GH Update Thursday 5/29/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 5/29/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Carly and Courtney talked about Courtney’s wedding, and Carly said they were going to surprise Sonny and Jason. Courtney told Carly that she didn’t think either of their guys were in the mood for surprises. Carly told her that’s why they would surprise them.

Sonny and Jason were talking to the Miami suppliers men, and Sonny said they didn’t deal with them. Carly called Sonny’s phone and told him that he and Jason needed to get home as soon as possible, but wouldn’t tell him why. Jason and Sonny rushed home where Carly introduced them to a dress designer.

Sonny and Jason were mad at Carly for calling them home, but Carly told them Courtney’s wedding was important, and that Sonny and Courtney would bond as brother and sister and pick out her wedding dress together. Sonny agreed and then Carly told Jason they were going across the hall.

Jason and her went to his apartment, and he started yelling at her for doing stupid things. She said she was sorry, and Jason told her not to even say it, because she never meant it, and she always did something worse the next time. She got mad that he didn’t get into the wedding plans, and she told him a “suit man” was on his way, and that when he got there, she would tell him to leave. Jason agreed to go along with the suit man.

At Sonny’s, he watched Courtney model a bunch of dresses, and didn’t like any of them. Courtney didn’t like the dresses she tried on either, and Sonny told the guy to come up with a design fast. He did, and Sonny asked his sister if she liked it, and she wondered about how much it would cost. Sonny told her it didn’t matter, she could have whatever made her happy.

At Jason’s, the guy with the suits came, and told Jason he had a lot of choices for him. Jason told Carly to pick one out, but she told him he had to try them all on because it was tradition. He did. First the guy tried to give him a kilt (aw, could you imagine Jason in a kilt!) and Jason refused to try it on. Eventually Carly and him decided on a suit.

Courtney went back to the penthouse, and asked Jason about his day with Carly. Jason asked her if she found a dress that she liked and she told him that she really didn’t care what her dress looked like for her, she wanted him to think she looked beautiful.

Skye called Cameron to the Q mansion and talked to him about Alexis. Skye thought he should go to the judge and ask that her visitation be taken away because Alexis wasn’t a responsible mother. Cameron said he was getting more worried about Alexis everyday. “Dobson” listened outside the door.

When Skye left, angry at Cameron, “Dobson” went into the room, and Cameron told Alexis he knew who “Dobson” was. She told him to stay out of it, and pretend he knew nothing about what she was doing. He agreed but told her she was maddening. They kissed as Zander looked through a window.

Georgie found Maxie at Kelly’s, and yelled at her sister for ruining her chance to go to prom. Maxie said she was sorry Georgie couldn’t go, and asked who she had planned on going with. She told Maxie that Lucas had asked her to go with her, and Maxie made sure just as friends. Georgie told her that they were supposed to be going as a date but Maxie and Kyle ruined it for her.

Lucas came in, and Georgie told him she couldn’t go because of Maxie and Kyle. Mac walked in soon after, and Lucas talked to him about prom. He eventually gave in, and told the girls they could go to prom if they followed all his rules.

Nikolas and Emily talked on the docks, and he told her that he still didn’t think what she was doing to Zander was fair, and he needed to know the truth. Zander listened from the steps, and then Nikolas gave Emily a hug and told her that he loved her. She told Nik that she loved him too, and then walked away.

Zander came and started in on Nikolas for hitting on Emily. He asked how long they had been together and what was going on. Nikolas told Zander he should be talking to Emily, not to him. Zander said he would.

When Zander left, Gia came and did to Nikolas the same thing Zander did. She told him that he shouldn’t be chasing after Emily because he was mad that her and Zander were friends. Gia told her ex that nothing had ever happened between her and Zander because he loved Emily. Nik told Gia that he had always loved Emily, but Gia knew he was lying.

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