipment of drugs and offer to cut a deal with them if they tell them where it is. After a brief moment of thought, Sonny tells them it's at Pier 14. One guy rushes out and Sonny starts yelling at Jason. Jason jumps the guy and the gun goes off, hitting the guy in the stomach. Carly and Courtney start to freak out until Sonny and Jason tell them that those guys were not from the DEA because they can't make deals like that and also their guns were not government-issue. They question the guy about who he works for, so he says, "Alcazar". Everyone looks shocked.

Ric apologizes for waking up with such a start and grabbing Elizabeth. She wonders if it's really over with the vendetta against Sonny. He says it is, but it will just take a while to get over hating him so fiercely. They talk about their lost baby, their future, etc. Ric goes into his panic room and looks at the baby mobile, then takes it down. He comes out and Elizabeth comes out of the bedroom, looking like she's had a shower. She asks if he feels better, and he says he does, thanks to her. She jokes that normally people think she's overly dramatic and that's what her sister used to say to her. He says they were wrong, and admits that Elizabeth intimidates him somewhat. He laughs that in case she didn't notice, he has a difficult time being happy. She says they'll have to work on that. They kiss and get naked. Later, he has a nightmare about Sonny pushing Elizabeth down the stairs. He goes outside to think. Faith shows up and warns him about Sonny. She plants doubts in his mind about Sonny not taking the truce seriously. She comes on to him, as usual, offering to save him. He rejects her but she says that Sonny won't stop until he's destroyed or dead. Ric goes back into the panic room and stares at a sleeping Elizabeth through a camera monitor. He says that Sonny has taken too much from them and it's not right. He says, "I'm going to replace the child that we lost with Sonny and Carly's baby."

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