GH Update Tuesday 5/27/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/27/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Skye explained to the judge why Alexis should be revoked visitation rights. She asked the judge if Alexisí alternate personality had reappeared, but the judge refused to answer, opting not to discuss future childcare arrangements in fairness to Alexis. Skye excused "Dobson" before laying her deal out on the table: What are Nedís chances of full custody if he were happily married? The judge was concerned for the welfare of the child. Skye tried to plead her case, as "Dobson" eavesdropped at the door, running for a hiding place once she realized they were heading for the den door. Before she could sneak out, Ned came along, wondering who had been visiting Skye. She blatantly lied to him, telling him it was a woman from AA who had come for a visit. She then asked about swim classes for babies called "Mommy and Daddy and Guppy," and offered to bring him a brochure. When Skye went upstairs, "Dobson" came out from his hiding place and informed Ned every word out of Skyeís mouth was a lie. "Dobson" explained that Skye was shamelessly manipulating Judge Farmer. Skye listened from the staircase as "Dobson" explained. "Eavesdropping is a time-honored tradition in this household, but for the family, not the servants," Ned explained. He took the scolding well. Skye came down and explained to Ned how relieved she was that he understood, but he pointed out she was drastically out of line. Ned pointed out she didnít need to contact the judge behind his back. "At this rate the judge is going to put Kristina into a foster home just to get rid of us," he told her. He pointed out that Alexis wasnít her concern, but she informed him that she would never see the baby again if Alexis had her way. She informed him that she couldnít have children of her own. She explained the problem, and he assured her he was sorry to hear about her problems. "Who would have guessed that Iíd have ended up bonding with someone elseís baby," she asked. "Believe me, I understand," he told her, remembering his particular position in the matter. He promised that as long as he was involved with Kristina Skye would be part of her life and he planned on being involved forever. He took a conference call, leaving her to head out into the hallway where she informed the butler he was fired. "Dobson" pointed out he was setting the record straight. When Skye ordered the butler to go yet again, Edward interrupted, informing his granddaughter that "Dobson" would not be leaving. "You see, spying and telling tales and generally lurking about are essential Quartermaine traits. Iím just impressed "Dobson" caught on so quickly. Youíll tell me the good stuff later, huh?" he joked. He told Skye to like it or get out, and patted "Dobson" on the back for a job well done.

Lucky and Summer went for a walk, but didnít get far, running into Edward Quartermaine outside. He warned Summer to give the Spencer's plenty of room. Edward informed young Spencer, Luke had called him. He was shocked that Lucky wasnít in Lukeís plans. "The truth is, I trust him even less than I trust you. If thatís possible," Luke informed the old coot. Lucky worried Luke was out of his mind being in cahoots with Edward and opted to skip his walk with Summer.

Luke asked Edward for $5million and told him no risks were involved. Lucky interrupted, causing a stink and warning Edward not to help out his father. After Lucky left, Edward opted that he might be right. "Heís not right, heís gone all gooey-sentimental over this half-brother of his," Luke explained. Edward voiced his opinion that Nikolas was a bright young man, but when Luke informed him the empire was about to collapse, Edward asked for time to think. When Luke asked why he needed time, Edward explained, "I have to think about whether I want to be crushed between barbaric trailer trash or inbred Russian maniacs."

Nikolas wondered about Emilyís reasoning behind fooling Zander. She begged for his help, but he refused. Nikolas tried to convince her to tell Zander, but she refused, pointing out that Zander would stick by her side like a trooper. She portrayed the worst case scenario to him, asking him if heíd want to lose everything in front of the person he loved the most. Nikolas pointed out that Emís plan wouldnít work. She has the plan worked out to a tee, hoping he turns to Gia for support. Nikolas wondered how Gia was the only option, and Emily instantly realized her mistake. As she was leaving, Summer arrived. Nikolas introduced Em to Summer. As she told Summer she was just leaving, he put his arms around her and told her he was trying to convince her to stay. He kissed her temple and cradled her. Summer offered to come back, but Em decided to leave, turning to him and thanking him. They shared a kiss in front of Summer to seal the deal. "So the prince has a heart after all." She asked him for a truce between him and Luke, worried about Luckyís well being. She pointed out that Lucky had treated her like a princess and taught her something she had never know, admitting to being in love with young Spencer. She went to Kellyís and met up with Luke. She asked him to stop trying to hurt Nikolas, opting for some sort of agreement. She pointed out Lucky was caught in the middle. "Heís nowhere near the middle, heís letting Nikolas stand on his shoulders," Luke envisioned. She asked him to build on the fact that the three of them love Laura. She pointed out if he destroyed Nikolas, he destroyed Lucky. Luke explained that his obligations to Lucky were done. "I didnít raise him to be the judgmental morally superior little bastard he turned into, so if he gets hurt itís because he put himself in the line of fire," Luke pointed out.

