GH Update Tuesday 6/3/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/3/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

At the Port Charles High Prom Lucas confronted Kyle. He told him not to mess with her and Kyle agreed, accusing him of wanting Maxie all to himself. Georgie showed up to meet Lucas and asked him to keep the Maxie talk to a minimum. They exchanged flowers, Georgie pinning Lucas’ on and him putting on her wristband. She pointed out some friends had booked a “hang out room” and asked Lucas to go with her.

Dillon came down stairs all dressed up claiming to Skye and AJ that he was going solo, but that changed when Maxie showed up. She told him her little sister was planning to sleep with Lucas and she wanted him to help her protect her sister. “I bet Lucas is uninformed. As always,” Dillon pointed out. “You’re either my date and you give a damn, or your not and you don’t,” Maxie said. They showed up at the prom, Lucas seeing them first and foremost. Georgie drug her sister away, and told her she wasn’t going to let her ruin the night for her. Georgie pointed out that Maxie knew her plan and was trying to ruin it. Maxie opted to chat with Lucas. “I blew something really special on someone who didn’t appreciate it,” she reminded her sister. Georgie wanted to go up to the room, but Lucas opted to talk to Dillon first. Lucas started drilling him on what he was doing with Maxie, but Dillon was curious as to Lucas’ plans with Georgie.

Kyle tried to apologize to Maxie, but she refused to listen, and Lucas came to her defense, asking Kyle to leave her alone. Maxie then went upstairs, where Lucas found her alone in the hotel room. She told him she was glad there wasn’t a party. She told him she was waiting on him, that she had been stupid. She told him she didn’t want to be friends with him anymore, that she wanted to be more and started kissing him, just as her sister walked upstairs.

Dillon went upstairs to confront Georgie and pretended Mac was downstairs looking for her. He helped her put her wrist corsage on, touching her hand. He escorted her back downstairs and tried to get her attention on the dance.

Skye and AJ put up a “nanny cam” to keep an eye on Kristina. They heard the baby crying and found “Dobson” cuddling the child. “Dobson” made an excuse, claiming the baby had a fever. She ordered the butler to call her or Alice if she ever heard the child crying. Skye cooed to the baby about being scared by the butler, which hurt Alexis’ feelings. She left the room and hid as AJ went in to see his sister.

Alexis showed up at the Q mansion, Skye ordering her brother to dial 911. Alexis offered not to come by the following day if she could visit with her daughter immediately. She went as far as to tell Skye to call a doctor because the child had a fever. Skye was shocked with the insight and questioned how Alexis knew. Alexis pointed out she had maternal instinct, which Skye did not and hoped she was never a mother. Skye smacked her and told her to get out. Skye offered to do anything to protect the child.

“Dobson” returned to the mansion asking Monica about the child, but oblivious to the nanny cam. He overheard them talking about the camera, though and was clued in quickly. They were hoping that the material on the camera would have “Dobson” kicked to the curb and Alexis barred from the property. As they watched the tape, “Dobson” made a noise just as she was being caught on tape removing her mustache.

Zander found Nikolas and Emily at Kelly’s and Nikolas encouraged Em to tell her boyfriend “the truth.” Nikolas told Zander that he asked Em to come because he wanted to discuss Zander as a flight risk. Zander promised he was going nowhere, but didn’t buy the lies. He pointed out she had only done this before when she was trying to protect her. He asked for the truth about her and Nikolas. She told him Nikolas was her friend, but he still wouldn’t look away. “I’ll spend months in jail before I’ll give you up to some other guy. I’ve lived in jail and I’ve lived without you. One I can do and one I can not,” Zander told her. She pretended that calling him to say hi woke something up inside her. He took it like a man, telling her not to be sorry. She claimed to be really confused, and he agreed he was as well, but forced her to look him in the eyes and tell him she didn’t love him. Zander pointed out her recent attempts at a love get away, not really believing. He told her he could never be torn between two people. “What I’m going through right now has made me reexamine my life and reevaluate us,” she told him. She asked him to let her be alone and she left.

Luke found Stephan at Spoon Island and confronted him. Stephan assured he’d done nothing but visit and try to help, then he accused Luke of driving her crazy. “Laura’s mental condition is result of some kind of second hand insanity. Everyone around hers insane so she went insane as well,” Stephan told him. Stephan pointed out some of Luke’s problems and told him he wasn’t the answer to Laura’s prayers. “You sick bastard. You still think you’re in love with my wife,” he said. Luke accused him of manipulating her. Stephan begged to differ, but as Luke threatened his nemesis, Nikolas showed up and told him to leave his uncle alone, that he was the object of Luke’s hatred. Nikolas pointed out his name was on the legal documents and opted not to turn Laura over to her husband. “Looking for blame, look in the mirror,” Nikolas told him. “You talk a good game with Uncle Vlaid lurking nearby, but he wont always have his bat wing around you. Consider this the beginning to your end,” Luke warned. Once Luke was gone Nikolas warned his uncle not to mistake him for an ally. Nikolas told his uncle not to restart the vendetta and told his uncle if he touched the people her cared about, he would be the one destroyed.

Emily went to Spoon Island, but Stephan tried to get rid of her. She refused to leave, and he tried to escort her out. Nikolas showed up at that point, asking what his uncle was doing.

Ric offered Carly a ride home. She told him to tell her what he was after and it had better not be her. He told her he just wanted to be part of his brother’s life and opted to follow her wishes by leaving. Faith confronted her after Ric was gone, playing devil’s advocate.

Courtney argued with Janine about Jason, claiming to see right through him. Sonny interrupted to point out AJ used Courtney as a bargaining chip for his son. He pointed out that Janine was brought to town to break Courtney and Jason up. Janine tried to leave, but Courtney refused to go with her, shrugging her off and knocking her purse off her shoulder. The payment AJ had given her fell out of her purse and Jason questioned if that was the whole pay off or just the down payment. Janine claimed to be trying to “save” her daughter. Janine hurt Courtney’s feelings reminding her of how hard she had worked for her daughter’s well being. Sonny offered to give her the money she needed and told her that he was Courtney’s family now, sending her on her way.

Carly spoke to Sonny about her encounter with Ric, informing her husband that Faith claimed Ric was planning revenge. Carly pointed out the two had worked together before, so Sonny left to buy his wife some piece of mind.

Courtney and Carly went through wedding invitations and offered to let Carly start on the guest list, but Carly was preoccupied. She explained the Ric situation, and that Sonny had ran off. “I’m worried that for once Faith is telling the truth and that this thing is not over between Ric and Sonny.

Ric went home and found Liz painting. They began to kiss, but he backed off, opting not to rush her, but she told him she wanted him and they continued their kiss. They wound up naked on the couch and Liz woke to her husband having a bad dream, threatening to kill his brother.

Sonny confronted Faith about Ric, wondering what his brother had planned.

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