GH Update Monday 6/2/03

General Hospital Update Monday 6/2/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Luke and Lucky discussed Luke’s joint interests with Edward. “I’m not stopping this time until I bring that whole blood-sucking family down to its knees!” Luke told his son. “It ain’t going to fill that hole in your heart. So why don’t you just let it go?”

Jason and Courtney headed to the Q’s to break the news to Lila and Emily. Edward called the whole family in thinking someone had been murdered. Once the gang had gathered, Jason announced his upcoming marriage. Everyone congratulated them on the upcoming nuptials, AJ putting in his sarcastic congrats as well. Lila showed her happiness as well.

AJ threw a fit with the rest of the clan since they were so unhappy about his nuptials with the same girl. Ned pointed out they didn’t want him to use an innocent girl to get his child. Skye hated to admit being part of the plan, but pointed out the ways he wronged his wife. Monica and Alan were proud of their son for bringing the news. “The guy seduces my wife, ruins my marriage and you all are lining up to congratulate him,” AJ voiced. “Courtney and I are getting married. If the Quartermaine's like it, great. If they don’t, great,” Jason told them. Dillon even congratulated them, though he never met them before. Courtney invited everyone willing to come peacefully to the wedding and invited Skye, Em and Monica to the shower. “I hate to say it, but I can’t blame the guy for being in love with her because she must have made one hell of a stripper,” Dillon expressed. The whole clan started their fighting once the comment was voiced and everyone had a chance to speak his piece.

Luke helped himself into the Q mansion and “Dobson” made a run for the door. Luke confronted Edward about his offer. Edward admitted the offer was tempting, but there was too much of a downside and he was too busy to deal with it.

Ric found Liz at work, trying to get her to stop working. Sonny and Carly came in discussing toys for the new baby. Carly told her she was glad she was feeling better and was glad she could return to work. Carly started showing the other waitresses the mobile they picked out, but Sonny tried to get her to keep her excitement on the down low. Ric watched with hate as Carly played with the mobile in the middle of the diner.

Liz explained to Rick it was too easy to dwell on what didn’t happen at home and she wanted to remain busy. Ric called the Realtor, hoping to find a house with a panic room quickly. With Carly’s baby mobile in hand, he visited the place. Ric looked at the panic room, checking out the camera angles on the living room.

Liz sat outside at one of the diner tables when Lucky found her. They discussed her situation. “I’ve dealt with loss before. I know enough to keep myself motivated and just take it one day at a time,” she told him. Liz told him she was thinking of quitting her job to go back to school. “Are you really that in love with waiting tables or are you just trying to hold on to a part of your life that Ric can’t give you?” Lucky asked. She told him she was right where she wanted to be. Summer showed up just in time for an easy get away, and so did Ric, who talked her into going away with him. Liz said she liked the house and Ric jumped on it, planning to move ASAP. Ric watched his wife check out the living room, testing the quality of the sound proof room. He turned on the mobile from Carly and Sonny’s shopping spree and said to himself they would have their baby very soon.

Summer and Lucky discussed Summer’s future employment opportunities. He told her he didn’t want her turning more tricks, and she was glad for his opinion. She told him she didn’t want to think of having sex with anyone but him. He told her there was a waitress job opening up and it came with a free apartment – across the hall from him. She told him she didn’t want him to think she was smothering him. He told her he would finally be making a right choice in his life.

Sammy Tagglioti called and requested Sonny’s presence at a meeting that evening. Sonny said he would come, but would be bringing Jason with him. He gathered Carly up and took her home.

Sonny and Jason headed to the meeting, which Jason went into gun drawn, but rather it turned out to be a celebration – a bachelor party. Mike was there as well as Sammy Tagglioti representing the five families. When the strippers started in on Jason he shooed him off on Mike. Jason refused to stay however, seeing as how Courtney used to strip. Luke showed up, and Jason told him to stay and enjoy himself. Luke offered Sonny a business proposition – the same as he offered Edward.

Sonny wouldn’t give in because he didn’t want to use it against Nikolas. “It goes against what I believe to be a mother’s wishes,” Sonny told his old pal. “Sonny she’s my wife! She’s sitting in a room, staring at the walls because of Nikolas Cassadine!” Sonny explained that revenge doesn’t give peace and usually ends up in more misery.

Luke went to see Laura again, speaking to her doctor who was shocked to see her husband. He explained he thought Laura’s visitor was Stephan Cassadine, who had visited several times recently.

Courtney and Carly prepared for Courtney’s shower, but Carly couldn’t find the baby mobile from Kelly’s. The girls all gathered together, Carly gathering the gifts for them. Carly felt a little uncomfortable with the guests of choice. She was even more shocked when Wynona and Courtney’s stripper friends showed up courtesy of Coleman. Skye was shocked as well, asking about her “acquaintance.” Courtney hugged them like they had been invited while the rest of the guests sat there shocked (all with the exception of Carly who looked miserable).

AJ flew a drunk Janine into town and escorted her up to Courtney’s floor. Johnny shooed AJ away and told Janine to get out as well, not caring that she was Courtney’s mother. “You’re not allowed in either when you show up with AJ.” But inside they heard her screaming and Courtney told Johnny to let her in. Upset that she wasn’t invited, Janine started asking about the groom. “Is Jason the groom? Where’s he from? At least tell me he’s rich,” Janine questioned. “So, the Quartermaine’s are still my in-laws,” Janine remarked. Janine started in on Sonny, so Carly started to throw her out just as Jason arrived. Janine informed him “her baby” doesn’t marry criminals, poor men or fools or pieces of dirt. “So, I want to see a copy of your bank statement, the title to your house and your college diploma before you think of getting anywhere near my daughter. Jason took his fiancée and they headed out. Carly looked at Janine like she was nuts.

Jason and Courtney wound up at the Queen of Angels, him explaining that was where they were getting married. He told her it was okay for other people to want to see it, but that when he made the promises he wanted to make them only to her. “I promise to be your husband, to love and protect you, to honor and respect you. To always be the one you can count on, for better or for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as we both shall live,” he told her. She repeated the vows back to him and they shared a kiss.

Skye went home and threw a fit with her brother. Ned overheard and Skye informed him of AJ’s doings. Skye played the victim, pointing out what it was like to be manipulated by her mother. She projected on Kristina, and Ned explained Kristina would have them. When Ned told her he thought they’d make a good team, Skye told him they already did and went in for the kiss. “Dobson” watched from the stairway, shocked.

Carly sat in her penthouse; miserable at the way the shower turned out. Sonny showed up and she began to explain, but before she could continue he broke in to tell her he loved her. “Without Laura, he’s like bleeding to death but he doesn’t die. … that’s how I’d be without you,” he told her. “I’d survive, but I wouldn’t be alive. You’re my oxygen. You’re my life.”

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