GH Update Wednesday 5/28/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/28/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

Emily asked Nikolas to post Zander’s bail, and he did. Alexis and Cameron went to the police station, and Alexis tried to bully Scott into releasing Zander. Emily told Scott he was unfair, and that he was wrong about Zander. Nikolas came out of another room and agreed, and said Zander would be released immediately.

When he was let out of jail, he saw Emily and Nikolas hugging and talking in the lobby area. He asked a officer who posted his bail, and Scott told him not his girlfriend. Cameron told Zander that he thought Emily was a great girl, and Zander sarcastically said “Yeah too good for me”.

Alexis went back to the Quartermaine’s and got back into her Dobson disguise. She went into the living room where there was a table all set up for two, with candles and champagne. Alice came in, and told “Dobson” they would be having dinner together. “Dobson” tried to get out of it, but Alice gave him champagne and they sat down together.

Mac called Kyle to the PCPD, and blew him in for the night with Maxie, and for putting her on the internet. Kyle told Mac he was sorry, and didn’t mean to hurt Maxie. Mac threw him up against the wall and told Kyle if he so much as looked at Maxie, than he would spend a long time in jail. Kyle went to school, and broke it off with Maxie, leaving her crying.

Lucas tried to talk to her, but she pushed him away. Georgie told Lucas he should take Maxie to prom lie he really wanted, but he said “no” he was still going with Georgie. Georgie left, and then ended up at the PCPD to see Mac. She asked him for money to buy a prom dress that she saw. Mac told her neither her or Maxie would be going to prom. Maxie sat on the docks and Dillon found her there. He told her there would be other guys besides Kyle. Maxie told him to leave her alone, and Dillon told Maxie there was one other guy she could go with.

Carly told Courtney that she had her entire wedding planned, giving her all the details. Carly asked if she wanted to have old high school friends come up for the wedding, and if she wanted Emily to be a bridesmaid. Courtney was quiet, and Carly asked her what was wrong. Courtney started asking questions about all the times that Sonny and Carly got married. Carly shut up, and told Courtney she was sorry for being so pushy. Courtney thought that maybe Carly was planning her wedding the way she had always wanted.

Carly and Courtney kept talking about the wedding, and then Mike showed up. He overheard Carly agree to what Courtney wanted because “she was the one getting married”. Mike asked about the marriage. Courtney happily announced that she and Jason would be getting married, and that she wanted Mike to walk her down the aisle, and to give his blessing. He said no, until Jason did the right thing and ask Mike’s permission to marry Courtney.

Jason and Sonny waited for the Miami dealer to come in a secluded area. A man showed up, and talked to them, but then Jason pulled a gun. A few other guys came out with guns, and Sonny told them he dealt only with the “big man” and not his workers. They left.

Jason and Sonny got to Kelly’s as Mike was walking away. Jason asked Courtney what was wrong, knowing she was upset. She told him that she needed a big favor, and told him about Mike. Jason wasn’t sure why he should ask Mike, but in the end agreed to ask him for Courtney.

He went in to see Mike, and told him that he loved Courtney and wanted to spend forever with her, and that he wanted to give her everything he had (awww)!! He then asked Mike for his permission to marry Courtney. Mike got up, and then agreed. Jason and Courtney hugged.

Carly and Courtney sat down at Kelly’s to keep talking about the wedding. Carly made a comment about being Courtney’s matron of honor. Courtney asked her sister in law why she was so sure she was going to be the matron of honor. Carly apologized for assuming and then explained she didn’t have many friends, and that’s why she thought that Courtney would have had her as the matron of honor. Courtney started laughing, and told Carly “of course” she was the matron of honor. Courtney told her that Carly would get her dream wedding through her and Jason, and that she would get the man of her dreams.

Ric was in his living room looking at the teddy bear they had bought for the baby. Elizabeth came down, and he quickly moved away. They sat on the couch together, and he asked her what kind of house she would have as her dream house. She said lots of windows, and a fireplace with lots of room, but also cozy. Ric went to his room to get clothes for Elizabeth when someone knocked.

Elizabeth opened the door, and Faith pushed her way in. Elizabeth told her to leave, and Faith grabbed her shoulder, and then Elizabeth had a flashback from when she fell down the stairs. She looked at Faith funny, and then Ric came back. He told Elizabeth to get dressed, and that Faith would be gone when she got back.

When they were alone, Faith told Ric that Sonny killed his baby, and he needed to get revenge. Ric told her that he was done with revenge, and that revenge almost ruined his life. Faith told him maybe he was done with Sonny, but Sonny was not done with him. Ric took the flowers from Faith, and threw them and her out of his house.

Him and Elizabeth sat on the couch, when someone else knocked. She went up to dry her hair, and Ric went out in the hall. A woman from real estate was there, and Ric told her that he needed a house ASAP and that money was not a problem. She asked what he was looking for, and he told her that he wanted lots of windows, space, a fireplace, and most importantly….a panic room. Ric told her that he needed a room so secret and sound proof, that even if a bomb went off nobody could hear.

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