Lucky went to Nikolas about Summer, and Nikolas informed him that Summer had been there. He warned his brother that his father was coming after his brother. He asked what he was supposed to do, and Nikolas told him to try to stay out of the middle. He promised he wouldnít go after his brotherís father, but he would defend himself.

Zander was cornered in the alley by the drug dealer, who requested a safe house. He explained that Zander told Jason about Miami and he was a dead man. Zander tried to talk him down, but the two ended up wrestling and the gun went off.

Jason told the man who was waiting in the hallway with cash that he and Sonny work for no one and sent him on his way, calling ahead and giving orders for him to be followed. Jason went into his apartment and immediately got on the horn with Sonnyís voicemail. Courtney asked if he wanted to be left alone and he asked if she was sure she wanted to marry him. Courtney explained that she had been left alone a lot as a child, and that she was no longer alone because she had him. She pointed out there was no such thing as a safe life and they should be grateful they have each other. "Weíre more alive right now than most people will be in their entire lives," she told him. Zander came banging on Jasonís door, moaning Miami, with blood pouring out of him. Jason and Courtney both opted to call 911, but he divulged the info that the man John was working for must be one bad man.

Baldwin showed up with the ambulance, hoping it was Jason who had gotten shot. "What do you do, chase ambulances now?" Courtney asked the DA sarcastically. He told the police to read Zander his rights, arresting him for the murder of John Monroe. Zander explained what had happened, but Scotty refused to listen. Jason tried to get him to keep his mouth quiet, but he refused, knowing he had nothing to be worried about. Once Zander was out of earshot, Scotty asked why Zander was at the Morgan penthouse, betting it was about Maxieís bad drugs and Sonnyís car accident. He worried that someone was trying to take over Sonnyís territories. "How many bodies have to stack up her before you two idiots realize you can win this fight by yourself. You need help; you need me," Scotty told him.

Em went down to the hospital to find Zander, where Scotty informed her that he was arresting Zander for murder. When Scotty pointed out he was the DA and was doing his job, Emily informed him, "You wonít be the DA after youíre disbarred for violating Zanderís civil rights." She informed Scotty she wasnít going to let him railroad Zander.

As Elizabeth began to collapse, Ric ran to her side and Sonny got the nurse. As Lizís pains worsened, they called in the doctor. They calmed her down and the doctor told her the baby would be fine, asking Ric to step outside with her. The doctor informed him it was likely she was having a miscarriage. He turned around to see Sonny and Carly standing at the counter looking at him. He questioned Sonny about the argument, trying to get out the details. "Was this before she fell or after you pushed her?" Ric asked. Sonny explained that he didnít push her, but Ric was forced to run to help a crying Elizabeth who informed him the baby was gone. She apologized for the miscarriage, but he assured her she didnít do it. She explained that everything made sense because of the little face she pictured in her head. He told her that he loved her and they were going to get through it. He went outside as they prepared her to move to another room. Sonny apologized for Ricís pain and Carly assured him how it felt. "I wouldnít wish it on anyone," Sonny explained. "Not even me, right?" Ric asked, realizing it was the truth. He then asked his big brother to do something for his wife. He asked for peace between he and his brother Ėwhat his wife wanted. He opted to call it quits, no more revenge between them. He explained he wanted the truce to last, and Sonny agreed. Once Ric and Liz were out of sight, Carly asked if he believed his brother and he told her they would see. Carly managed to get her husband out of the hospital, promising to be home soon, and remained behind.

Ric sat down with his wife, who informed him Sonny didnít push her. She told him she knew he walked away. She began to blame herself, but he refused to let her. Ric assured her Sonny wouldnít try to hurt him and she begged him not to provoke his brother. He explained they had come to a truce that neither of them would break. She went to sleep as Ric cried silently to himself. He overheard Carly and the doctor chatting happily about her baby, and got extremely jealous. The nurse informed him that his wife wasnít permanently injured and that they could have another child. He put his hand on his wifeís head and said, "Elizabeth and I will have a child very soon."

Sonny went to Jasonís penthouse, where Jason informed him of the situation. Jason received a phone call where the caller pointed out they turned down the offer and opted to meet him the following day.

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